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welcome to moorpark college vision statement history moorpark college provides high quality learning experiences for academic professional and personal growth moorpark college was established in 1963 by the governing board of the ventura county community college district soon after a 134-acre site on moorpark’s eastern city boundary was secured in a combination donation/purchase from the strathearns a local ranching family values statement in 1965 taxpayers passed an $8 million bond to build the first phase of the district’s second community college construction of the administration library science technology campus center gymnasium and maintenance buildings began in 1966 with the paint barely dry and remnants of construction rubble still evident moorpark college opened on september 11 1967 dr john collins the college’s first president greeted nearly 1,400 students and 50 new faculty members on that day as we implement our mission on campus within the district

academic policies and standards students transferring to the ventura county community college district from other regionally accredited colleges and universities are required to declare all previous college work failure to provide complete information may result in dismissal from the ventura county community colleges tated to reflect that credit was earned by examination students should be aware that other colleges may not accept credit by examination for transfer purposes the following courses may not be taken under the “credit by examination” option anth m05 hist m60t ns m49 phot m04 phot m09 radt m49 and all dance mathematics world languages and pe activity courses transfer credit from foreign colleges and universities students wishing to receive credit for previous course work from foreign colleges or universities must have their transcripts evaluated by an approved credential evaluation service students may receive information regarding the credential evaluation

students’ right to know procedures for disciplinary actions listed in order of severity or the student’s parent or guardian if the student is a minor or deposited in u.s mail to the student’s most recent address on file with the college the notice will include the following any times specified in these procedures may be shortened or lengthened if there is mutual written concurrence by all parties • warning – the csso or designee upon recommendation from an instructor or other district or college employee shall review the report of alleged misconduct if it is determined that there has been a violation of the student code of conduct or the education code the csso or designee will notify the student that the continuation and/or repetition of misconduct may result in more serious disciplinary action this notification may be delivered orally or in writing documentation of the misconduct and/or the notice given to the student shall be retained in the

planning your education transfer to the uc university of california the university of california system the campuses of the university of california uc provide exciting environments that foster world-class educational and research opportunities and generate a wide range of benefits and services that touch the lives of californians throughout the state the uc has established campuses throughout the state of california and enrolls more than 222,000 students all campuses have uniform entrance requirements and certain other features in common however each campus is distinctive and not all majors are offered on all campuses students should study the list of undergraduate colleges schools and majors available on each campus to determine which campuses will best satisfy their educational needs students are encouraged to discuss with their counselors the particular advantages each campus has to offer the university of california has 10 campuses • berkeley ucb • davis ucd •

biotechnology biotechnology biot m02c – 3 units manufacturing cell culture and microbial fermentation biot m02b manufacturing quality control and validation 2.0 or biol m12b manufacturing quality control and validation 2.0 total 17.0 prerequisites none class hours 1 lecture 6 lab biotechnology courses skills training in industrial biotechnology with emphasis on manufacturing pharmaceuticals introduces cell culture and microbial fermentation focuses on bacterial techniques microbial assessment mammalian cell culture bioreactor fermentation and media preparation compares small and large industrial scale cell culture same course as biol m12c applies to associate degree transfer credit csu biot m01a – 4 units introduction to biotechnology and molecular biology i prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture 3 lab biot m02d – 2 units bioprocessing recovery and purification examines the role of molecular biology in the manufacturing of commercial pharmaceutical and

computer network systems engineering computer network systems engineering cnse m43a – 3 units windows 2000 network infrastructure administration cnse m47 – 3 units ms windows network management prerequisites cnse m31 class hours 3 lecture 1 lab prerequisites cnse m31 class hours 3 lecture 1 lab prepares students to implement manage and maintain users computers groups access to resources software update services sus remote access and web servers disaster recovery name resolution and network security features also prepares students to plan implement and maintain server roles and server security features network infrastructure server availability security infrastructure active directory infrastructure and group policy adopts the most current windows server technology prepares students for microsoft exams applies to associate degree transfer credit csu prepares students to install manage monitor configure and troubleshoot domain name system dns dynamic host configuration

