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welcome moorpark college academic calendar 2005-06 spring semester 2006 moorpark college provides two primary semesters of instruction – fall and spring – as well as a summer intersession course times and delivery modes are noted in each semester’s schedule of classes january 9 may 17 2006 january 9 first day of semester-length traditional classes first day of late registration january 14/15 first day of semester-length saturday/sunday classes january 16 martin luther king jr birthday – legal holiday january 20 last day to add semester-length classes last day to drop a class and apply for enrollment health and parking fee refunds last day account credited if dropping classes no refunds or credits after this date for semester-length classes february 3 last day to drop semester-length classes without a transcript entry february 17-20 presidents’ day/weekend – no classes february 14 last day to declare cr/nc grading option for

career graduation and transfer major requirements under which a student graduates c humanities 1 one course in fine or performing arts art m10 m11 m12 m13 m14 m20 m30 m70 m77 m90 m98 dance m01a m03 m10a m11a m12a m14a hum m02,m03 m04 m05 m06 m07 m18 mus m01 m04 m04h m08 m09a m09b m10 m12 m15 m21 phot m01a m02 rt m09 spch m05 tha m01 m02a m04 m09 a student remaining in continuous attendance and pursuing the same major at mc may elect to meet the major in effect either at the time of his or her entering the major or at the time of his or her graduation from mc this policy applies only to the requirements for course in a major certificates of achievement and designated associated degrees and does not apply to general education requirements 2 one course in other humanities art m10 m11 m12 m13 bus m15 m42 danc m01a engl m01b m01bh m10a m10b m13a m13b m14 m15a m15b m17 m18 m19 m20 m21,m29a m29b m30 m31 m33 m40 m43 m44 m45 m46 m95 fren m01 m02 m03 m04 m41 germ m01 m02 m03 m04 heb m01 m02

biological sciences biological sciences biol m05 3 units field biology – a natural history of california prerequisites none class hours 2 lecture 3 lab introduces the ecology taxonomy and natural history of plant life in the diverse ecosystems of california uses the principles of evolution ecology and geology to explain the structure of plant communities that form the bases of ecosystems identification of dominant plant species in each community will be emphasized students will visit desert marshland chaparral island and mountain habitats to explore plant animal and environmental interactions in each of these habitats human impact past and present on the environment will be assessed field trips are required applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc igetc area 5b biol m16 3 units human biology prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture introduces the biology of humans covering basic cell structure organ systems inheritance reproduction development and aging disease

computer network systems engineering computer network systems engineering  degree and certificate options in computer network systems engineering required courses units cis m30 web page design i 1.5 el m08 pc hardware for novices 1.5 el m18 pc repair and upgrade 3.0 cnse m10 introduction to telecommunications 3.0 cnse m11 cisco system computer networking 1 2.0 cnse m12 network wiring and cabling 3.0 cnse m13 internetworking and tcp/ip 4.0 cnse m14 introduction to mobile data wireless lan technology… 3.0 cnse m18 cisco system computer networking 1/2 4.0 cnse m19 cisco system computer networking 3/4 4.0 cnse m30 ms windows administration 3.0 cnse m31 ms windows network server 3.0 cnse m80 internship in cnse 1.0 total 44.0 to earn an associate in science degree with a major in computer network systems engineering students complete 40.5 45 specified units plus general education degree requirements in addition to general

education engineering edu m80 1 to 8 units internship in education prerequisites completion or concurrent enrollment in a course in the discipline class hours 3 to 33 work experience hours as arranged provides on-the-job learning to enhance course work under the direct supervision of faculty and industry supervisors both supervisors provide feedback and written evaluation some meetings and workshops may be required as part of the course to take this course contact the internship office call 805 378-1536 may be taken four 4 times for credit same course as wexp m20 applies to associate degree transfer credit csu engr m20 electrical engineering fundamentals 3.0 engr m20l electrical engineering fundamentals lab 1.0 math m25a calculus with analytic geometry i 5.0 math m25b calculus with analytic geometry ii 5.0 math m25c calculus with analytic geometry iii 5.0 phys m20a mechanics of solids fluids 4.0 phys m20al mechanics of solids and fluids lab 1.0 phys m20b

