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Castor and Wheel Catalogue 2016
Wheel Cylinders 2015
Wheels, Steer & Load 2015
AX Wheel - Ergonomic Crowned Tread Polyurethane-on-Aluminum Wheels and Casters
Ergonomic Floor Locks
E-Thane Soft Poly Wheels
Neoprene on Aluminum Wheels
SZ/SV Wheels
DC Casters with Total Lock
HT Series Rubber Tread Wheels
MR Series Mold-On Rubber Wheels on Iron Core
MV/MZ Series High Temperature Wheels
OA Series Press-On Rubber Wheels
RM Series High Modulus Rubber on Aluminum Wheels
RR Series Rubber Solid Wheels
IX Series Polyurethane Empire Wheels
PA/PD Series Polyurethane Wheels on Aluminum Core
PF Wheels
PI Series Polyurethane Wheels on Cast Iron Core
VY Series Polyurethane Wheels
XV Series Polyurethane V-Groove Wheels
CA Series Cast Iron Wheels
FS Series Drop Forged Steel Wheels
VF/VH Drop Forged Steel V-Groove Wheels
VG/VL Series Cast Iron V-Groove Wheels
VM Series Ductile V-Groove Wheels
GP Series Fiberglass Filled Polypropylene Wheels
IB Series Polypropylene Wheels
RW Series RETORT Polypropylene Wheels
SF Series Pneumatic Wheels
SO Series Pneumatic hand Truck Wheels
NW Series White Nylon Wheels
NX/NV Series Trionix High Impact Polymer Nylon Wheels
NY Series Trionix High Impact Polymer Nylon Wheels
TR Series Heat Resistant Phenolic Wheels
HE Hi-Temp Nylon Wheels
NG Maxim Glass-filled Nylon Wheels
Prevenz™ Antimicrobial Wheels
PX Thick Tread Polyurethane Wheels on Cast Iron Core
XB Series Polyurethane Shopping Cart Wheels
XP Series X-treme Plus Solid Elastomer Polyurethane Wheels
XS Series Ultimate X-tra Soft Rubber Wheels
Caster Catalog
Antimicrobial Wheels
Metal Wheels
Pneumatic/Semi-Pneumatic Wheels
Nylon Wheels
Phenolic Wheels
Polypropylene Wheels
Polyurethane Wheels
Rubber Tread Wheels
Brake Brochure 2 inch Wide Casters
Brakes for Light Duty Casters
Brakes for Medium and Heavy Duty Casters
Leveling Jacks
Top Plate Optional Features
Replacement Parts
Empire Caster and Wheel Replacement Parts
Dual Wheel/Pneumatic Casters
Heavy Duty Casters
Hard Tread Casters
Kingpinless Casters
Light Duty Casters
Medium Duty Casters
Parts & Accessories
Polyurethane Wheels
Rubber Tread Wheels
Superior Wheels and Casters for Industry