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student services • learn to teach col m02 col m03 col m04 in this sequence of courses students discover the learning theories that are the core of becoming an educator and how to apply learning theories to individual tutoring col m02 and group tutoring col m03 in col m04 students study theories of leadership and then develop their own leadership potential • on-line tutoring • teach to learn students who are enrolled in or who have completed col m02 m03 and m04 and who meet the standards of the learning center may apply for positions as tutors thereby continuing the cycle of learning through the practice of teaching in the words of joseph joubert “to teach is to learn twice.” • readings and special events • workshops check schedule at the writing center • instructional resources • individualized academic achievement plans tutorials/supplemental instruction the writing center offers tutoring by qualified student tutors or faculty in the following formats one-on-one small group classroom instruction and supplemental instruction arranged weekly review/concept driven sessions for some courses appointments are recommended although drop-in tutoring is available on a first-come-first-serve basis tutoring sessions are 30 minutes on-line tutoring must be arranged in advance by contacting kadams@vcccd.edu • col m05 is a zero 0 unit course free to moorpark college students and provides access to on-line tutoring and skill building materials • col m06 provides individualized instruction for developing basic skills in math english or study skills hours are by arrangement math center instructional resources the math center provides resources for improving mathematic analytical and quantitative skills the math center is the area of the learning center that specializes in math tutoring for all levels of mathematics special care is taken to help those students in the basic skills level math classes i.e math m09 m01 and m03 math center faculty and tutors assist and guide students in developing the mathematic analytical and quantitative skills they need for college courses and future careers dropin tutoring is available for all levels of mathematics courses offered by the college appointment tutoring is available for groups of three or more students enrolled in the basic skills math classes the math center also offers a variety of workshops and print media and internet resources a schedule of workshops is available at the math center or on-line on the math center webpage http www.moorparkcollege.edu/mathcenter workshops and math center software can be used for both review and assistance in self-placement into moorpark college math courses all math center services and resources are free to enrolled moorpark college students guidelines for grammar essay structure and citation formats are available for students to take away with them some course texts and writing reference manuals are available for use within the center cd-roms and videos may be checked-out or used on site at our instructional resource desk students may also choose to enroll in self-paced on-line tutorial instruction through col m05 or make use of self-paced learning by registering for col m06 workshops students can attend free workshops on grammar punctuation essay structure thesis statements essay development avoiding plagiarism research skills citing sources mla apa cm or creative writing writing center workshop calendars can be found on the third floor of the llr for dates and times individualized academic achievement plans • drop-in tutoring for all levels of mathematics courses guided by the writing center faculty students use an awareness of their learning style and their writing strengths and needs to form a plan for acquiring the skills to improve written communication students set individual goals and determine objectives to help them achieve those goals over the semester students may choose the skill-building method that best suits their needs and lifestyles options include one-on-one tutoring workshops media resources on-line mastery exercises or any combination of those methods • appointment-based group tutoring for students enrolled in math m09 math m01 and math m03 at least three students per group • workshops • print media internet and software resources writing center the writing center is the division of the learning center that specializes in english grammar conversation and writing skills for all levels and across the curriculum writing center faculty and tutors assist and guide students in developing the english and writing skills they need for all courses and for a future career students may drop-in or make an appointment for tutoring attend workshops use print media resources and internet resources and/or form a plan for achieving goals over the semester the writing center provides resources for improving english and writing skills for all courses all services are free and include readings the writing center hosts student and faculty readings of original fiction non-fiction and poetry additionally the writing center hosts guest writers contact the writing center for further information about these and other special events the writing center is located on the third floor of the library/learning resources building llr room 322 further information about hours and contacts can be found at www.moorparkcollege.edu/services_for students/learning_center/index.shtml • assignment consultations for more information on any aspect of the learning or writing centers call 805 378-1556 • individual tutoring student services 30 moorpark college catalog 2009/10