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welcome to moorpark college vision statement history at moorpark college we encourage quality and believe our strengths have been and will continue to be people their flexibility their responsiveness and their willingness to meet the needs of our students and community we believe that building on these strengths provides an educational experience appropriate to the students’ needs and within the college’s mission moorpark college was established in 1963 by the governing board of the ventura county community college district soon after a 134-acre site on moorpark’s eastern city boundary was secured in a combination donation/purchase from the strathearns a local ranching family in 1965 taxpayers passed an $8 million bond to build the first phase of the district’s second community college construction of the administration library science technology campus center gymnasium and maintenance buildings began in 1966 with the paint barely dry and remnants of

student services • learn to teach col m02 col m03 col m04 in this sequence of courses students discover the learning theories that are the core of becoming an educator and how to apply learning theories to individual tutoring col m02 and group tutoring col m03 in col m04 students study theories of leadership and then develop their own leadership potential • on-line tutoring • teach to learn students who are enrolled in or who have completed col m02 m03 and m04 and who meet the standards of the learning center may apply for positions as tutors thereby continuing the cycle of learning through the practice of teaching in the words of joseph joubert “to teach is to learn twice.” • readings and special events • workshops check schedule at the writing center • instructional resources • individualized academic achievement plans tutorials/supplemental instruction the writing center offers tutoring by qualified student tutors or faculty

planning your education f ethnic/women’s studies courses in ethnic and women’s studies should help students develop an awareness of the diverse historical roots and an appreciation of the cultural contributions of minorities and women lead to an understanding of the causes and consequences of socio-economic inequality based on race sex or ethnicity and explore ways of eliminating such inequities planning your education additionally division a – natural sciences is subdivided into 1 biological science and 2 physical science division b – social and behavioral sciences into 1 american history/institutions and 2 other social science and division c – humanities into 1 fine or performing arts and 2 other humanities 56 moorpark college catalog

animal science anthropology ansc m10 – 1 unit environmental enrichment anthropology prerequisites none recommended prep ansc m04l or psy m12l class hours 1 lecture program purpose students who complete a biological anthropology course will examine and assess the place of humans in the natural world students who complete a cultural anthropology course will be able to compare and critique their own cultural assumptions to those of people from other societies design and implementation of a program of environmental enrichment for a collection of captive animals a variety of enrichment techniques will be presented as well as methods for the evaluation of their effectiveness applies to associate degree transfer credit csu training in anthropology will prepare one for any career that involves working on the interface between two cultures specialized preparation in this subject can lead to some of the world’s most interesting work the study of existing life ways archaeological

chemistry child development chem m80 – 1 to 4 units internship in chemistry recommended courses select two courses cd m06 reading and writing in ece 3.0 cd m07 music in ece 3.0 cd m08 art in ece 3.0 cd m09 science and math in ece 3.0 cd m10 language arts in ece 3.0 recommended options select one option infant/toddler options complete all units specified cd m15 infant studies 3.0 cd m17 practicum 4 — infant/toddler 3.0 cd m23 health safety and nutrition for children 3.0 cd m60l parent conferencing 1.0 or preschool option complete all units specified cd m11 programs in ece 3.0 cd m12 student teaching practicum 2.0 cd m12l student teaching practicum lab 1.5 cd m13 practicum 3 — preschool 3.0 or school age option complete all units specified cd m16 behavior management 3.0 cd m19 school age programs 3.0 cd m20 practicum 5 —school age 3.0 see general education degree requirements and transfer information students planning to transfer need

counseling criminal justice coun m60d – 0.5 unit self-paced career research two courses from the following 3-unit courses 6.0 cj m10 patrol procedures 3.0 cj m11 criminal investigation 3.0 cj m14 juvenile procedure 3.0 cj m18 narcotics investigation 3.0 total minimum units required in major area 27.0 prerequisites none recommended prep coun m60c class hours 0.5 lecture presents online and computer-based career research tools designed to assist students in evaluating and prioritizing career options research on specific careers and their correlating majors will culminate in first and second choices includes intake and exit individual counseling/career consultations to strategize next steps congruent with individual goals and objectives process will be completed in an 8‑hour self-paced format applies to associate degree transfer credit csu see general education degree requirements and transfer information certificate of achievement in criminal justice option 1 more

exotic animal training and management exotic animal training and management eatm m15cl – 2 units wildlife education iii lab eatm m21b – 1 unit animal training ii prerequisites eatm m15b and eatm m15bl class hours 6 lab prerequisites eatm m21a corequisite eatm m21bl class hours 1 lecture provides a range of supervised wildlife education production and performance activities involving presentations with live animals performance rehearsing and animal handling in preparation for a public performance is stressed students will have opportunities to conduct presentations to a variety of audiences in a variety of settings applies the basic elements of production staging publicity script development set design and construction and performance safety considerations animal handling and voice techniques may be taken for a total of four 4 times for credit formerly eatm m16 applies to associate degree presents techniques of animal training including husbandry training training

history humanities hist m60t – 3 units historic site evaluation transfer information students planning to transfer need to consult with a counselor prepare a student education plan and take advantage of support services available in the career transfer center located in fountain hall 805 378-1536 transfer students interested in specializing in humanities who wish to qualify for an associate in arts degree could explore liberal studies or social science as a possible major prerequisites a previous or concurrent course in history class hours 3 lecture introduces methodology of historic site evaluation and interpretation including onsite evaluation of federal state and local historic sites buildings museums and parks applies to associate degree transfer credit csu humanities courses hist m60v – 3 units the vietnam war hum m01 – 6 units the individual and society prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture prerequisites none class hours 6 lecture examines circumstances

nursing science nursing science technology/computer expectations medicine health care and nursing are highly technical fields requiring technology/computer skills it is highly recommended that students are comfortable using a computer have basic word processing email and internet navigations skills and be familiar with chat rooms •fire safety card los angeles county •criminal background check and drug screening fee paid by student and completed by an agency approved through the health sciences department before placement into a clinical site the health sciences department is unable to place students in clinical settings if they have a positive criminal background check or drug screen therefore the student will not be able to complete the required program of courses program completion for successful completion of the nursing program a minimum grade of c 75 is necessary in all courses required for the major ethical expectations all students admitted to the nursing program

psychology psychology psy m13 – 3 units human sexuality psy m19 – 3 units cognitive psychology prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture explores psychological biological and sociological aspects of human sexual behavior including sexual values roles and lifestyles includes contraception pregnancy sexually transmitted diseases sexual dysfunctions and treatments presents course content in an explicit open scientific and thoughtful manner provider approved by the california board of registered nursing provider number cep2811 for 45 contact hours applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc introduces topics theories and research essential to the understanding of the human mind including how the mind works – the perception of people events and things how and what is remembered how information is mentally organized and how mental information and resources allow people to make important decisions includes the study of

index health sciences 179 health services 33 hebrew 182 high school admission 11 history courses 182 history of college 4 honors program 7 housing 35 humanities 186 independent study 9 interior design 187 international intercultural studies 189 international students 12 intersegmental general education transfer curriculum igetc 73 internship program 8 internships see work experience italian 190 japanese 191 jewish studies see multicultural/gender studies journalism 192 language lab 31 latin 194 law enforcement see criminal justice learning center the tlc 29 learning skills 195 library 31 library instruction 196 list of courses 80 lost and found 35 map inside back cover marketing see business mathematics 197 mathematics sequence of courses 198 matriculation 26 microbiology see biological sciences multicultural-chicano studies 202 multimedia 203 music 205 nondiscrimination statement 37 nursing science 210 nutritional science 216 online