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welcome moorpark college history vision statement moorpark college was established in 1963 by the governing board of the ventura county community college district soon after a 134-acre site on moorpark’s eastern city boundary was secured in a combination donation/purchase from the strathearns a local ranching family at moorpark college we encourage quality and believe our strengths have been and will continue to be people—their flexibility their responsiveness and their willingness to meet the needs of our students and community we believe that building on these strengths provides an educational experience appropriate to the students’ needs and within the college’s mission in 1965 taxpayers passed an $8 million bond to build the first phase of the district’s second community college construction of the administration library science technology campus center gymnasium and maintenance buildings began in 1966 with the paint barely dry and remnants of

career graduation and transfer variance in major requirements m46 m95 fren m01 m02 m03 m04 m41 germ m01 m02 m03 m04 heb m01 m02 hist m01a m01b m20a m20b hs m17 hum m01 m02 m03 m04 m05 m06 m07 m08 m10a m10b m12 m18 m19 m42 ital m01 m02 m03 japn m01 m02 m03 jour m01 lat m01 mus m08 m09a m09b phil m01 m01h m02 m02h m03 m04 m07 m08 m11 m12 m13 m14 m15 m95 phot m01a m02 rt m01 sl m01 m02 span m01 m01a m01b m02 m02a m02b m03 m03h m04 m04h m12 m41 m95 spch m01 m26 tha m01 d language rationality 1 one course english composition bus m28 engl m01a m01ah m02 hum m01 m02 jour m02 2 one course from communication/analytical thinking cis m16 cs m01 m10a engl m01b m01bh m01c m01ch gis m01 hum m01 m02 jour m02 math m03 m05 m06 m07 m10 m13 m14 m15 m15h m16a m16b m21 m25a m25ah m25b phil m05 m07 m09 spch m01 m02 m07 m25 e physical education-health 1 one course in health education cd m23 hed m01 m02 m03 m05 m07 or m10a-z nts m01 m05 rec m01 one or more courses a min of

biological sciences biological science requirements until their junior and senior years and by giving priority to the requirements for a major in biology in addition earning this degree suggests an achievement of technical skills that may be helpful in seeking immediate employment biological sciences study in biology leads to a wide range of careers upon the attainment of the baccalaureate degree many students prepare for entry into graduate or professional schools upon graduation programs in dentistry medicine nursing pharmacy and similar professions depend upon an emphasis in biological sciences careers are found in teaching research biotechnology and government service in addition to general education degree requirements complete the following required courses units biol m02a/b general biology i/ii 5.0/5.0 chem m01a/b general chemistry i/ii 6.0/6.0 math m25a/b calculus with analytic geometry i/ii 5.0/5.0 and phys m20a/m20al mechanics of solids and fluids/lab 4.0/1.0 phys

computer network systems engineering computer network systems engineering basic network specialist certificate less than 18 units advanced network specialist certificate more than 18 units to earn a certificate as a basic network specialist students complete 16-17 specified units required courses units cnse m05 local wide area network 4.0 cnse m10 introduction to telecommunications 3.0 cnse m13 internetworking tcp/ip 4.0 units from list of recommended courses 3.0-3.5 total 14.0-14.5 to earn a certificate as an advanced network specialist students complete 31 specified units required courses units el m18 pc repair and upgrade 3.0 cnse m05 local wide area network 4.0 cnse m10 introduction to telecommunications 3.0 cnse m12 network wiring and cabling 3.0 cnse m13 internetworking tcp/ip 4.0 cnse m14 introduction to mobile data wireless lan technology …3.0 cnse m18 cisco system computer networking 1/2 4.0 cnse m19 cisco system computer networking 3/4 4.0 cnse m30 ms windows

