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MSc Mathematical Medicine and Biology 2018
Asian Studies - Catalogue 2018
New & Forthcoming Titles in Asian Studies 2018
ASEAN at 5O 2018
New & Forthcoming Titles in East Asian Studies 2018
Business & Management — Catalogue 2019
Bestsellers in Business & Management 2018
New & Forthcoming Titles in Business & Management 2018
New & Notable Titles in Marketing 2018
New & Notable Titles in Innovation, Technology & Information Management
New and Notable Titles in Operations Management 2018
The World Scientific Reference on Innovation 2018
The World Scientific Reference on Entrepreneurship 2018
Chemistry — Catalogue 2019
ELECTROCHEMISTRY New & Notable Titles 2018
Chemistry: New Titles 2018
Green and Sustainable Chemistry: Highlights 2017-2018
Chemistry Bestselling titles 2017
New & Bestselling 2017-2018 Analytical Chemistry
Most comprehensive & up-to-date research on Porphyrins 2018
Chemistry textbook the new and classic titles 2018
Physical Chemistry New & Bestsellers 2017
Remembering Ahmed H. Zewail Nobel Laureate
All about Chemistry:The new & bestseller list in General Chemistry 2018
The WSPC Reference on Organic Electronics: Organic Semiconductors (In 2 Volumes)
The Concise Handbook Of Analytical Spectroscopy 2018
Computer Science 2019
Computer Science - Collections 2018
New and Important Titles in Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence 2018
New and Forthcoming Big Data and Data Mining 2018
Outstanding Titles in A.I., Machine Learning & Big Data
New and Forthcoming Theoretical Computer Science 2018-19
New and Bestselling Robotics & Unmanned Systems 2018
New and Bestselling Digital Security 2018
Economics & Finance — Catalogue 2019
Handbook of the Economics of Wine 2018
Bestsellers in Economics & Finance 2018
Digital Reference Collection on Business & Economics 2018
New & Forthcoming Titles in Economics & Finance 2018
World Scientific Reference on the Strategic Analysis of Financial Markets 2018
New & Forthcoming Titles in International Finance, Money and Banking 2018
New & Notable Titles in Energy and Resource Economics 2018
New in Financial Engineering 2018
New & Notable Titles in Health Economics & Policies 2018
World Scientific Handbook of Global Health Economics and Public Policy 2018
New & Notable Titles in Development Economics and Globalization 2018
New & Notable Titles in Developmental Economics and Globalization 2018
New & Notable Titles in International Trade & Economics 2018
Money and Banking New & Notable Titles 2018
New & Notable Titles in Macroeconomics & Microeconomics 2018
New & Notable Titles in Mathematical Economics 2018
Civil Engineering  2019
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Mechanical Engineering 2019
New & Bestselling Civil Engineering 2018
Bioengineering Textbooks 2018-9
Mechanical Engineering Textbooks 2018-19
The Encyclopedia of MEDICAL ROBOTICS
Encyclopedia of Thermal Packaging
Encyclopedia of Two-Phase Heat Transfer and Flow III
Journal of Medical Robotics Research
Engineering Collections
New and Forthcoming Coastal and Ocean Engineering 2019
Environmental Science 2019
Earth, Energy & Environmental Science 2018
New & Forthcoming ENERGY STUDIES 2017-18
Highlights in Climate Change 2017
New & Bestsellers 2016 Atmospheric Science & Earth Science
Highlights on Water & Wastewater Technology/Management
Popular & General Science 2018
New and Notable Titles in History of Science 2018
New General & Popular Science Titles in 2018
Thinking of securing that elusive research grant?
Communicating Science: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Physical Scientists
New & Noteworthy Titles on Scientific Writing
Life Sciences 2019
Titles on Famous Scientists in Life Sciences
Notable Titles in Cancer Research and Oncology
Bestselling Life Sciences 2017
Notable Genetics & Related Titles 2018
Highlights in Crop Science 2018
Notable Molecular Biology Titles 2018
New & Notable Titles on Bioinformatics 2018
Life Sciences Collections
2018 Highlights in SEMICONDUCTORS
World Scientific Handbook of Organic Optoelectronic Devices
Materials Science Bestselling Titles 2017
World Scientific Reference on Spin in Organics
Mathematics — Catalogue 2018
New & Forthcoming Mathematics 2018
New & Top Downloaded Mathematics Books
Fields Medallists Lectures (3rd Edition)
Excel in Maths Olympiad & Competitions
Journals Collection Mathematics
International Journal of Mathematics
Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences
Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications
Bestsellers in Algebra & Related Topics - August 2017
New in Algebra, Number Theory & Combinatorics - May 2018