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student learning divisions/departments continued life sciences department chair norman marten 553-4719 assistant department chair andrew kinkella 553-4714 • anatomy anatomy/physiology • anthropology • biology • biotechnology • botany • microbiology • physiology • zoology exotic animal training management department chair cynthia stringfield 378-1543 • animal science • exotic animal management america s teaching zoo supervisor michlyn hines 378-1441 dean jennifer kalfsbeek-goetz business science and child development aa-101 805 553-4121 business/cis/cnse department chair navreet sumal 553-4192 • accounting • business • computer information systems cis • computer network systems engineering cnse chemistry/earth sciences department chair robert keil 553-4647 • chemistry • environmental science • geographic information systems/geography • geology child development/education department chair daniel vieira 553-4196 • child development • education child development center supervisor bonnie baruch 378-1549 distance education dean inajane nicklas languages learning resources llr-314 805 378-1443 english/esl/humanities department chair sydney sims 553-4730 • english english as a second language esl • humanities languages of the world department chair helga winkler 553-4788 • chinese french german italian japanese spanish learning communities elizabeth gillis-smith 553-4731 library department chair helga winkler 378-1506 teaching and learning center tlc 378-1443 evening/weekend activities attendant paul mattson 378-1406 writing center tracy tennenhouse 378-4737 and elizabeth gillis-smith 553-4731 dean lisa putnam athletics arts institutional effectiveness a-136 805 378-1448 athletics/hed/kinesiology department chair remy mccarthy 378-1482 • health education • intercollegiate athletics • kinesiology visual applied arts department chair lydia etman 553-4056 • art • graphics • journalism • multimedia • photography/commercial photography student voice joanna miller 553-4844 institutional effectiveness/research dean julius sokenu mathematics physical sciences ac-232 805 378-1572 mathematics department chair christine cole 553-4876 • mathematics physics/astronomy/engineering/computer science department chair ronald wallingford 553-4166 assistant departmeht chair scarlet relle 553-4162 • astronomy • computer science • engineering • physical science • physics high school moorpark college principal/counselor ruby delery 378-1595 math center david mayorga 378-1556 accreditation moorpark college is accredited by the accrediting commission for community and junior colleges of the western association of schools and colleges 10 commercial boulevard suite 204 novato ca 94949 415 506-0234 an institutional accrediting body recognized by the council for higher education accreditation and the u.s department of education moorpark college has made every reasonable effort to ensure that the information provided in this general catalog is accurate and current however this document should not be considered an irrevocable contract between the student and moorpark college the content is subject to change the college reserves the right to make additions revisions or deletions as may be necessary due to changes in governmental regulations district policy or college policy procedures or curriculum the college will make every reasonable effort to inform students of significant changes that occur after publication of this document information regarding significant changes will be posted and available on the moorpark college website at http www.moorparkcollege.edu apply_and_enroll/college_catalog/index.shtml the college catalog is available in alternate formats upon request call 805 378-1461 moorpark college college information 2015-2016 5