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important campus phone numbers main campus number 805 378-1400 accessibility coordinator center educational support services access 378-1461 admissions records 378-1429 america’s teaching zoo 378-1441 associated students 553-4831 athletic office 378-1457 bookstore 378-1436 career transfer center 378-1536 child development center 378-1401 counseling 378-1428 eops 378-1464 facilities maintenance operations 378-1454 facility rentals 553-4606 financial aid 378-1462 help desk it 553-4660 international students 378-1414 library 378-1450 performing arts box office 378-1485 police campus 378-1455 scholarships 378-1418 student activities 553-4976 student business office 378-1437 student employment 378-1536 student health center 378-1413 administrative offices president 378-1407 executive vice president of student learning 378-1403 vice president of business services 378-1412 student learning divisions/departments dean vacant dean lisa

the chart below serves to illustrate the various configurations and weekly schedules that a student depending on the unit load may be required to follow in order to succeed with their course of study vcccd based on carnegie unit model total weekly number of hours based on number of lecture units being pursued by a student academic units for in-class lecture time 1 unit two-to-one ratio of hours for outside class study time i.e reading time homework total number of weekly hours that a calworks student will be actively dedicated to educational program 2 3 2 units 4 6 3 units 6 9 4 units 8 12 career transfer center the moorpark college career transfer center offers life planning assistance to all students whether one is updating job skills pursuing a certificate or associates degree or planning to transfer to a fouryear college this one-stop center is a valuable resource to students at each stage of education and career development and can assist students to make a smooth and successful

social and behavioral sciences courses in the social and behavioral sciences are those which focus on people as members of society to satisfy the general education requirement in social and behavioral sciences a course shall be designed to develop an awareness of the method of inquiry used by the social and behavioral sciences it shall be designed to stimulate critical thinking about the ways people act and have acted in response to their societies and an appreciation of how societies and social subgroups operate this category would include introductory or integrative survey courses in cultural anthropology cultural geography economics history political science psychology sociology or related disciplines upon successful completion of the social and behavioral sciences general education requirement students will demonstrate an understanding of • perspectives theories methods and core concepts within the social sciences or behavioral sciences • major problems and issues in

advanced placement ap credit for moorpark college csu ge and igetc continued advanced placement ap exam mc course equivalent mc ge area mc ge units earned total mc units earned includes ge units american institutions and/or csu gebreadth area csu ge units earned toward csu gecertification sem csu min sem credit earned toward transfer igetc area igetc units earned toward cert qtr/sem uc units earned toward transfer qtr/sem german language prior to f 09 germ m01 germ m02 c2 3 6 c2 6 6 3b and 6a 4/3 8/5.3 german language f 09 to f 11 germ m01 germ m02 c2 3 6 c2 3 6 3b and 6a 4/3 8/5.3 german language culture f 09 or after germ m01 germ m02 c2 3 6 c2 3 6 3b and 6a 4/3 8/5.3 human geography geog m02 b2 3 3 d 3 3 4 4/3 4/2.7 italian language culture ital m01 ital m02 c2 3 6 c2 3 6 3b and 6a 4/3 8/5.3 japanese language culture japn m01 japn m02 c2 3 6 c2 3 6 3b and 6a 4/3 8/5.3 latin lat m01 c2 3 3 c2 3 6 3b and 6a 4/3 8/5.3 latin literature prior to f 09 lat m01 c2 3 3 c2 3 6 3b and 6a

biot m10 – introduction to biotechnology and molecular biology 4 units prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture 3 lab c-id biot 150bx examines the role of molecular biology in the manufacturing of commercial pharmaceutical and agricultural products introduces students to basic biotechnology laboratory skills including documentation safety and solution and buffer preparation develops student proficiency in aseptic techniques spectrophotometry molecular biology techniques and electrophoresis formerly biot m01a same course as biol m13 applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc biot m50a – bridge to biotechnology 0.5 unit prerequisites none class hours 1.5 lab develops practical hands-on experience with laboratory techniques used in the field of biotechnology applies specific techniques that vary depending on the current state of technology provides a bridge for entry-level and high school students who are interested in exploring the field of biotechnology same

