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welcome to moorpark college history vision statement moorpark college was established in 1963 by the governing board of the ventura county community college district soon after a 134-acre site on moorpark’s eastern city boundary was secured in a combination donation/purchase from the strathearns a local ranching family at moorpark college we encourage quality and believe our strengths have been and will continue to be people—their flexibility their responsiveness and their willingness to meet the needs of our students and community we believe that building on these strengths provides an educational experience appropriate to the students’ needs and within the college’s mission in 1965 taxpayers passed an $8 million bond to build the first phase of the district’s second community college construction of the administration library science technology campus center gymnasium and maintenance buildings began in 1966 with the paint barely dry and remnants of

academic policies and standards a nc no credit and no record of the attempt for credit by examination will appear on a student’s transcript however students may challenge a course only once a student may challenge no more than 12 units or 4 courses under the credit by examination policy towards an associate degree or certificate of achievement the amount of unit credit granted by examination to an individual shall not count towards the minimum 12 units required for residency credit by examination may be granted in only one course in a sequence of courses as determined by prerequisites and may not be granted for a course which is prerequisite to the one in which the student is currently enrolled transfer credit from foreign colleges and universities students wishing to receive credit for previous course work from foreign colleges or universities must have their transcripts evaluated by an approved credential evaluation service students may receive information regarding the

2008-2009 moorpark college associate degree general education requirements a natural sciences a minimum of 6 units 1 one course in a biological science anat m01l ansc m06 m07 anth m01 m01h m01l biol m01l m02al m02bl m02cl m03l m05l m10 m10l m16 m17 bot m01l m06 m06l ensc m02l micr m01l phso m01l psy m02 m02h zoo m01l 2 one course in a physical science ast m01 m01l m02 chem m01al m01bl m07al m07bl m11l m12l m12hl m13l ensc m01 m01l m03 geog m01 m01l m05 geol m01l m02 m02l m03 m05 m21 m41 m61 phsc m01 m01l phys m01 m01l m10a m10al m10b m10bl m20a m20al m20b m20bl m20c m20cl b social behavioral sciences a minimum of 6 units 1 one course american history/institutions chst m04 hist m02 m03a m03b m04 m06 m07a m07b m12 m12h m14 m25 m25h hum m01 pols m01 m03 m03h m05 2 one course other social behavioral science ansc m04 anth m02 m03 m04 m06 m07 m08 m09 m11 bus m04 m30 m42 cd m02 chst m01 m02 m03 m04 m08 cj m01 m02 econ m01 m02 m02h m30 geog m02 m03 m03h m07 m10 film

art art art m13 – 3 units history of art modern through contemporary recommended options choose either 2-d studio art option or 3-d studio art option 2-d studio art option 15 units art m32 beginning life drawing i 3.0 art m43 beginning painting i 3.0 plus three of the following art m31 drawing and composition ii 3.0 art m33 beginning life drawing ii 3.0 art m40 beginning illustration 3.0 art m44 beginning painting ii 3.0 art m77 beginning sculpture i 3.0 art m79 figure sculpture 3.0 art m90 beginning printmaking i 3.0 art m98/gr m73 silk screen serigraphy i 3.0 or 3-d studio art option 15 units art m70 beginning ceramics i 3.0 art m77 beginning sculpture i 3.0 plus three of the following art m71 beginning ceramics ii 3.0 art m72 ceramic design i 3.0 art m73 ceramic design ii 3.0 art m74 glaze design i 3.0 art m75 glaze design ii 3.0 art m78 beginning sculpture ii 3.0 art m79 figure sculpture 3.0 prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture investigates the theory and practice of

college strategies communications communications col m02l – 0.5 to 1 unit individual tutoring program communications is a broad term that describes a general field of study moorpark college offers three primary career paths within communications prerequisites none recommended prep col m02 class hours 1.5 to 3 lab communications a supervised training practicum for students currently or previously enrolled in tutor training courses may be taken for a total of two 2 times for credit applies to associate degree transfer credit csu this interdisciplinary academic program enhances students’ flexibility for transfer and professional development by introductionducing core disciplines such as english speech graphics journalism and radio/television see specific course listings under specified disciplines col m03 – 1 unit college group tutoring radio/television this occupational/transfer program offers practical training and application for work in education or commercial

