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Pest Control 2014

Pest Control 2014 by Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, Inc.

IPM - Integrated Pest Management control pests in the most natural possible way. Major components of IPM are: Monitor, Identify & Control the Pests Biological Controls are natural enemies such as beneficial insects. Cultural Controls alter the environment so the pests can’t live easily (removing shelter, adjusting watering times). Mechanical and Physical Controls are traps that kill pests, or barriers that keep them away from plants (gopher wire, deer fencing, bird netting). Chemical Controls are pesticides. In IPM pesticides are a last resort. Combine all these controls for a long-term solution to your pest problem.

Tools & Weed Control 2014

Tools & Weed Control 2014 by Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, Inc.

Quality garden tools are a sound investment for your garden. The right tool for the job saves time and effort. From wheel hoes to machetes, we have what you need to suceed with your garden or farm. Peaceful Valley carries only premium quality gardening tools for your organic garden. We believe that your organic gardening will be more efficient and enjoyable with the right garden tools. We’ve tested our garden tools, we’ve talked to organic farmers and growers, and we’ve selected only the best to offer to our customers. Save yourself time and money and invest in top quality garden tools from GrowOrganic.

Watering & Pest Control Catalog 2012

Watering & Pest Control Catalog 2012 by Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, Inc.

From fly traps to slug control, the pests are on the way and you'll be ready with this catalog! Have apples & pears? Be sure to set your coddling moth traps. With Summer heat around the corner, set-up (or test) your drip irrigation system. You'll save on your water bill and your plants will thrive with consistent watering.

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