danc m55d – dance rehearsal and performance iv design 2 units prerequisites danc m55c recommended prep recommended concurrent enrollment in a dance technique class class hours 6 lab see courses in art and graphics covers the specific demands of performing a leadership role within a dance performance and ensemble focuses on leadership responsibilities including leading warm up acting as a choreographer or assistant choreographer directing small practices sessions and assisting in the coaching of newer performers focuses on learning repertory choreographed by students faculty and guest artists through rehearsal and performance explores various styles and genres of artistic dance culminates in a performance of the works learned in a formal concert environment moorpark college faculty has defined dance rehearsal as a family of courses which includes danc m55a m55b m55c and m55d a student may take a maximum of four 4 courses from a family applies to associate degree transfer credit

graphic design program purpose students who complete graphic design courses will apply design principles concepts and technologies to create innovative messaging and visual solutions as well as explore the history criticism and business of communication design the graphic design program prepares students for freelance careers and/or entry-level positions in the graphic design market as well as for transfer to four-year colleges and universities the program emphasizes the basic skills knowledge and abilities needed to implement creative technical and esthetic solutions into print and publication design web and interface design branding identity and type design dean jennifer kalfsbeek-goetz 805 553-4121 faculty elective courses units select and complete two courses 6 units art m30 drawing and composition i 3.0 beginning life drawing i 3.0 art m32 beginning illustration 3.0 art m40 film m10 introduction to cinema 3.0 publishing and prepress 3.0 gr m24 gr m25 publications design 3.0

mus m13a – fundamentals of vocal technique i 2 units mus m25a – class piano beginning i 2 units prerequisites none class hours 1 lecture 3 lab prerequisites none class hours 1 lecture 3 lab develops singing ability including correct posture breathing techniques voice placement and resonance vowel production diction range extension and performance includes familiar traditional art songs and selections from musical theater designed for both majors and non-majors applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc provides piano instruction for students with little or no prior piano experience includes the fundamentals of piano playing music reading technique improvisation scales chords and simple piano literature applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc mus m13b – fundamentals of vocal technique ii prerequisites mus m25a class hours 1 lecture 3 lab 2 units prerequisites mus m13a class hours 1 lecture 3 lab mus m25b – class piano beginning ii 2

soc m80 – internship in sociology 1 to 4 units prerequisites completion of or concurrent enrollment in one course in the discipline and instructor approval class hours hours as arranged provides on-the-job learning to develop effective work habits attitudes and career awareness in paid or unpaid internships that are related to the discipline involves the development and documentation of learning objectives and the completion of an internship paper presentation or project includes both workplace supervisor and faculty adviser feedback and/or written evaluations to take this course contact the career transfer center requires orientation session students receive one unit of credit for each 60 hours unpaid or 75 hours paid work may enroll in up to 4 units a semester with a maximum of 16 total units of any type of work experience applies to associate degree transfer credit csu soc m122 – independent study sociology theatre arts program purpose students who complete academic

grievance hearing committee chair – the college president or designee shall appoint one member of the grievance hearing committee to serve as the chair the decision of the grievance hearing committee chair shall be final on all matters relating to the conduct of the hearing unless there is a vote by both other members of the grievance hearing committee to the contrary time limits – any times specified in these procedures may be shortened or lengthened if there is mutual concurrence by all parties in writing hearing process – within 10 days following receipt of the formal written statement of the grievance and request for hearing the college president or designee shall appoint a grievance hearing committee as described above the names of the grievance hearing committee shall be forwarded to the grievant and the respondent they will each have 5 days to exercise the right to a preemptory challenge of a single committee member after 5 days the right to challenge the