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messages from the presidents welcome to moorpark college moorpark is your college your education here is yours for a lifetime and no one can take it from you moorpark college is ranked by the aspen institute as one of the top 150 community colleges in america from more than 1,000 colleges considered we offer you opportunity and pathways to success in associate degree transfer adt programs and in career technical cte programs moorpark is one of the leading transfer colleges to the california state university system to the university of california and to independent colleges you will gain friendships in your community of interest and make progress in your community of practice you will have the opportunity for a wonderful education from exceptional teachers i think of learning as a “tree” and education as its “fruit.” i look forward to chatting with you as we see each other on campus… on raider walk in your classes and at athletic club performing arts and

student instructional support services student and instructional support services provide holistic development throughout the college experience in intellectual social emotional and physical domains accessibility coordination center educational support services access moorpark college provides support services for all eligible students with disability-related needs students with learning disabilities attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder psychological disabilities vision health hearing speech acquired brain injury or other documented disabilities can find the services they require through access by registering with access students are assured of accessibility to the moorpark college curriculum and facilities students will • become knowledgeable about the purpose of access the accommodations and services available and how to obtain these services • have equal access to academic and extra-curricular activities • increase self-knowledge to promote greater

upon successful completion of the social and behavioral sciences general education requirement students will demonstrate an understanding of perspectives theories methods and core concepts within the social sciences or behavioral sciences major problems and issues in their historical contemporary geographical contexts or future implications the contributions and perspectives of diversity among individuals and/or cultures arts and humanities courses in the humanities are those which study the cultural activities and artistic expressions of human beings to satisfy the general education requirement in the humanities a course shall be designed to help the student develop an awareness of the ways in which people throughout the ages and in different cultures have responded to themselves and the world around them in artistic and cultural creation and help the student develop aesthetic understanding and an ability to make value judgments such courses could include introductory or

advanced placement ap chart continued from previous page advanced placement ap exam mc course equivalent mc ge area mc ge units earned total mc units earned includes ge units american institutions and/or csu ge breadth area csu ge units earned toward csu-ge certification sem csu min semester credit earned toward transfer igetc area igetc units earned toward igetc cert qtr sem uc units earned toward transfer qtr/sem us history hist m07a m07b b1 or c2 3 6 c2 or d6 us 1 3 6 3b or 4f us-1 4/3 8/5.3 world history hist m20a m20b b2 or c2 3 6 c2 or d6 3 6 3b or 4f 4/3 8/5.3 italian language culture ital m01 m02 c2 3 6 c2 3 6 3b and 6a 4/3 8/5.3 japanese language culture japn m01 m02 c2 3 6 c2 3 6 3b and 6a 4/3 8/5.3 lat m01 c2 3 3 c2 3 6 3b and 6a 4/3 4/2.7 c2 3 3 c2 3 3 3b and 6a 4/3 4/2.7 latin literature prior f 09 latin vergil max 4 quarter units for both exams latin exam limitations music theory prior f 09 mus m02a m02al c1 3 6 c1 3 6 physics 1 b1 b3 b1 b3 4 4 physics 2 b1 b3 b1

acct m110 – financial accounting business administration certificate of achievement to earn a certificate of achievement in business administration students complete 19 specified units that provide an introduction to the primary disciplines within business as preparation for entering or advancing in the workforce required courses acct m110 bus m30 bus m31 bus m33 bus m37 units from list of units financial accounting introduction to business introduction to management business law marketing electives total 4.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 19.0 electives select and complete 1 course 3 units from the following acct m120 managerial accounting 3.0 small business management 3.0 bus m32 adver tising 3.0 bus m38 business communication 3.0 bus m39 econ m01 principles of microeconomics 3.0 econ m02/m02h principles of macroeconomics/honors 3.0 program student learning outcomes students completing the certificate of achievement in business administration will be able to • have an

danc m20c – movement improvisation iii 2 units prerequisites danc m20b and danc m12a or danc m12b or instructor approval through audition/demonstration recommended prep danc m12c or danc m12d class hours 1 lecture 3 lab furthers the development of improvisational movement techniques focusing on performing with a partner or group in a contact improvisation setting explores the use of the body space shape effort and time as it relates to creating improvisational performances using weight sharing and support between two or more people applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc danc m30a – ballroom i 1.5 units prerequisites none class hours 1 lecture 2 lab introduces history music and fundamental practices of ballroom dancing includes basic steps variations and styling techniques for the fox-trot swing waltz cha-cha tango rumba samba mambo polka and selected novelty dances danc m30a and/or danc m30b either individually or in combination may be taken for a total of

gr m33 – advertising design 3 units prerequisites none class hours 2 lecture 3 lab hed m01 – health and society examines the impor tance of research creating and application of advertising design in the development of advertising campaigns explores creative problem solving audience product and client positioning marketing and creative strategies as applied to advertising emphasizes creative team interaction brainstorming techniques and the performance of detailed research applies to associate degree transfer credit csu gr m34 – typography 3 units prerequisites none class hours 2 lecture 3 lab introduces the fundamentals of typography letterforms typographic terminology and methods explores type families grid construction visual hierarchies and organizations employs the type as a visual form and visible language from the hand lettering to the computer screen applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc gr m80 – internship in design health education

mus m10 – concert choir 1 unit mus m21 – wind ensemble 1 unit prerequisites audition class hours 3 lab c-id mus 180 prerequisites ability to perform on a standard band instrument class hours 3 lab c-id mus 180 studies rehearses and performs choral literature from the renaissance to the modern day emphasizes the development of vocal production and tone quality balance and blend and musical precision and accuracy may be taken a total of four 4 times for credit applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc provide a setting for wind and percussion instrumentalists who aspire to focus on standard wind ensemble and symphonic band repertoire rehearses and performs in public concerts may be taken four 4 times for credit applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc mus m12 – vocal ensemble prerequisites by audition on a standard orchestra instrument class hours 3 lab c-id mus 180 2 units prerequisites audition recommended prep mus m10 class hours 1 lecture 3

soc m04 – intimacy relationship and commitment 3 units prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture c-id soci 130 explores sociological and social psychological aspects of intimacies relationships and commitments in partnerships marriages and families includes examination of historical and recent changes present nature and the socio-cultural and economic forces shaping these changes provider approved by the california board of registered nursing provider number cep2811 for 45 contact hours same course as psy m20 applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc soc m05 – social psychology 3 units prerequisites none recommended prep engl m02 class hours 3 lecture c-id psy 170 soc m08 – introduction to race and ethnicity 3 units prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture c-id soci 150 examines the cultural political and economic practices and institutions that suppor t or challenge racism and racial and ethnic inequalities studies patterns of interactions between

matter to be decided who is a necessary witness who is a relative of any party or witness or who could not otherwise act in a neutral manner shall serve on the grievance hearing committee upon notification of the grievance hearing committee composition the respondent and grievant shall each be allowed one peremptory challenge the college president or designee shall substitute the challenged member or members from the panel pool to achieve the appropriate grievance hearing committee composition in the event that the pool names are exhausted in any one category further designees shall be submitted by the college president for administrators the president of the academic senate for faculty or the associated student president for students the grievance officer shall sit with the grievance hearing committee but shall not serve as a member or vote the grievance officer shall coordinate all scheduling of hearings and shall serve to assist all parties and the grievance hearing committee to