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Yamaha 2014 YXM700

Yamaha 2014 YXM700 by Yamaha Motor UK

It can be tough when you're working outdoors all year round. You need the best equipment and the hardest working partners to get the job done. So it's time to consider how the Viking can make your life a little easier! The spacious 3-seat layout ensures a comfortable and safe drive every time for you and your colleagues. Its double wishbone suspension is ready to take on the most rugged terrain - while the Euro-pallet sized tipping cargo bed can carry loads up to 272kg. Equipped with our On-Command® drive system with 2WD, 4WD and 4WD with Diff Lock, plus selectable Hi or Lo ratios and powered by a high-torque 686cc engine, the Viking could be the best purchase you ever made!

Yamaha 2013 YFM90

Yamaha 2013 YFM90 by Yamaha Motor UK

The YFM90R may be small in size, but it's equipped with several features found on larger Yamaha models - including double A-arm independent front suspension, a rear disc brake, CVT transmission and electric start. The YFM90R balances power with a range of features to give you total peace of mind. A simple CDI plug-in adjusts engine power output to suit different riding abilities while a parking brake on the handlebar ensures that the YFM90R stays exactly where you last left it. The fully automated gearbox makes it even easier to ride and it's thinking like this that makes YFM90R the kids' ATV that adults love too.

Yamaha 2013 YFM250R

Yamaha 2013 YFM250R by Yamaha Motor UK

If you're ready to take your ATV riding to a competitive level, give yourself the best start possible - by hitting the starting-line on a YFM250R. It may be compact, but make no mistake - this ATV is the real deal. Thanks to instant pickup at virtually any revs, you'll be surging forward while your rivals are left searching for power. And as the lightest compact sports ATV, it responds to your every move like a dream - whether you're weaving through the competition or tackling a sharp corner. Its pure race-wiinning pedigree shines through in every detail - from the chassis design to powerful triple disc brakes and suspension geometry. A winner, you will surely become.

Yamaha 2013 YFZ450R

Yamaha 2013 YFZ450R by Yamaha Motor UK

The YFZ450R is the number one choice of racers. And one look at the specification tells you why. The culmination of a decade of race-winning experience, it's a total package of sharp-handling, tight suspension and a high-tech engine. Agile and nimble, competitive performance is what it's all about. The fast-spinning, 5-valve DOHC 449cc engine is held low in the rigid, lightweight hybrid chassis, while long-travel suspension and a wide track contribute to the overall balance. The 32-bit fuel injected engine, gearbox, clutch and exhaust deliver the perfect combination of hole-shot acceleration and smooth power - right through the rev range.

Yamaha 2013 YFM700RSE

Yamaha 2013 YFM700RSE by Yamaha Motor UK

Discover a sports ATV like no other: the powerful YFM700R Special Edition. Light enough to throw through the tightest corners. Strong enough to withstand every knock. And of course, muscular enough to leave opponents in the dust. That's the formula for a great sports ATV - and it's exemplified by the YFM700R, which draws on every part of Yamaha's race heritage. With a lightweight aluminium/steel hybrid fame, fuel-injected 686cc engine, piggyback shocks, digital instrumentation, quality is built into every bolt, spring, bodywork section and engine part - giving you the confidence you need. If you want to finish first, hit the starting-line on the YFM700R SE.

Yamaha 2013 YFM700R-L

Yamaha 2013 YFM700R-L by Yamaha Motor UK

If you’ve ridden the YFM350R or YFM250R and you’re craving something extra on trail rides with friends, look to the YFM700R. Punchy and sporty, it's made for exhilaration. Thanks to a 686cc big-bore engine with formidable torque, you get new levels of excitement on every terrain - from rocky gradients to muddy bogs and grassy tracks. This power is balanced by a suspension system, which makes for a friendlier riding character than the Special Edition version. A sports hybrid frame is light enough for race-style moves but still withstands every knock and bump. And trademark Yamaha reliability ensures that you'll stay confident, no matter where your adventure takes you.

Yamaha 2013 YFM125

Yamaha 2013 YFM125 by Yamaha Motor UK

If you've decided that you could do with some four-wheeled help on the job, the Grizzly 125 is your one-stop solution. Durable and practical, it's designed to be ridden by anyone with any level of experience - just switch the auto transmission gear lever to forward, thumb the throttle and you're ready to go. It's ideal for moving light loads, irrigation, herding livestock, or just getting around any workplace with varied terrain. It's designed to perform reliably, comfortably and easily, with only the bare minimum of maintenance. Transporting it is also easy thanks to its practical size. What more would you need in a friend?

