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Process Control Accessories 03/13/2010
PCON-CF RCP2 High-Output Motor Controller

PCON-CF RCP2 High-Output Motor Controller by IAI America

Catalog #: CJ0111-1A -- Up to 512 positioning points, the PCON-CF is a controller for high-output electric actuators such as RCP2-RA10c, RCP2-HS8C / HS8R, RCP2W-SA16C.

Industry Sensor Services

Industry Sensor Services by Balluff

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Object Detection

Object Detection by Balluff

The increase in automation of production processes leads to the result that machines and plants must be equipped with controls and sensors. Sensors are the sensory organs of the machines. They monitor the position of machine parts, detect errors and damage to tools, and verify part attributes which increase the flow of material and speed of operation. Sensors are needed, in order to satisfy the demand of increased flexibility of production lines as well as for automated quality control, enhanced industrial safety, material and energy conservation. Sensors must be able to adapt to their environment and other systems to be able to communicate

Remote Monitoring and Alarm Brochure V91
2009 Industrial Ethernet
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