english english as a second language english as a second language engl m72 – 1 unit vocabulary level i the english as a second language program prepares students for transfer-level courses and improves language facility in social and job situations being multilingual is an asset in the local and global job market to explore specific career options check the software and online resources available in the career transfer center 805 378-1536 see course sequence chart on previous page prerequisites none class hours 1 lecture introduces principles and practices of vocabulary acquisition in order to improve reading speaking and writing prepares students for college-level and workplace vocabulary demands does not apply to associate degree dean inajane nicklas phone 805 378-1443 engl m73 – 1 unit vocabulary level ii full –time faculty prerequisites none recommended prep engl m72 class hours 1 lecture judith ramos counselors chuck brinkman extensive development of

health sciences hebrew hs m25 – 4 units basic pathophysiology developed topics include hs m80 – 1 to 4 units internship in health sciences prerequisites none recommended prep anat m01 and phso m01 class hours 4 lecture prerequisites completion of or concurrent enrollment in one course in the discipline class hours 3 to 33 work experience hours as arranged introduces fundamentals of pathophysiology focusing on physiologic changes and altered functions resulting from disease processes reviews principles from anatomy physiology and chemistry as foundation for study of basic disease process concepts body systems etiology and pathogenesis of various disorders explores diagnostic procedures preventative measures and current therapeutic regimes applies to associate degree transfer credit csu extends classroom activities to a supervised on the job learning experience directly connected to educational and/or occupational goals provides direct supervision of a health science

multicultural chicano studies multimedia chst m122 – 0.5 to 3 units independent studies chicano studies recommended options choose one of the following multimedia design option complete 12 specified units art m20 two-dimensional design 3.0 phot m10 beginning photography 3.0 six units from the following courses art m13 history of art modern through contemporary 3.0 gr m26 digital illustration 3.0 gr m27 electronic and digital photography 3.0 gr m31 design ii 3.0 gr m34 typography 2.0 or www design option complete 12 specified units art m20 two-dimensional design 3.0 art m30 drawing and composition i 3.0 prerequisites completion of one course in chicano studies and instructor approval class hours 1.5 to 9 lab allows independent study for students who wish to extend their knowledge of a particular area of chicano studies through research and study utilizes an approved independent project includes one-on-one work with instructor interested students should contact a chicano

psychology psychology psy m05 – 3 units social psychology psy m10 – 3 units dying and death prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture introduces social relationships emphasizing interpersonal attraction person perception long-term relationships prosocial behavior attitude formation and changes and the nature of prejudice aggression and conformity same course as soc m05 applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc explores issues and decisions concerned with dying and death over the life span including historical and cross-cultural perspectives death socialization medical ethics and the health care system legal issues and afterlife concerns applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc psy m06 – 3 units introduction to behavioral research methods psy m11 – 3 units psychology of communication prerequisites psy m01 class hours 3 lecture prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture introduces basic research

index health services 40 hebrew 193 high school admission 12 history courses 194 history of college 4 honors program 7 humanities 197 independent study 9 interior design 198 international intercultural studies 200 international students 11 intersegmental general education transfer curriculum igetc 88 internship program 9 internships see work experience italian 201 japanese 202 jewish studies see multicultural/gender studies journalism 202 kinesiology 205 language lab 36 latin 211 law enforcement see criminal justice learning center the tlc 35 learning skills 211 library 36 list of courses 93 lost and found 43 map inside cover marketing see business math center 35 mathematics 213 mathematics sequence of courses 214 matriculation 32 microbiology see biological sciences multicultural-chicano studies 219 multimedia 220 music 222 mynav 7 nondiscrimination statement 45 nursing science 227 nutritional science 233 online registration/records 11