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messages from the presidents welcome to moorpark college welcome we opened in 1967 and we are very proud of our beautiful campus our stellar faculty and staff and our excellent programs whether you are a current or prospective student or simply visiting our campus to attend one of our many cultural or intellectual events i trust that you will be welcomed warmly and helpfully by all of our employees the faculty looks forward to working with you on your educational journey we are very proud of our excellent academic programs our student support and fabulous career and technical programs including our nursing eatm exotic animal training management and biotechnology programs we encourage you to get involved not only in your class work but the college as a whole join a club athletics student government or the national award winning forensic team moorpark college is a member of the ventura county community college district and is recognized as one of our nation¶s ¿nest community

student instructional support services student and instructional support services provide holistic development throughout the college experience in intellectual social emotional and physical domains accessibility coordination center educational support services access moorpark college provides support services for all eligible students with disability-related needs students with learning disabilities attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder psychological disabilities vision health hearing speech acquired brain injury or other documented disabilities can find the services they require through access by registering with access students are assured of accessibility to the moorpark college curriculum and facilities students will • become knowledgeable about the purpose of access the accommodations and services available and how to obtain these services • have equal access to academic and extra-curricular activities • increase self-knowledge to promote greater

moorpark college general education philosophy statement an associate degree signifies more than an accumulation of units it signifies the successful completion of a pattern of learning experiences designed to develop certain capabilities and insights that lead to the fulfillment of individual human potential therefore in addition to the basic requirements for graduation relating to units residency and competency in reading written expression and mathematics students must also satisfy general education requirements as required by title 5 of the california code of regulations and by ventura county community college district governing board policy the philosophy underlying “general education” is that no discipline is an isolated endeavor instead each relies upon and contributes to a common body of knowledge ideas intellectual processes cultural traditions and modes of perception one’s understanding of a specific subject area is greatly enhanced and enriched by

advanced placement ap credit for moorpark college csu ge and igetc mc course equivalency approved by mc curriculum committee on january 10 2012 advanced placement ap exam mc course equivalent mc ge area mc ge units earned total mc units earned includes ge units american institutions and/or csu gebreadth area csu ge units earned toward csu gecertification sem csu min sem credit earned toward transfer igetc area igetc units earned toward cert qtr/sem uc units earned toward transfer qtr/sem art history art m11 c1 or c2 3 6 c1 or c2 3 6 3a or 3b 4/3 8/5.3 studio art drawing art m30 c1 3 3 n/a 0 3 n/a n/a 8/5.3 studio art 2d art m20 c1 3 3 n/a 0 3 n/a n/a 8/5.3 studio art 3d art m70 c1 3 3 n/a 0 3 n/a n/a 8/5.3 studio art exam limitation biology max 6 units for all 3 exams max 8 quarter units for all 3 studio arts exams biol m01 a1 4 4 b2+b3 4 6 5b and 5c 5/4 8/5.3 calculus ab 3 calculus ab 4 5 math m07 math m25a d2 5 5 b4 3 3 2a 4/3 4/2.7 calculus bc 3 calculus bc 4 5 math m25a math m25b

associate in science in business administration degree business administration certificate of achievement study in business leads to a wide range of opportunities in a variety of industries such as banking health care/biotechnology law entertainment defense computer/electronics and education as well as in government agencies and not-for-profit organizations students completing the associate in science as in business administration degree program will expand their knowledge of the fundamentals of business/organizational operations as preparation for entering or advancing in positions within these same industries and organizations this degree program may also be appropriate for those planning to transfer into a business program at a college or university outside the csu system to earn a certificate of achievement in business administration students must complete 18 specified units that provide an introduction to the primary disciplines within business as preparation for entering or

economics program purpose students who complete economics courses will apply essential domestic and global economic principles by analyzing the individual economic behavior of consumers producers and at the highest level individual industries students will analyze the major debates on taxes and government spending and recognize the implications of economic behavior in business cycles explaining the interaction of money banking and the federal reserve on the economy the major in economics leads to careers in business or government and offers repeated valuable preparation for various professions including economics finance business law and government the study of economics provides the opportunity to build a solid foundation for graduate study in many subjects in this deep and broad discipline our moorpark college economics faculty members focus on two essential objectives in teaching first to educate students in basic economic principles so that they can effectively understand public

hed m07 – personal health 3 units prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture introduces components and skills of health and wellness reviewing positive behavioral changes and their effect on life emphasizes selfresponsibility based on self-analysis and assessment applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc hed m01 m02 and m07 combined maximum credit one course hed m80 – internship in health education 1 to 4 units prerequisites completion of or concurrent enrollment in one course in the discipline and instructor approval class hours hours as arranged provides on-the-job learning to develop effective work habits attitudes and career awareness in paid or unpaid internships that are related to the discipline involves the development and documentation of learning objectives and the completion of an internship paper presentation or project includes both workplace supervisor and faculty adviser feedback and/or written evaluations to take this course contact the career

mus m122 – independent study music 0.5 to 3 units prerequisites a previous course in music and instructor approval class hours 1.5 to 9 lab hours as arranged allows independent study for students who wish to extend their knowledge of a particular area of music through research and study utilizes an approved independent project includes one-on-one work with instructor interested students should contact a music instructor for assistance in developing a contract for learning about a specific topic formerly mus m22a/b applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc determined after admission nuclear medicine see courses in radiologic technology nursing science program purpose students who complete the nursing science program will acquire the knowledge skills and attitudes essential to the function of registered nurses in common and emerging healthcare settings the nationally accredited associate degree in nursing adn is intended to develop the necessary knowledge skills and

theatre arts acting certificate of achievement theatre arts directing certificate of achievement more than 18 units more than 18 units this certificate will better prepare students seeking an acting career this certificate will better prepare students seeking a career in directing for the stage a certificate of achievement in theatre arts acting will better prepare a student secure a job in the professional theatre industry after successfully completing this certificate a student could be hired as a stage manager actor playwright crew member in the film and/or television industry production assistant casting assistant or general theatre technician to earn a certificate of achievement in theatre arts acting students must complete 18 specified units required courses units select and complete the following three 3 courses 9 units tha m01 introduction to the theatre 3.0 or tha m04 history of the theatre 3.0 tha m02a acting i 3.0 tha m10a theatre production performance i 3.0 units from

before the hearing commences the members of the grievance hearing committee shall be provided with a copy of the grievance the written response provided by the respondent and all applicable policies and administrative procedures the grievance hearing committee may request other documents as needed a time limit on the amount of time provided for each party to present its case or any rebuttal may be set by the grievance hearing committee formal rules of evidence shall not apply all witnesses shall be bound by the student code of conduct and professional codes of ethics to present truthful evidence any witnesses not so bound will testify under oath subject to the penalty of perjury any relevant evidence may be admitted at the discretion of the grievance hearing committee chair in consultation with the college grievance officer and grievance hearing committee hearsay evidence and written statements will be admissible but will be insufficient alone to establish the allegations the

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