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nursing science nursing science ethical expectations all students admitted to the nursing program are expected to maintain the highest personal and ethical standards of conduct consistent with professional standards as perceived by the faculty and professional personnel in the agencies used as extended campus sites any information indicating that such standards are not maintained is subject to review by members of the faculty who may recommend to the college dismissal from the nursing program the conviction of a felony may prohibit licensure as a health care professional each case is reviewed and determined by the california board of registered nursing the board considers the nature and severity of the offense subsequent acts or crimes compliance with the sanctions and evidence of rehabilitation www.rn.ca.gov step 3 required general education courses for associate degree and licensure these courses must be taken prior to the last 2 semesters of the adn program these courses are necessary to be eligible to take the licensing examination nclex to become an rn required courses units psy m01 introduction to psychology 3.0 or psy m01h honors introduction to psychology 3.0 comm m01 introduction to speech 3.0 soc m01 introduction to sociology 3.0 or soc m01h honors introduction to sociology 3.0 or anth m02 cultural anthropology 3.0 performance standards in compliance with the 1990 american with disabilities act the health sciences department does not discriminate against qualified applicants with disabilities these performance standards reflected in specific nursing course/program objectives are to assist each applicant in determining eligibility and the need for accommodations or modifications the nursing faculty in conjunction with the community clinical facilities will determine on an individual basis whether the necessary accommodations or modifications can reasonably be made •critical thinking ability sufficient for safe clinical judgment calculating reasoning analyzing prioritizing synthesizing data examples identify cause effect relationships in clinical situations develop nursing care plans •interpersonal in providing nursing care the abilities sufficient to interact with individuals families and groups with diverse social emotional cultural and intellectual backgrounds function effectively under stress example establish rapport with diverse clients and effectively interact with colleagues as part of the health care team •communication abilities sufficient for effective verbal and written interactions examples explain diagnostic treatment procedures health teaching document and interpret actions and client responses •mobility physical abilities sufficient to move from room to room maneuver in small spaces and reach overhead equipment examples move around clients’ rooms equipment/machines workspaces and diagnostic treatment areas administer emergency/cpr procedures •motor skills gross and fine motor abilities sufficient to provide safe and effective care examples calibrate move and use equipment/machines lift position and transfer clients •hearing ability sufficient to monitor and assess health needs examples hear monitor alarm emergency signals auscultatory sounds cries for help •visual ability sufficient for observation and visual assessment in well-lit and dimly lit areas examples observe client responses and changes in condition •tactile ability sufficient for physical assessment and positioning examples perform palpation functions of physical examination and/or those related to intervention e.g insertion of needle positioning physical science chem m11 recommended for transfer to csuci bsn 5.0 american history/institutions u.s history or political science 3.0 fine or performing arts course of choice 3.0 humanities course of choice 3.0 physical education course of choice 1.5 required courses unit ns m01 beginning nursing science 4.0 ns m01l beginning nursing science clinical lab i 4.5 ns m02 intermediate nursing science i 5.0 ns m02l intermediate nursing science clinical lab i 4.5 ns m03 intermediate nursing science ii 5.0 ns m03l intermediate nursing science clinical lab ii 5.0 ns m04 advanced nursing science 4.0 ns m04l advanced nursing science clinical lab 5.0 total 37.0 recommended courses units ns m11 nursing skills laboratory i 1.0 ns m12 nursing skills laboratory ii 1.0 ns m13 nursing skills laboratory iii 1.0 ns m14 nursing skills laboratory iv 1.0 total 4.0 program requirements admission is dependent on clearance of health appraisal background check and drug screen •a physical exam documented on the moorpark college nursing health appraisal form which considers the student free from communicable diseases and ability to function in a hospital setting •proof of immunity to rubella mumps rubella hepatitis b varicella and two-step tb •evidence of physical and emotional fitness upon admission throughout the program is expected and is subject to the medical opinion of the college physician and to the medical opinion or policy of hospitals or agencies used as clinical sites •current cardiopulmonary resuscitation c certification cpr for health care provider or cpr for professional/rescuer •fire safety card los angeles county •criminal background check and drug screening fee paid by student and completed by an agency approved through the health sciences department before placement into a clinical site the health sciences department is unable to place students in clinical settings if they have a positive criminal background check or drug screen therefore the student will not be able to complete the required program of courses course listing travel expectations the clinical sites extend from northern ventura county to los angeles within an approximate 60-mile radius from moorpark college each student is responsible for his or her own transportation technology/computer expectations medicine health care and nursing are highly technical fields requiring technology/computer skills it is highly recommended that students are comfortable using a computer have basic word processing email and internet navigations skills and be familiar with chat rooms program completion for successful completion of the nursing program a minimum grade of c 75 is necessary in all courses required for the major 222 moorpark college catalog 2010/11