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nursing science nursing science program costs costs incurred by nursing students include but are not limited to physical examination immunizations uniforms equipment materials fees association dues and licensure application fees care at a level above that which is required for licensure these courses are identified in the college catalog and schedule of classes as “provider approved by the california board of registered nursing cep 02811” and lists the number of contact hours for each course courses may be taken for credit/no credit or a letter grade transcripts document proof of attendance after completion of 12 units in residence at moorpark college students who hold a current california license as a registered nurse or a radiologic technologist and are presently enrolled and in good standing at moorpark college may petition through the nursing counselor for units of credit through the appropriate nursing program applicable toward an associate degree advanced placement opportunities for advanced placement are based on space available to licensed vocational nurses others with health care credentials transfer nursing students from accredited colleges and readmission applicants candidates must schedule an appointment with the nursing counselor and complete the application for advanced placement all advanced placement applicants must meet the adn program prerequisites and course requirements advanced placement applicant students are not accepted or readmitted into the last semester of the nursing program graduate nurses lacking california licensure requirements may be admitted to complete any needed courses as specified by the california board of registered nursing nursing science courses ns m01 – 4 units beginning nursing science prerequisites admission to moorpark college nursing program corequisite ns m01l class hours 4 lecture lvn to rn thirty-unit option brn 1429 the thirty-unit option allows the lvn to sit for nclex-rn examination after completion of a maximum of thirty units of course work the student is not a graduate of the nursing program and does not receive a degree practice outside the state of california may be limited a conference with the health science coordinator or designee for counseling regarding the option is needed before the option is chosen as an educational pathway introduces the nursing process as the foundation for nursing practice the nursing skills and principles necessary to implement for process and the roles of nurse as provider manager and contributor to the profession nursing values caring integrity ethical practice diversity education service and quality are emphasized based on the concepts of orem’s self-care model the focus is on assessment identifying the client’s universal self-care requisites air water food elimination activity social safety and normalcy in the adult and elder assessment of the integumentary musculoskeletal respiratory gastrointestinal genitourinary and neurological system including sleep comfort and pain will be covered nursing actions related to health promotion and treatment of deviations endocrine cardiac and respiratory will be addressed applies to associate degree transfer credit csu the following curriculum is required for lvn 30 unit option students at moorpark college recommended high school graduation or successful completion of the general education development ged test this is required for nclex examination general studies units phso m01 human physiology 5.0 micr m01 general microbiology 5.0 ns m01l – 4.5 units beginning nursing science clinical laboratory i prerequisites admission to moorpark college adn program corequisite ns m01 class hours 14 lab nursing courses ns m03 intermediate nursing science ii 5.0 ns m03l intermediate nursing science clinical lab ii… 5.0 ns m04 advanced nursing science 5.0 ns m04l advanced nursing science lab 4.0 total 29.0 provides application of the nursing process to 1-2 selected adult and geriatric populations with nursing actions related to health promotion and deviations in endocrine cardiac and respiratory in the acute and extended care settings may be taken for a total of two 2 times for credit applies to associate degree transfer credit csu transfer for bachelor of science degree nursing bsn students are encouraged to •complete the moorpark college associate degree in nursing and apply for transfer to an accepting institution or •satisfy the transferable lower division science and general education requirements and apply to a bsn program the accepting institution determines transferable courses generally acceptable courses are anat m01 anth m02 biol m02a/2b chem m01a/1b m08 m09 m11 engl m01a m01ah micr m01 nts m01 phys m10a/10al m10b/10bl psy m01a/01b m07 soc m01 ns m02 – 5 units intermediate nursing science i prerequisites ns m01 and ns m01l corequisite ns m02l class hours 5 lecture focuses on orem’s self-care model and critical thinking in the application of the nursing process in selected adult geriatric and pediatric populations with nursing actions related to health promotion and deviations pregnancy complications fetal development labor and delivery postpartum and newborn periods pediatrics women’s health gastrointestinal fluid/electrolyte peripheral vascular musculoskeletal sensory connective tissue skin integrity and hematology diagnostic measures medical therapeutic modalities pharmacology and medication administration nutrition cultural and biopsycho-social-spiritual concepts with preventive supportive and rehabilitative nursing are incorporated also legal and ethical considerations growth and development as related to the client’s therapeutic self-care demands are addressed applies to associate degree transfer credit csu continuing education moorpark college has been approved by the board of registered nursing as a continuing education provider number cep 02811 the board of registered nursing recognizes academic courses for continuing education credit with one 1 academic semester unit equaling fifteen 15 continuing education hours the course content must be relevant to the practice of nursing and related to the scientific knowledge or technical skills required for the practice of nursing or be related to direct and/or indirect client moorpark college catalog 2010/11 223 course listing