Yamaha 2014 YFM350A

Yamaha 2014 YFM350A by Yamaha Motor UK

Take a lightweight chassis, superb handling and the power of a 348cc air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine and you get the Grizzly 350 2WD: an ATV that simply won't let you down. Two-wheel drive keeps weight to a minimum, bringing even more to the Grizzly 350 - responsive and nimble handling across terrain, plus low running costs. Immensely capable, the 350 2WD can transport a combined load of up to 120 kg on its front and rear cargo racks - just as much as 4WD models. Add double A-arm front suspension to the Grizzly 350's great handling and lightweight chassis, and you'll quickly appreciate the appeal of 2WD for the vast majority of riding duties.

Yamaha 2014 YFM350FA

Yamaha 2014 YFM350FA by Yamaha Motor UK

Farmers and studmasters love this ATV. Ruling over the grasslands is what the Grizzly 350 4WD is built for. The robust engine with Ultramatic® transmission makes light work of steep hills and climbs. Front and rear suspension keeps the ATV buoyant over rough terrain, and the On-Command® 2WD/4WD system allows you to easily switch between suitable driving modes. With rear and front racks the Grizzly 350 4WD also has the ability to carry loads up to 120kg. Econonical with fuel, low in maintenance, it's the packhorse of the ATV world - strong, tough and durable. And combined with a range of our practicial accessories - from winches to ploughs - working was never so much fun.

Yamaha 2014 YFM450FA

Yamaha 2014 YFM450FA by Yamaha Motor UK

If your job combines heavy haulage with unpredictable ground conditions, the Grizzly 450 IRS is an unstoppable and dependable work partner that’s ideal for busy days. It's packed with intelligent technology that makes every job easier - from comprehensive LCD instrumentation and a 3-mode On-Command® system for fast selection between drive settings, to superb traction on every kind of terrain. It's also extremely fuel-efficient and has very low maintenance needs. Taking on an extra-large job? A range of durable, practical accessories - from winches to ploughs to lighting kits - help you get the job done with minimum fuss.

Yamaha 2014 YFM450FWAN

Yamaha 2014 YFM450FWAN by Yamaha Motor UK

Staying comfortable under trying conditions during a lengthy working day is crucial. That's exactly what the mid-sized Grizzly 450 EPS is designed for. Equipped with Electronic Power Steering, fully independent suspension, a rear wet brake, On-Command® drive system and a one-piece lightweight frame, it's agile and nimble to handle. This rider-focused design philosophy extends to the smallest details like lightweight tyres and a comfortable seat. Add exceptional fuel economy, low maintenance requirements and a range of handy accessories, and you have the ultimate all-rounder you need to get your job done.

Yamaha 2014 YFM550FA

Yamaha 2014 YFM550FA by Yamaha Motor UK

Good news for professionals looking for serious power in a reliable package: the Grizzly 550 EPS is just that, and thanks to Electronic Power Steering, a joy to manoeuver - even over the course of a long day. A muscular 558cc lies at the heart of this ATV, delivering the kind of high-traction torque needed to get the biggest loads moving. And with its great fuel economy and high-capacity 20-litre fuel tank, you can work all day without the need for a refill. In support of those with busy schedules, the Grizzly 550 EPS has been designed for maximum reliability with only minimal maintenance requirements.

Yamaha 2014 YFM700FWAN

Yamaha 2014 YFM700FWAN by Yamaha Motor UK

Grizzly 700 EPS is Yamaha's biggest and toughest ATV. So whenever you need a solid and dependable workmate for tough jobs, this rugged all-terrain utility vehicle is always ready to help. User-friendly features include a fully-automatic Ultramatic® transmission for smooth and responsive performance - this smart system also applies engine braking for controlled descents on steep slopes. Powered by our latest-generation high-torque 686cc fuel-injected engine, this Grizzly 700 features a revised dual-mode EPS and different steering geometry for lighter handling. The A-arms give a wider track for wheel improved stability - and the model also gives even better fuel efficiency.

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