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important campus phone numbers main campus number 805 378-1400 accessibility coordinator center educational support services access 378-1461 america’s teaching zoo 378-1441 athletic events 378-1457 bookstore 378-1436 career transfer center 378-1536 child development center 378-1401 counseling 378-1428 eops 378-1464 facilities maintenance operations 378-1454 facility rentals 378-1400 x1856 financial aid 378-1462 help desk it 378-1400 x1735 international students 378-1414 library 378-1450 performing arts box office 378-1485 police campus 378-1455 registration records 378-1429 scholarships 378-1418 student activities 378-1434 student business office 378-1437 student employment 378-1536 student health center 378-1413 administrative offices president 378-1407 executive vice president of student learning 378-1403 vice president of business services 378-1412 student learning divisions/departments call 805-378-xxxx and enter the

calworks • transfer preparation workshops calworks is a government-funded program which provides support for college students receiving tanf public assistance who are studying for a vocational certificate or a degree in a variety of high demand occupational fields it stands for “california work opportunity and responsibility to kids.” • scheduling and coordination of all four-year university representatives and employer visits • assistance with job application resume and interview procedures for current jobs as well as future jobs • assistance with university admissions and the transfer process increase skills by completing an educational program that enables them to be successful in welfare-to-work program • coordination of guaranteed transfer agreements with participating universities some of the services the calworks program provides are • career and transfer reference materials including catalogs books videos and dvds • events

moorpark college general education philosophy statement an associate degree signifies more than an accumulation of units it signifies the successful completion of a pattern of learning experiences designed to develop certain capabilities and insights that lead to the fulfillment of individual human potential therefore in addition to the basic requirements for graduation relating to units residency and competency in reading written expression and mathematics students must also satisfy general education requirements as required by title 5 of the california code of regulations and by ventura county community college district governing board policy the philosophy underlying “general education” is that no discipline is an isolated endeavor instead each relies upon and contributes to a common body of knowledge ideas intellectual processes cultural traditions and modes of perception one’s understanding of a specific subject area is greatly enhanced and enriched by

credit by examination ap 4235 credit by examination –adopted dec 2010 last revised april 2012 granting unit credit for a course by examination is based on the principle that previous experience training or instruction is the equivalent of a specific course taught by the college courses eligible for credit by examination • all courses shall be open to credit by examination exceptthe following anth m05 ns m49 phot m09 m30 radt m49 and all dance mathematics languages of the world and pe kin activity courses • academic divisions of the district colleges determine the courses for which credit by examination may be granted the office of student learning maintains a current list of courses excluded from credit by examination to receive credit for ap ib and clep examinations • the evaluation of credit for ap ib and clep examination scores is done by a college counselor • counselors may require additional documentation or information as necessary to determine

biol m80 – internship in biology 1 to 4 units prerequisites completion of or concurrent enrollment in one course in the discipline class hours 3 to 33 work experience hours as arranged provides on-the-job learning to enhance coursework under the direct supervision of faculty and industry supervisors both supervisors provide feedback and written evaluations some meetings and workshops may be required as part of the course to take this course contact the career transfer center 805 378-1536 may be taken for a total of four 4 times for credit same course as wexp m20 applies to associate degree transfer credit csu biol m122 – independent study biology 0.5 to 3 units prerequisites a previous course in biology and instructor approval class hours 1.5 to 9 lab hours as arranged allows independent study for students who wish to extend their knowledge of a particular area of biology through research and study utilizes an approved independent project includes one-on-one work with

cj m04 – legal aspects of evidence 3 units introduces the origin development philosophy and constitutional basis of evidence including constitutional and procedural considerations affecting arrest search and seizure kinds and degrees of evidence and rules governing admissibility and judicial decisions interpreting individual rights applies to associate degree transfer credit csu 3 units introduces the role and responsibilities of each segment within the criminal justice system law enforcement courts and corrections reviews each subsystem’s procedures from initial entry to final disposition as well as the relationship each segment maintains with its system members applies to associate degree transfer credit csu 3 units emphasizes the practical aspects of gathering organizing and preparing written reports for criminal justice activities on local state and federal levels introduces techniques of communicating facts information and ideas effectively in a simple clear and

associate in science in geology degree to earn an associate in science degree with a major in geology students complete 46 specified units plus general education degree requirements these major requirements optimize preparation for upper division course work for advanced degrees in geology offered by four-year institutions since the course work in geology is sequential students may spend less time earning an associate and/or bachelor’s degree by deferring some of the university general education requirements until their junior and senior years and by giving priority to the requirements for a major in geology in addition earning this degree suggests an achievement of technical skills that may be helpful in seeking immediate employment in addition to general education degree requirements complete the following required courses units chem m01a general chemistry i 5.0 general chemistry ii 5.0 chem m01b physical geology 3.0 geol m02 geol m02l physical geology lab 1.0 ear th history

chst m122 – independent study chicano studies microbiology see courses in biological sciences multicultural program purpose students who complete chicano studies courses will examine chicano ethnic experiences in america from historical social cultural and political perspectives and will better understand the rich heritage of the american southwest this curriculum examines chicano ethnic experiences in america from historical social cultural and political perspectives chicano studies enables students to better understand the rich heritage of the american southwest as well as provide a baseline for further study of other ethnic groups dean amanuel gebru phone 805 378-1445 faculty counselors pamela kennedy-luna transfer information students planning to transfer need to consult with a counselor prepare a student education plan and take advantage of support services available in the career transfer center located in fountain hall 805 378-1536 transfer students interested in

nuclear medicine certificate of achievement more than 18 units nuclear medicine is a sub-specialization of the radiologic technology program designed to train technologists to operate cameras that detect and map the radioactive isotopes in a patient’s body to create diagnostic images the nuclear medicine course pathways lead to a certificate of achievement and fulfill the qualifications to sit for boards in nuclear medicine a cohort of students will be admitted once every other year this program will be three semesters long post radiologic technology graduation and licensure admission to the program is dependent upon cpr certification and clearance of health appraisal background check and drug screen required courses radt m30 nuclear medicine practice i radt m32 principles of nuclear medicine i radt m34a nuclear medicine clinical lab ia radt m34b nuclear medicine clinical lab ib radt m40 nuclear medicine practice ii radt m42 principles of nuclear medicine ii radt m44a nuclear

2 the right to request the amendment of the student’s education records that the student believes is inaccurate any student may file a written request with the president of the college or the designee to remove student records which the student alleges to be 1 inaccurate 2 an unsubstantiated conclusion or inference 3 a conclusion or inference outside the observers’ areas of competence 4 not based on personal observations of the named person with the time and place of the observation noted allegations which are sustained shall be expunged and the record removed and destroyed students filing a written request shall be provided a hearing and receive in writing a decision either sustaining or denying the allegations allegations which have been denied by the college may be further appealed to the chancellor of the ventura county community college district and his or her designee allegations which have been denied by the chancellor may be further appealed to the governing

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