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welcome a college education lasts a lifetime and moorpark college is an excellent place to start moorpark college opened in fall 1967 with 2,500 students and 50 employees moorpark’s faculty have developed and nurtured programs from the exotic animal training and management program to our nationally recognized forensics team from our health and science programs to our multimedia and film/television production programs and a phenomenal array of behavioral and social science courses it’s the work of both students and faculty that make these programs special today moorpark college has more than 15,000 students and more than 400 faculty and staff thanks to the foundation laid by the founders and the excellent work of everyone on our campus we find that our students are highly successful in transfer well-prepared to enter careers and are engaged in life and work of their communities while the academic programs are special the student services are astounding the learning center

student services • counseling/advisement provide counseling services to assist students in course selection development of an individual student educational plan and use of campus support services provide additional advisement and counseling to assist students who have not declared an educational goal are enrolled in basic skill courses are on academic probation/dismissal or have been identified as high-risk eligibility follow-up – establish an early alert process to monitor a student’s progress and provide assistance toward meeting educational goals provide students with or direct them to written district procedures for challenging matriculation regulatory provisions eligibility for financial aid is determined by a department of educationapproved system which calculates the difference between the ability of students and their families to provide for their financial needs and the amount required to meet educational expenses while attending college note alternative

curriculum degrees and certificates animal science anthropology • archaeology art astronomy • astrophysics behavioral science biological sciences • anatomy • anatomy/physiology • biology • botany • microbiology • physiology • zoology biotechnology business • accounting • business communication • management • marketing • marketing/sales • sales • small business chemistry child development • infant/toddler • preschool • school age child care • child development assistant • child development associate teacher • child development teacher • child development master teacher • child development site supervisor • child development program director college strategies communications communication studies computer information systems • information system • microcomputer systems computer network systems engineering • basic network

planning your education transfer to private and out-of-state students who are planning to enter one of california’s many private four-year schools or an out-of-state public or private school should carefully check the transfer requirements for that particular school and consult a counselor to determine the coursework needed to meet ge and transfer requirements at that institution articulation agreements for some local universities can also be found at www.aiccu.edu below is the admission and general education requirement for university of southern california usc california lutheran university clu and university of la verne ulv diversity requirement university of southern california usc general transfer information many majors require the equivalent of a third-semester of a foreign language international relations requires the equivalent of a fourth semester courses which fulfill the third-or-fourth-level requirement if completed after graduating from high school are listed

business business bus m02a – 3 units financial accounting i bus m05 – 3 units fundamentals of investing prerequisites none recommended prep bus m01a and bus m30/econ m30 and math m09 and bus m28 or engl m02 class hours 3 lecture prerequisites none recommended prep bus m04 class hours 3 lecture introduces investment planning and strategy to those with little or no familiarity with investing covers the fundamentals of structuring a portfolio to minimize risk and earn an acceptable rate of return explores the basics involved in allocating funds available for investment between stocks bonds real estate mutual funds money market instruments commodities and cash includes different styles of investments such as income growth and momentum applies to associate degree transfer credit csu examines financial accounting from both the user and preparer perspective emphasizing public corporations explores what accounting is why it is important how it is used in making business

sequence of computer science courses check with your transfer institution to determine which of these courses fulfill your general education and/or major requirements see math section of the catalog for more information math m21 discrete mathematics for non-majors cs m01 math m07 college algebra trigonometry math m25a introduction to computer science cs m10a calculus with geometry i introduction to programming with c math m25b cs m10b calculus with geometry ii math m31 introduction to linear algebra cs m20 cs m30 cs m30 and cs m40 may be taken concurrently cs m10j into programming using java cs m10m object programming with c object data structure algorithm introduction computer systems  math m06 trigonometry csu only recommended preparation cis m15 cis m17 intermediate java cs m10d programming with c cs m60 programming language concepts cs m40 computer architecture math math m21 and cs courses in these columns are required for the cs major course listing 136 moorpark college

