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spanish speech recommended courses choose at least 8 units cis m27 microsoft power point 1.5 spch m03 voice and diction 3.0 spch m10b forensics 2.0 spch m12 intercultural communication 3.0 spch m16 readers’ theatre 3.0 spch m26 rhetoric of popular culture 3.0 spch m56 business and professional speech 3.0 see general education degree requirements and transfer information span m80 1 to 4 units internship in spanish prerequisites completion of or concurrent enrollment in one course in the discipline class hours 3 to 33 work experience hours as arranged provides on-the-job learning to enhance coursework under the direct supervision of faculty and industry supervisors both supervisors provide feedback and written evaluations some meetings and workshops may be required as part of the course to take this course contact the internship office call 805 378-1536 may be taken four 4 times for credit same course as wexp m20 applies to associate degree transfer credit csu speech courses span m95 3 units honors in spanish readings in hispanic literature prerequisites span m02 grade b or better or two years of high school spanish grade b or better class hours 3 lecture spch m01 3 units introduction to speech prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture designed to prepare students to be effective oral communicators in a public speaking context through instruction in basic communication theory appropriate delivery skills common organizational patterns and thorough research techniques also offers practical training in feedback and listening skills applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc igetc area 1c csu only can spch 4 recommended completion of span m03 grade b or better or three years of high school spanish grade b or better introduces modern hispanic/spanish and latin american literary texts and their historical cultural and theoretical contexts emphasizes critical reading and oral and written analysis of the literary works honors work challenges students to be more analytical and creative through expanded assignments real-world applications and enrichment opportunities course taught in spanish applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc igetc area 3b spch m02 3 units advanced public speaking prerequisites spch m01 class hours 3 lecture provides a further exploration into the principles of public speaking and the analysis of public discourse practical application of advanced principles of audience adaptation and ethics will be explored through the presentation of various types of persuasive speeches and situations applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc igetc area 1c csu only speech speech is one of the most fundamental skills any student can acquire oral communication competence is the most highly prized and sought after skill in the professional world and an indispensable requirement for succeeding in all academic disciplines the speech department offers both theoretical and practical classes the department’s award-winning forensics team puts these skills into action each semester spch m03 3 units voice and diction prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture introduces theory and practice of voice control emphasizing correct pronunciation breathing control techniques and regional and foreign dialects especially useful for those in theatre forensics and broadcasting may be taken two 2 times for credit same course as rt m08 and tha m03 applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc can dram 6 dean dean’s office phone 805 378-1408 spch m04 3 units interpersonal communication prerequisite none class hours 3 lecture provides an introduction to the dynamics of communication in one-to-one relationships focusing on experience behavior and rules governing interpersonal contexts such as friendship families and employer-employee relations factors influencing communication are studied such as language perception non-verbal cues listening status and roles problems of communication are identified and explored through conflict resolution and problem solving techniques assertiveness and confidence in relating interpersonally through the communication process are studied applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc can spch 8 full-time faculty charlene arnold stephen doyle jill mccall rolland petrello james wyman counselors denice avila anitra evans michael johnson degree in speech communication to earn an associate in arts degree with a major in speech students complete 28 specified units plus general education degree requirements these courses parallel the undergraduate coursework students will need for a bachelors degree in speech at a four-year institution in addition to general education degree requirements complete the following required courses units spch m01 introduction to speech 3.0 spch m02 advanced public speaking 3.0 spch m04 interpersonal communication 3.0 spch m05 oral interpretation of literature 3.0 spch m07 argumentation and debate 3.0 spch m10a forensics 2.0 spch m25 introduction to rhetorical criticism 3.0 units from list of recommended courses 8.0 total 28.0 spch m05 3 units oral interpretation of literature prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture a unique blend of speech and acting studies the principles of interpretation of literature from each of the major genres prose poetry drama as well as the techniques of performance the study of literary craft is a vital part of this class students will evaluate analyze and perform selections from each of the major genres of literature applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc 173 moorpark college catalog 2006/07