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welcome year of moorpark college opened in fall 1967 with 2,500 students and 50 employees democracy today moorpark college has more than 14,000 students and more than 400 faculty and staff thanks to the foundation laid by the founders and the excellent work of everyone on our campus we can rightfully brag that our students easily transfer readily enter careers excel in state-recognized athletic programs and a nationally recognized forensics team and benefit from teaching and learning innovations thank you for joining our excellent higher education learning community i personally welcome you and wish you every success in achieving your educational goals at moorpark college an informed citizenry is essential to a healthy democracy to that end part of our goal at moorpark college is to prepare and encourage students to be critical thinkers through the next two semesters of democracy-themed activities and speakers we hope to inspire in students a passion for knowledge of the political world to help them fulfill these roles as responsible citizens pam eddinger president with this task in mind moorpark college is pleased to announce “the year of democracy.” why are you here – maybe you want to prepare for a profession or enhance some skills or learn more about yourself as you encounter new concepts and thinking whatever your reason the faculty welcomes you and looks forward to getting to know you knowing that we will learn from each other moorpark college is a special place with many opportunities and services to help you realize your dreams welcome joanna miller lee ballestero year of democracy co-chairs welcome to moorpark college academic calendar 3 vision and mission statements 4 margaret tennant academic senate president moorpark college catalog 2008/09 2