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Windsurfing 2013 by BIC Sport

BIC Sport is THE worldwide watersports specialist. Founded in 1979 and long-established on the Breton coast in France, BIC Sport was created by Baron Bich, a man passionate about the sea and sailing who used his industrial prowess and know-how to develop modern windsurfing, the first grass roots board sport of the 1980s. Quickly established as the world leader in windsurf manufacture, BIC Sport has, in the last twenty years, diversified into other market segments including surf, kayak, junior racing dinghies and, most recently, into Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). BIC’s core values of quality, durability and affordability form the foundation of the brand’s reputation and opened up the world of board sports to hundreds of thousands of lovers of the elements, thrill-seekers, and those simply happy to spend time close to nature, out on the water, doing something environmentally sound.

Watersports 2012

Watersports 2012 by BIC Sport

For its manufacturing/production, BIC Sport has created an industrial process facility that is unique in the field, using three differing construction technologies : thermoform, thermoform on a PE core, and blown extrusion. Located at its base in Vannes, Brittany, France, this production facility turns out over 65,000 pieces of product every year for export to more than 90 countries.

Windsurf Collection 2011

Windsurf Collection 2011 by BIC Sport

Simple ranges make it easy for people to make the right choice of board, and once you have the right board you know that they have been designed and built to have a long life time, and their good price on the second hand market shows how popular and what excellent value for money they are. Manufactured in France using a technology unique in the world, our boards are tough but light. The exceptional growth of the Techno 293 One Design, especially among youth racers, is proof of the reliability and quality of our product. 360 young riders from 30 countries came together at Martigues in the south of France for the 2010 World Championships, an increase of 30% over 2009, which itself had been an exceptional year. A phenomenon not only in the world of windsurfing, but the entire sailing world too.

Windsurf Collection 2010

Windsurf Collection 2010 by BIC Sport

BIC Sport is the only European windsurf manufacturer, and the only one to master composite thermoforming with aluminium moulds. This highly technical procedure allows us to make boards with only one closure of the mould, thus greatly limiting any extra material used in the manufacturing process. The end result is a board that is both 20% lighter than other thermoformed boards, and strongly competitive with epoxy sandwich boards.

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