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Yamaha 2014 PW50

Yamaha 2014 PW50 by Yamaha Motor UK

Off-road adventures begin here. When it comes to kids' mini-bikes, Yamaha is the clear leader. With the PW50's rider-friendly design it's easy to see why this 50cc 2-stroke is a firm favourite with kids and parents. Safety features include an adjustable throttle which allows parents to limit top speed to suit the rider's skill level - and the enclosed shaft drive reduces maintenance chores. And there's no gear shifting to worry about, its zippy 50cc 2-stroke engine drives through a fully-automatic gearbox for simple 'twist-and-go' performance. At just 39 kg, this lightweight and compact mini-bike is the ideal way for your child to have hours of fun while developing their riding skills.

Yamaha 2014 TTR50

Yamaha 2014 TTR50 by Yamaha Motor UK

Sophisticated 4-stroke power for kids. The TT-R50E from Yamaha has surely got to be every youngster's dream come true. Everything about this rider-friendly mini-bike is designed to create a fun and enjoyable experience for riders between 4 and 7 years of age. For simple riding, the electric-start 50cc 4-stroke engine is equipped with a semi-automatic 3-speed gearbox - and for added parental control the TT-R50E can only be started with the ignition key inserted. The rugged blue bodywork has been inspired by Yamaha's GP-winning MX bikes, and with long-travel suspension and knobbly tyres, the TT-R50E is ready to provide many hours of fun for all the family.

Yamaha 2014 TTR125LWE

Yamaha 2014 TTR125LWE by Yamaha Motor UK

Race-developed, but beginner-friendly motocross. With a range of race-developed features, including a disc front brake, tough lightweight bodywork and long-travel front and rear suspension, the TT-R125LW and the electric start TT-R125LW/E are the next step up from our mid-sized TT-R110E. For impressive and powerful performance that younger riders will enjoy, the 125 cc air-cooled, 4-stroke single-cylinder engine is rugged and easy to maintain. With 180 mm suspension travel at the front and 168 mm at the rear, the TT-R125LW/E can take on tough terrain, and like all the TT-R models, from 50cc to 125cc, Yamaha quality and reliability come as standard.

Yamaha 2014 YZ85LW

Yamaha 2014 YZ85LW by Yamaha Motor UK

Running with high-tech chassis and engine designs, the YZ85 and the large-wheel YZ85LW 2-strokes are a top choice for tomorrow's pro riders. Designed to kick out holeshot-winning power, the free-revving 85cc liquid-cooled 2-stroke engine is one of the most advanced in its class. Like our large-capacity race bikes, the YZ85/LW models are equipped with upside-down forks and a swingarm (link suspension) system for outstanding handling and steering qualities. And with large-diameter front and rear discs, lightweight aluminium rims and hubs and slimline bodywork, Yamaha's YZ85/LW models are built for winners.

Yamaha 2014 YZ125LC

Yamaha 2014 YZ125LC by Yamaha Motor UK

Whether you're in competition or riding for fun, the YZ125 loves to be ridden hard and its ultra-low weight allows you to take the tightest of lines and flick it around corners. Once you've learnt how to get the most from the 6-speed gearbox, you'll be amazed how quickly this 125 will go. This legendary lightweight comes with a new seat for better rider agility, and a gold-coloured chain. And like all of Yamaha's latest dirt bikes, the YZ125 features our bold new speedblock graphics. With punchy 2-stroke power and superb agility, this lightweight racer is built to deliver an exhilarating ride.

Yamaha 2014 WR250F

Yamaha 2014 WR250F by Yamaha Motor UK

With a string of World Championships to its credit, the WR250F is one of today's most respected enduro bikes. Whether you're an amateur or pro, serious racer or club rider, this machine will let you discover your true off-road potential. The winning combination of a free-revving, 4-stroke, DOHC, 5-valve engine and a compact and lightweight aluminium chassis ensures that the WR250F can compete and win on virtually any type of terrain. Specially developed enduro transmission and suspension give you ultimate control and handling - in the forest its famous agility is second to none, while on the quick sections this gutsy 250 runs hard and fast.