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sequence of computer science courses check with your transfer institution to determine which of these courses fulfill your general education and/or major requirements see math section of the catalog for more information math m21 discrete mathematics for non-majors cs m01 math m07 college algebra trigonometry math m25a introduction to computer science cs m10a calculus with geometry i introduction to programming with c math m25b cs m10b calculus with geometry ii math m31 introduction to linear algebra cs m20 cs m30 cs m30 and cs m40 may be taken concurrently cs m10j into programming using java cs m10m object programming with c object data structure algorithm introduction computer systems  math m06 trigonometry csu only recommended preparation cis m15 cis m17 intermediate java cs m10d programming with c cs m60 programming language concepts cs m40 computer architecture math math m21 and cs courses in these columns are required for the cs major course listing 136 moorpark college catalog 2010/11