economics education econ m80 1 to 4 units internship in economics prerequisites completion or concurrent enrollment in a course in the discipline class hours 3 to 16.5 work experience hours provides on-the-job learning to enhance course work under the direct supervision of faculty and industry supervisors both supervisors provide feedback and written evaluation some meetings and workshops may be required as part of the course to take this course contact the internship office call 805 378-1536 may be taken four 4 times for credit applies to associate degree transfer credit csu economics courses econ m01 3 units principles of micro economics prerequisites none recommended preparation math m01 class hours 3 lecture examines the function of the market mechanism and its strengths and weaknesses in allocating scarce resources in the economy develops a method of thinking by investigating and applying the principles of economic inquiry to the behavior of individual consumers producers and

geology german geol m21 3 units geology of california prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture focuses on geologic provinces of california including topography structure geologic history lithology and mineral resources requires field trips applies to the associate degree transfer credit csu uc igetc area 5a dean inajane nicklas phone 805 378-1443 full-time faculty perry bennett geol m22a/b 0.5 to 3 units independent studies in geology prerequisites a previous course in geology class hours 0.5 to 3 as arranged allows an independent project approved by instructor and dean to expand knowledge of geology through research lab work or field trips includes oneon-one work with instructor may be taken for a maximum of 6 units applies to associate degree transfer credit csu for uc determined after admission counselors anitra evans ofelia romero-motlagh transfer information students planning to transfer need to consult with a counselor prepare a student education plan and take advantage of

learning skills mathematics ls m07a 3 units basic math skills i prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture foundational math course designed for students with math anxiety who have difficulty understanding and applying mathematical concepts covers basic operation with whole numbers decimals and fractions teaches math test-taking strategies and mnemonic skills for learning and recalling math operations which can be used in subsequent math courses may be taken two 2 times for credit does not apply toward a degree ls m15 – 1.5 units computer reading and writing tools prerequisites none class hours 1 lecture 1.5 lab introduces computer software programs to facilitate reading and writing includes kurzweil scan/read system screen reader word prediction mind mapping and outlining speech recognition dictation and other assistive technology offered on a credit/no credit basis only may be taken two 2 times for credit does not apply toward a degree ls m20 0.5 to 1.5 units assessment of

philosophy philosophy phil m12 3 units survey of world religions east prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture systematically introduces major ideas of the world’s eastern religious traditions including hinduism zoroastrianism buddhism jainism sikhism taoism confucianism and shinto explores cultural and historical contexts in which these religions arose views each religion from the standpoint of its proponents emphasizes main similarities and differences exhibited within these traditions provider approved by the california board of registered nursing provider number cep 2811 for 45 contact hours applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc igetc area 3b phil m22a/b 1 to 3 units independent studies in philosophy prerequisites a previous course in philosophy class hours 1 to 3 as arranged allows an independent project approved by instructor and dean to expand knowledge of philosophy through research lab work or field trips includes oneon-one work with instructor may be

recreation sociology rec m10 1.5 units outdoor adventure prerequisites none recommended preparation physical condition equal to challenges of these activities class hours 1 lecture 2 activity counselors anitra evans michael johnson degree in social science to earn an associate in science degree with a major in social science students complete 21 specified units plus general education degree requirements students can specialize in either geography history philosophy or political science introduces students to lifelong activities in the outdoor environment from shore to sea activities will take place at wilderness sites in the central and southern california region each semester will focus on an environment and activities from a specific wilderness site participation in one or more outdoor skills such as camping hiking kayaking backpacking cross country skiing and other site specific activities will be covered during a class field trip may be taken four 4 times for credit applies to

student rights and responsibilities student rights and responsibilities directory information the colleges in this district maintain directory information which may be released student’s name address telephone number and place of birth major field of study class schedule participation of officially recognized activities and sports weight and height of members of athletic teams dates of attendance degrees and awards re-ceived the most recent previous public and private school attended by the student student’s right to know moorpark college endorses and supports public law 101-524 the student right-to-know and campus security act as amended by public law 102026 the college makes available to any interested person upon request information on policies regarding the use of campus facilities as well as the reporting of criminal actions and/or emergencies that have occurred on campus this information can be obtained from the campus police office in lot g1 805378-1455 the

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