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Art 2012-2013
FunStitch Studio Mini Catalog 2013
Photo Workshops Summer/Fall 2012
2012.1 Weaving Looms
2012.1 Spinning Wheels

2012.1 Spinning Wheels by Village Spinning & Weaving Shop

This is the latest version of the print version of our Spinning Wheel Catalog

2008.8 Knitting & Crochet Catalog

2008.8 Knitting & Crochet Catalog by Village Spinning & Weaving Shop

This is our most recent, updated, Knitting & Crochet Catalog

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Plastic Boxes

Plastic Boxes by The Beadery

Molded here in the U.S. of crystal clear polystyrene, our boxes come in many unusual shapes as well as a variety of rectangular sizes and configurations of compartments. Hinged and snap-fit lids. Not your average plastic box!

Décor Ice Nuggets

Décor Ice Nuggets by The Beadery

Lots of choice designer colors - both jewel tones and pastels - of transparent nuggets in two sizes of random shapes, both smooth and faceted.

Color	With Tissue; Wall Art Kits

Color With Tissue; Wall Art Kits by The Beadery

Appealing shapes of molded bases with raised ridges make it easy to glue bunched bits of the colored tissue paper. Popular themes of do-it-yourself décor for kids. Fuzzy and fun!

Clearly Mosaics™ Pearl, Designer Colors

Clearly Mosaics™ Pearl, Designer Colors by The Beadery

Supplementing the mosaics line: popular random shape mosaics in an array of unique pearl colors, and random and geometric shapes in designer opaques reminiscent of Old Mexico.

Hemp Jewelry Kits & Cord

Hemp Jewelry Kits & Cord by The Beadery

Incredibly popular! Macramé jewelry with hemp cord, great beads, and illustrated instructions for making the knots. Many styles. Also, hemp cord in hanks and balls.

Beaded Banner kits

Beaded Banner kits by The Beadery

The best beaded banner kits, from the originator of the beaded banner! Great designs, the best pony beads, full-size color patterns, and super-clear, illustrated instructions.

Dazel™ Bracelet Kits Bead Boxes

Dazel™ Bracelet Kits Bead Boxes by The Beadery

New and exciting: Just like famous bead bracelets, but with a fresh look featuring coordinated color beads in varied sizes. Metallic beads are genuine silver-washed. No tools needed.

Sélections Seed Beads & Loom

Sélections Seed Beads & Loom by The Beadery

Quality bead loom, 10 beautiful colors of seed beads, beading needle/thread, and instructions for making great woven seed bead jewelry and accessories.

Sélections™ Jewelry Kits

Sélections™ Jewelry Kits by The Beadery

Kits for fashion jewelry: chunky necklaces, delicate bracelets, micro-macramé, seed bead jewelry, pendants. All kits include necessary components and our detailed, illustrated instructions.

Sélections™ Beads

Sélections™ Beads by The Beadery

Sélections multi-packs of jewelry beads are designed to take the guesswork out of choosing colors and styles that go well together! Findings packet and jewelry-making instructions included in each.

Elements® Beads

Elements® Beads by The Beadery

Jewelry beads in acrylic, glass, and natural materials – including bone, wood, and shell – plus pendants, pewter charms, and jewelry findings. Fabulous fashion colors, offered in beautifully coordinated color families or multi-packs.

TheBeaderyKids	Crafts

TheBeaderyKids Crafts by The Beadery

Beadcraft kits designed with fun in mind! Bright color beads and clever designs make irresistible craft projects kids just can’t put down. Great for camps, youth groups, parties, any time kids want to be creative.

Value Packs

Value Packs by The Beadery

Many of our beads, mosaics, and other items are available in larger retail packages for even more value than our regular packs. Also a good choice for groups, schools, and camps.

Color With Mosaics Wall Art Kits

Color With Mosaics Wall Art Kits by The Beadery

Appealing shapes of molded bases with raised ridges make it easy to place the pearl color mosaic pieces. Popular themes of fun, do-it- yourself décor for kids. Truly unique!

Clearly Mosaics™ Mosaic Pieces, Kits, Accessories

Clearly Mosaics™ Mosaic Pieces, Kits, Accessories by The Beadery

Mosaics in a multitude of colors and shapes - transparent, opaque, pearl, foiled, aurora... random, smooth dome, faceted, geometric shapes. Also mosaic kits, mosaic bases, grout, etc.

American Pride Patriotic Bead Kits

American Pride Patriotic Bead Kits by The Beadery

A new collection of items to celebrate America, Pins, hemp danglers, beaded tribute ribbons, beaded banners, and a special 100-pack of red, white, and blue ornaments for Christmas!

Holiday Celebration™ Christmas Ornament Kits

Holiday Celebration™ Christmas Ornament Kits by The Beadery

For almost 30 years, The Beadery® has offered quality kits for beaded holiday ornaments. Kits feature great designs, great beads, and our signature, excellent instructions.

Razzle Dazel™ Bracelet Kit Bead Boxes

Razzle Dazel™ Bracelet Kit Bead Boxes by The Beadery

New and exciting: Just like famous bead bracelets, but with a new look: frosted transparent color beads. Brighter colors, appealing to the younger set. No tools needed.

Fast Catch™  Beads for Fishing

Fast Catch™ Beads for Fishing by The Beadery

These beads are in specially selected roe colors for bead fishing. Available in single-color clamshells or in bulk. Great quality and value, made in U.S.A..

ZAG Catalog

ZAG Catalog by The Beadery

A collection of products selected especially for shops in museums, zoos, and aquariums. Educational and fun, clever kits are designed to celebrate the worlds of nature, creativity, and positive values. Great for schools and camps, too!

Arts & Crafts Collection

Arts & Crafts Collection by Bradbury & Bradbury

Contains images of our most popular hand-printed borders, friezes and wall fill patterns.