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exotic animal training student learning outcomes degree in music associate in arts fall 2013 2014 catalog elementary italian 1 music theory english literature performing arts new testament educational activities page 211 catalog numbering system page 97 music and art courses physical education r 2013 p 2013 b 2013 m 2013 o 2013 p 2014 b 2014 m 2014 2013 catalog catalog 2013 1 catalog 2014 aes 2013 aes 2013 catalog m28 5 m28 x 1 m14 x 2 m14 x 4 m26 x 1 xiii m21 m21 x 1 m20 x 1 m20 x m20 mc 6 mc 2 mc mc 4 mc 3 mc 5 mc 7 mc 8 m13 m16 x 2 m16 x 3 m16 x 2 6 m16 x 1 d 6 id 6 designation

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addendum moorkpark college 2013-2014 catalog the following information is pertinent to changes additions and approval status of courses and programs that occurred post catalog publication page 69 course identification numbering system changes c-id designation mc courses phys 105 phys 205 phys m10a m10al phys m20a m20al additional c-id courses approved as of sept 24 2013 refer to www.c-id.net for possible additional approved courses c-id designation mc courses comm 160b comm m10a geol 110 geol m03 jour 131 jour m10b mus 160 mus m30a mus 160 mus m30b mus 160 mus m30c mus 160 mus m30d mus 160 mus m30e mus 160 mus m30f mus 160 mus m30g mus 180 mus m10 mus 180 mus m18 mus 180 mus m21 mus 180 mus m23 psy 130 psy m13 psy 150 psy m02 or m02h psy 170 psy/soc m05 psy 180 psy m07 psy 200 psy m06 span 210 span m04 page 1 of

pages 78-79 university of california transfer course agreement uc tca 2013-2014 additional courses recently approved for uc transfer art art m79b art history arth m10h biology biol m2ah dance danc m55b m55c m55d multimedia mm m40 theatre arts tha m8 m9b-d m10b-d m11b-d m14a-d tha m27b tha m28 page 97 courses designated as repeatable a statement following the course description noting the repeatability of a course will specify the number of times an active participatory course or courses can be repeated students shall be permitted to enroll in no more than four semesters in an active participatory course in physical education visual arts or performing arts that are “related in content” to other courses title 5 §55000i of the courses that are similar in content courses are related in content when the courses have “similar primary educational activities in which skill levels or variations are separated into distinct courses with different student learning outcomes

biological sciences page 113 bio m02a — general biology i changes prerequisites math m03 or 2 years of high school algebra or equivalent and chem m12 or high school chemistry all with a grade of c or better students cannot complete both biol m02a and biol m02ah courses because credit will only be awarded to the first course completed bio m02ah — honors general biology i changes prerequisites math m03 or 2 years of high school algebra or equivalent and chem m12 or high school chemistry all with a grade of c or better exotic animal training and management page 161 eatm m18 — animal health and safety changes class hours 2 lecture music page 200 the following associate for transfer degree was approved effective fall 2013 associate in arts in music for transfer degree the associate in arts in music for transfer aa-t program is designed to prepare students for csu transfer to complete a bachelor’s degree in music students completing this degree aa-t in music are

2 minimum grade point average gpa of at least 2.0 in all csu-transferable coursework while a minimum of 2.0 is required for admission some majors may require a higher gpa 3 completion of 23-24 specified major units all courses in the major must be completed with a grade of c or better title 5 § 55063 4 certified completion of the california state university general education csu ge or the intersegmental general education transfer curriculum igetc for csu pattern required core area 1 select and complete 3-4 units mus m01 music fundamentals or mus m02a music theory i and mus m02al musicianship i units 3 3 1 note in lieu of mus theory i m02a and musicianship i mus m02al student may substitute with mus m01 music fundamentals area 2 complete the following courses mus m02b music theory ii mus m02bl musicianship ii mus m02c music theory iii mus m02cl musicianship iii mus m02d music theory iv mus m02dl musicianship iv units 3 1 3 1 3 1 area 3 large ensemble select and complete 4 units a

philosophy page 211 the following associate for transfer degree was approved effective fall 2013 associate in arts in phylosophy for transfer degree the associate in arts in philosophy for transfer aa-t in philosophy is intended for students who plan to transfer and complete a bachelor’s degree in philosophy religious studies or a similar major at a csu campus students completing this degree aa-t are guaranteed admission to the csu system but not necessarily to a particular campus or major of choice students should consult with a counselor for more information on university admission and transfer requirements as this aa-t in philosophy degree may not be the best option for students intending to transfer to a particular csu campus or to a college or university that is not part of the csu system to earn an associate in arts degree with a major in philosophy students must complete the following 1 60 semester or 90 quarter csu transferable units 2 minimum grade point average gpa

phil m13 phil m14 the classical mind the modern mind list b select and complete 2 courses 6 units units hist m01a western civilization i hist m01b western civilization ii any course from list a not already used 3 3 3 3 list c select and complete 1 course 3 5 units any course from list a or b not already used any course articulated as lower division preparation in the philosophy major at a csu any course articulated as csu ge area c2 or igetc area 3b units comm m26 rhetoric of popular culture 3 engl m01b literature critical thinking and composition 3 engl m01bh honors literature critical thinking and composition 3 engl m10a creative writing 3 engl m10b advanced creative writing 3 engl m13a major american writers i 3 engl m13b major american writers ii 3 engl m14 introduction to poetry 3 engl m15a survey of english literature i 3 engl m15b survey of english literature ii 3 engl m16 introduction to fiction 3 engl m17 shakespeare 3 engl m20 study of drama 3 engl m29a the bible as

span m01 span m02 span m03 span m04 total units elementary spanish i elementary spanish ii intermediate spanish i intermediate spanish ii 5 5 5 5 18 20 physics page 218 phys m20bl — thermodynamics electricity and magnetism laboratory changes prerequisites phys m02a and phys m20al and math m25b and phys m20b or concurrent enrollment page 7 of