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college mission values and vision college mission statement college vision college values statement specifically our actions and decisions are based on the following beliefs with a students first philosophy moorpark college empowers its diverse community of learners to complete their goals for academic transfer basic skills and career technical education moorpark college integrates instruction and student services collaborates with industry and educational partners and promotes a global perspective we value a learning environment that embraces innovative thinking a culture of creativity and excellence through • community embrace a shared commitment to the development of relationships among internal and external constituents to foster a culture of student success • integrity commit to transparency civility collegiality and collaboration in all relationships • equity recognize and respect individuals and perspectives through equitable access and participation in the campus community • dialogue foster open and productive communication between all campus and community constituents in evidence-based decision-making at moorpark college we encourage quality and believe our strengths have been and will continue to be people–their flexibility their responsiveness and their willingness to meet the needs of our students and community we believe that building on these strengths provides an educational experience appropriate to the students needs and within the college s mission • we will provide the best services programs and opportunities for students • we encourage creativity and innovation and we will try new ideas and new things • all students attending moorpark college will receive the support they need to meet their individual educational goals • students who wish to transfer to four-year institutions will receive up-to-date and accurate information to facilitate transfer • we will increase our responsiveness to business and industry in changing economic climates • we are an integral part of the community • access create an environment in which the institution responds to the evolving needs of all while using its constituents and technology to enhance human development and connection to best implement our actions and decisions our internal working environment is based on the following beliefs • responsibility live a commitment to the well-being of self others and promoting a culture of service • we will strive to build greater trust understanding and cooperation between the other segments of the ventura county community college district and moorpark college • citizenship promote purposeful and proactive involvement in a local and global society moorpark college college information 2017-2018 • shared governance is an accepted part of our decision-making process • we will provide all staff with support for professional development 9