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academic policies and standards a nc no credit and no record of the attempt for credit by examination will appear on a student’s transcript however students may challenge a course only once a student may challenge no more than 12 units or 4 courses under the credit by examination policy towards an associate degree or certificate of achievement the amount of unit credit granted by examination to an individual shall not count towards the minimum 12 units required for residency credit by examination may be granted in only one course in a sequence of courses as determined by prerequisites and may not be granted for a course which is prerequisite to the one in which the student is currently enrolled transfer credit from foreign colleges and universities students wishing to receive credit for previous course work from foreign colleges or universities must have their transcripts evaluated by an approved credential evaluation service students may receive information regarding the credential evaluation service from the moorpark college international student office or counseling department course work attempted will normally receive lower-division unit credit only requests for equivalent course credit are evaluated on an individual basis based upon the recommendations of the transcript evaluation service and by the appropriate college discipline exceptions to the proposed statement are permitted for each college in those occupational programs where curriculum makes this necessary the exceptions are as follows use of listening or recording devices 1 the 12-unit residency requirement is suspended permitting students to petition for credit by examination prior to completion of that requirement when the residency requirement has been met the courses successfully challenged shall be added to the student’s record state law in california prohibits the use by anyone in a classroom of any electronic listening or recording device without prior consent of the teacher and school administration any student who has need to use electronic aids must secure the consent of the instructor if the instructor agrees to the request the notice of consent will be filed with the executive vice president student learning 2 credit by examination may be granted for more than one course in a sequence of required courses when approved by the administrator responsible for vocational programs the petition for this purpose “petition for credit by examination,” is initiated in the counseling office admin bldg a $20.00 per unit non-refundable fee will be assessed to students petitioning for credit by exam approved petitions must be on file with the administering instructor by friday of the tenth week of the full-length semester the examination is to be administered prior to the last day of the final examination period accuracy of the college catalog moorpark college is committed to providing students the most accurate current information available regarding the college’s programs courses regulations and policies however there may be times when course changes concerning prerequisites content hours or units of credit are determined after publication of the catalog or when district policy or state regulation dictates a change in current practice when such a circumstance arises every effort will be made through the class schedules public media and at time of registration to notify students of any changes in the course descriptions or college policies as presented herein students with questions or concerns about a specific course need to talk to a counselor 805-378-1428 or to call the appropriate division office questions or concerns regarding standard practice and process can be directed to the office of student learning at 805 378-1403 credit cre is assigned for work of such quality as to warrant a letter grade of “c” or better transcript entries shall distinguish credits obtained by examination from credits obtained as a result of regular course enrollment the student’s academic record shall be clearly annotated to reflect that credit was earned by examination students should be aware that other colleges may not accept credit by examination for transfer purposes the following courses may not be taken under the “credit by examination” option anth m05 hist m60t ns m49 phot m04 phot m09 radt m49 and all dance world languages and pe activity courses transfer credit from regionally accredited colleges and universities students transferring to the ventura county community colleges from colleges accredited by the recognized regional accrediting associations will normally be granted lower-division credit for courses entered on officially certified transcripts these transcripts must be sent to moorpark college counseling office they will be evaluated based upon the current practices specified in the accredited institutions postsecondary education by the american council on education students transferring to the ventura county community college district from other regionally accredited colleges and universities are required to declare all previous college work failure to provide complete information may result in dismissal from the ventura county community colleges moorpark college catalog 2008/09 30