graphics graphics graphics courses desktop publishing option complete all 31 specified units art m20 two dimensional design 3.0 art m30 drawing and composition i 3.0 cis m60d wegpage design w/html 1.0 gr m24a desktop publishing i 3.0 gr m24b desktop publishing ii 3.0 gr m25 computer publications design mac 3.0 gr m26 computer-assisted illustration mac 3.0 gr m27 electronic and digital photography 3.0 gr m31 graphic design i 2.0 gr m34 lettering and typography 2.0 gr m70 reproduction process 2.0 see general education degree requirements and transfer information gr m10 3 units introduction to graphics prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture introduces advertising printing and the history of graphics provides practical applications in design desktop publishing camera and various printing processes reviews employment trends and opportunities field trips will be required applies to associate degree transfer credit csu gr m20 2 units macintosh and

sequence of mathematics courses need help in selecting a math course 1 complete the math self-placement guide available online at http www.moorparkcollege.edu/assess 2 meet with a counselor call 805 378-1428 for an appointment math m09 pre-algebra meets the competency requirement for graduation with aa or as degrees ls m07a/b support course for students with special needs math m01 basic math skills elementary algebra math m02 fundamental geometry math m03 intermediate algebra you may take math m02 and math m03 concurrently math m02 is recommended for students who 1 plan to teach k-12 or 2 plan to take math m06 meets a general education requirement for the associate degree all classes below this line are csu and uc transferable math m14 math m05 college algebra finite math math m16a applied calculus i math m16b applied calculus ii math m07 math elem teachers math m05 and math m06 may be taken concurrently math m07 is equivalent to math m05 math m06 calculus w geometry i math m25b math

philosophy philosophy phil m13 3 units the classical mind prerequisites none recommended preparation engl m01a class hours 3 lecture surveys ancient and medieval philosophy up to the renaissance emphasizing the development of central philosophical themes applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc igetc area 3b phil m60a-z 0.5 to 3 units topics in philosophy prerequisites to be determined class hours to be determined each course deals with a specific topic not covered in general offerings when offered each course is announced in the semester’s schedule of classes transfer credit determined by transfer institution developed topics include phil m14 3 units the modern mind prerequisites none recommended preparation engl m01a class hours 3 lecture surveys modern philosophy since the renaissance emphasizing the development of themes in contemporary philosophy applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc igetc area 3b phil m60a 1 unit philosophy of nonviolence

radiologic technology radiologic technology fall semester radt m01a radiographic practice i 4.0 radt m01al radiographic clinical lab i 2.5 radt m01b radiographic technique i 4.0 radt m01bl radiographic technique lab i 1.0 radt m11 radiography skills lab i 1.0 spring semester radt m02a radiographic practice ii 4.0 radt m02al radiographic clinical lab ii 2.5 radt m02b radiographic technique ii 3.0 radt m02bl radiographic technique lab ii 1.0 radt m12 radiography skills lab ii 1.0 summer session #2 radt m49 radiographic practicum 4.5 radt m15 venipuncture 1.0 fall semester radt m03a radiographic fluoroscopy 1.0 radt m03al radiographic clinical lab iii 10.5 radt m03b radiographic pathology 2.0 radt m13 radiography skills lab iii 1.0 spring semester radt m04a advanced radiographic technique 3.0 radt m04al radiographic clinical lab iv 10.5 radt m14 radiography film critique 1.0 total 69.0 pre-application to arrt the conviction of a felony

campus services health services awards are based on need and contingent on availability of funds grants range from $500 $3,000 per academic year federal family educational loan program loans allow students to defer costs by borrowing money while in school and repaying it with interest loans may be need based and non-need based student loans mandatory entrance and exit counseling is required loans bear a variable interest capped at 8.25 percent on the unpaid balance no interest is charged on some loans until six months after the borrower ceases to be at least a half-time student repayment of loans may be scheduled over a 10-year period parent loan for undergraduate students plus parents of dependent undergraduate students may borrow up to the student’s cost of attendance minus any other aid state cal grants cal grants are administered by the california student aid commission cal grant a cal grant a awards help middle and low-income students with tuition and fees at a four-year

index academic calendar 4 academic freedom statement 216 academic renewal 19 access 199 accounting see business administration of the college 216 admissions and records 9 advanced placement 33 air force afrotc program 8 anatomy 47 anatomy/physiology 47 animal science 36 anthropology 38 archaeology see anthropology art 41 assessments 198 assistive computer technology see learning skills associate degrees 25 associated students 15 astronomy 45 athletics 14 attendance 14 auditing policy 9 behavioral science see psychology or sociology biological sciences 46 biology 47 biotechnology 49 bookstore 203 botany see biological sciences business courses 50 business office 203 cafeteria/food court 203 california articulation numbers can 28 campus services 198 career services center 200 certificates 27 cheating or plagarism 19 chemistry 55 chicano studies see multi/gender studies child development 57 class attendance 14 college board advanced placement 21 college