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Homestead 2014 by Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, Inc.

Harvest Equipment - Find all the products you need to bring in the bounty from your harvest including: Orchard ladders & garden carts Professional picking bags Long handled fruit pickers, snips & knives Harvest baskets & gardening containers

Growing 2013 - Issue 2 of 9 - 2013 Gardening Catalog Series

Growing 2013 - Issue 2 of 9 - 2013 Gardening Catalog Series by Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, Inc.

Our Growing catalog includes everything you need to grow healthy plants - from seed to maturity. Soil tests and amendments are first. Followed by seeders, germination systems and seedling trays. Grow lights, and transplant containers are followed by support systems like Hortonova Trellis and bamboo. Protect your garden from heat and frost with shade cloth or row covers. Finally keep the weeds out with flamers, mulch and organic herbicides.

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Floremara 2012
2 inch African Violets, Active Varieties
4 inch African Violets, Active Varieties
ELATIOR Begonias, Active Varieties
FERNS, Assorted Varieties
REX Begonias, Active Varieties
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