exotic animal training and management exotic animal training and management eatm m01al – 4 units animal care and handling i lab eatm m15a wildlife education 1.0 eatm m15al wildlife education i lab 1.0 eatm m15b wildlife education ii 1.0 eatm m15bl wildlife education ii lab 1.0 eatm m15c production and performance 2x 2.0/2.0 eatm m21a animal training i 1.0 eatm m21al training i lab 2.0 eatm m21b animal training ii 1.0 eatm m21bl animal training ii lab 2.0 eatm m23a elementary veterinary procedures i 4.0 eatm m23al elementary veterinary procedures lab 1.0 eatm m23b elementary veterinary procedures ii 3.0 eatm m23bl elementary veterinary procedures lab 1.0 eatm m30a zoo days i 0.5 eatm m30b zoo days ii 0.5 eatm m30c zoo days iii 0.5 eatm m30d projects 2.0 total 64.0 see general education degree requirements and transfer information eatm program admission is not a prerequisite for the animal science courses these animal science courses are required for successful completion of

history history hist m04 – 3 units history of mexican americans in the united states hist m09 – 3 units latin american history prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture a survey of the american experience from colonial beginnings to the present emphasizing the history of mexican americans examines the changing roles and contributions of mexican americans in the context of the social political and economic history of the united states same course as chst m04 applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc introduces development of cultural economic and political factors in the various latin american nations emphasizing relationships with contemporary united states applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc hist m06 – 3 units history of the american indian prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture hist m10 – 3 units african history prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture introduces development of social

multimedia music mm m90 – 3 units interactive portfolio recommended options choose one of the following instrumental music complete specified units one ensemble course each semester for 4 semesters 8.0 mus m15 moorpark community orchestra 2.0 mus m18 studio jazz ensemble 2.0 mus m19 chamber ensembles 2.0 mus m21 wind ensemble 2.0 and two units minimum from the following mus m25a class piano – beginning i 2.0 mus m25b class piano beginning ii 2.0 or keyboard music mus m25a class piano – beginning i 2.0 mus m25b class piano – beginning ii 2.0 one ensemble course each semester for 4 semesters 8.0 mus m19 chamber ensembles 2.0 mus m20 piano ensemble 2.0 or music theory and composition complete specified units one ensemble course each semester for 4 semesters 8.0 ensemble choice based on student’s specialization 2.0/2.0 two units minimum from the following 2.0 mus m14 fundamentals of instrumental technique 2.0 mus m25a class piano – beginning

psychology psychology psy m20 – 3 units intimacy relationships and commitment psy m60a-z – 0.5 to 3 units topics in psychology prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture prerequisites to be determined class hours to be determined explores theoretical historical cross-cultural interdisciplinary and personal perspectives of committed relationships reviewing various perspectives on marriage and the family considers sex roles socialization sexuality the single life marriage parenting dual-career families and conflicts in relationships separation divorce remarriage and alternative choices same course as soc m04 applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc each course deals with a specific topic not covered in general offerings when offered each course is announced in the semester’s schedule of classes transfer credit determined by transfer institution developed topics include psy m60a – 1 unit biofeedback theory and technique psy m22a/b – 1 to 3 units

index humanities 192 independent study 9 interior design 193 international intercultural studies 195 international students 10 intersegmental general education transfer curriculum igetc 79 internship program 9 internships see work experience italian 196 japanese 196 jewish studies see multicultural/gender studies journalism 197 kinesiology 199 language lab 32 latin 205 law enforcement see criminal justice learning center the tlc 31 learning skills 205 library 32 library instruction 207 list of courses 87 lost and found 37 map inside back cover marketing see business mathematics 207 mathematics sequence of courses 208 matriculation 28 microbiology see biological sciences multicultural-chicano studies 213 multimedia 213 music 216 nondiscrimination statement 39 nursing science 221 nutritional science 226 online registration/records 11 orientation 7 29 outstanding obligations 16 pace 8 parenting see child developement parking fee 15 pass/no pass credit/no credit 20 performing arts 17