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Fertilizer 2013 - Issue 3 of 9 - 2013 Gardening Catalog Series

Fertilizer 2013 - Issue 3 of 9 - 2013 Gardening Catalog Series by Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, Inc.

Proper fertilizing is an essential ingredient for success in your organic garden. Our fertilizer catalog will lead you through the process to determine what your garden needs. • Start with a soil test. • Learn how to make compost and compost tea. • Find organic fertilizers by their elements (N-P-K, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium), to give your plants exactly the boost they need. • Discover the world of foliar feeding and fertigation, feeding your plants quickly with a liquid solution. • Finally learn about cover crops and how they can add organic matter and increase nitrogen in the soil. Keep your plants happy and they will reward you!

Termidor Termite Defense
Fertilizers & Amendments II
Fertilizers & Amendments I
CO2 & Environment Control
pH, EC & TDS
Hydroponic Nutrients
Hydroponic Systems
Water & Septic Treatment
Lawn Care/Weed Control
Soil Care
Creature Control
Bird Control
Flying Insect Control
Crawling Insect Control
Disease Control
Fly Control
Beneficial Insects, Mites & Organisms
Biocontrol Network Catalog
NaturTech® Composting System
Polymers Commercial Applications
Soil Moist Hydro
SABIC’s Fertilizer Strategic Business Unit