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Bare Root 2014

Bare Root 2014 by Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, Inc.

This catalog is all about planning ahead and dreaming! In this catalog you will find a huge selection of fruit and nut trees, perennials like berries, rhubarb and asparagus, as well as potatoes, onions and garlic! New this year - Lehcot Aprium, Cold Hardy Fruit Salad Tree, Kieffer Lime and a few more! Imagine your garden this spring and all the tasty vegetables you’ll be able to harvest. Dream about the fruit you’ll harvest from your own orchard and how you can preserve this bounty to enjoy all next winter! Pre-order now to get the varieties you want - we can sell out fast! Want to replenish your soil and prepare for spring planting? Plant a cover crop! These “Green Manures” will boost nitrogen and add significant organic matter to your soil. Check out our Cover Crop Solutions Chart (online) to help you choose the best cover crop for your growing situation. We’ve added new fall planted bulbs, over 80 to choose from! From alliums to tulips! 21 varieties of daffodils alone - some suitable for growing in climates as warm as USDA Zone 9 Extend your growing season - check out the Frost Protection section. Agribon floating row covers, hoop house poly, coldframes, or a beautiful greenhouse - all will help you harvest fresh food well into fall.

Fall Planting 2014

Fall Planting 2014 by Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, Inc.

Garlic, onions & potatoes are just some of the things you can plant this fall. Plant wildflowers and bulbs to enjoy a bright and bloomin’ spring next year. Start your home orchard with our NEW pawpaw trees. Plant a cover crop to “fix” nitrogen into the soil, add significant organic matter and save money on fertilizer this spring. Ever tasted organic gourmet garlic? What about a freshly dug potato? You won’t find this garlic in stores. We have many varieties plus shallots to choose from - or buy our combo pack and sample 4 garlic varieties and the shallots for a great price! Red, white, blue and purple? Plant potatoes in Smart Pots this fall and harvest creamy, fresh and colorful potatoes! Check out the Frost Protection section for the tools to extend your growing season. Agribon floating row covers, hoop house poly, coldframes, or a beautiful greenhouse - all will help you harvest fresh food well into fall.

Fertilizer 2014

Fertilizer 2014 by Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, Inc.

At the heart of all organic growing is the art and science of fertilizing organically. Healthy soil nurtures healthy plants which generally grow better, taste better, store longer and consequently, should have increased resistance to the stresses caused by heat, cold, drought, pests, diseases, rapid growth, etc. Fertile soil is not only the first step for increasing yields and quality but also for natural pest control and season extending.

Growing 2014

Growing 2014 by Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, Inc.

That’s still true - but there is another way - Aquaponics! Aquaponics is a highly sustainable method of producing food. It combines hydroponics (growing plants in water) and aquaculture (the farming of aquatic animals, usually fish) in a nearly closed loop system.

Seeds 2014

Seeds 2014 by Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, Inc.

ur awesome seed line includes 300+ Certified Organic Vegetable Seeds, 80+ Open Pollinated Flower Seeds and 32 Organic Herb Seeds. All of our seeds are non-GMO. Find everything you need to start your seeds in the Seed Starting Supplies section, along with videos, articles and books packed with researched information on everything from seed selection to how to start a garden! Plus check out the 22 varieties of organic seed potatoes that are generally available from October through March.

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