dance design danc m43 – 2 units jazz dance roots danc m51d – 2 units dance performance/production iv prerequisites danc m11c class hours 1 lecture 3 lab prerequisites intermediate dance class recommended prep concurrent enrollment in dance class class hours 1 lecture 3 lab explores the origins and influences of jazz and their effect on the styles and trends of the day reviews contributions from international dance companies and dance innovators including martha graham jack cole katherine dunham bob fosse agnes demille and jerome robbins may be taken for a total of four 4 times for credit applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc offers practical experience in the many phases of dance productions concerts and demonstrations focuses on dance performance with some review of choreography and staging may be taken for a total of four 4 times for credit applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc danc m50 – 3 units performing arts management danc m52

german graphics germ m31a – 3 units beginning practical german 1 degree and certificate of achievement options in graphics class hours 3 lecture associate degree in graphics to earn an associate in science degree with a major in graphics students complete 33-41 specified units plus general education degree requirements this program prepares students for careers in the creative and print technology aspects of graphics providing three specialization options graphic design and desktop publishing provides basic understanding and use of german practical situations emphasizing elementary grammar and principles of usage for non-native speakers provider approved by the california board of registered nursing provider number cep2811 for 45 contact hours may be taken for a total of two 2 times for credit applies to associate degree in addition to general education degree requirements complete the following required courses units gr m10 introduction to communication design… 3.0 gr

learning skills mathematics ls m30 – 0.5 to 1.0 unit identification and management of learning differences degree in mathematics to earn an associate in arts degree with a major in mathematics students complete 35 specified units plus general education degree requirements these major requirements optimize preparation for upper division course work for advanced degrees in mathematics offered by four-year institutions since the course work in mathematics is sequential students may spend less time earning an associate and/or bachelor’s degree by deferring some of the university general education requirements until their junior and senior years and by giving priority to the requirements for a major in mathematics in addition earning this degree suggests an achievement of technical skills that may be helpful in seeking immediate employment prerequisites none corequisite must be enrolled in at least one 2 unit or more academic or vocational class student must obtain approval

physical education physical education in addition to general education degree requirements complete the following required courses units pe m90 introduction to human performance 2.0 pe m91 foundations of fitness 3.0 hed m01 health and society 2.0 hed m05 safety and first aid 3.0 hed m06 prevention and treatment of athletic injuries… 3.0 psy m01a introduction to psychology 3.0 anat m01 general anatomy 4.0 phso m01 human physiology 5.0 nts m01 nutrition 3.0 units from recommended courses 4.5 total minimum units required in major area 32.5 program electives select a minimum of 6 units units anat m01 human anatomy 4.0 biol m01 introduction to biology 4.0 hed m03 nutrition fitness and stress management 3.0 hed m06 prevention and treatment of athletic injuries 3.0 pe m80 internship in physical education 1.0-4.0 phso m01 human physiology 5.0 recommended courses choose three 1.5-unit courses one from each area team individual and cardiovascular team pe m23c/d baseball pe m24c/d

sociology spanish soc m95 – 3 units honors in sociology social inequality privilege and poverty soc m22a/b – 1 to 3 units independent studies in sociology prerequisites a previous course in sociology class hours 1 to 3 as arranged prerequisites one college-level course in sociology with a grade of b or better class hours 3 lecture allows an independent project approved by instructor and dean to expand knowledge of sociology through research lab work or field trips includes one-onone work with instructor may be taken for a maximum of six 6 units applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc determined after admission investigates the unequal distribution of wealth power and prestige in societies compares and contrasts various types of stratification systems caste estate and class throughout the world focusing on meaning causes and consequences of social inequality in america examines who gets what and why in society honors work challenges students to be more

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