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institutional student learning outcomes and core competencies institutional student learning outcomes through their experience at moorpark college students will have expanded their awareness • be aware of the diversity of human experience the role of the natural environment and the relationship between the two critical thinking • gather evaluate analyze and synthesize information communication skills • attend to and clearly express ideas in written spoken numerical and artistic forms ability to create • act purposefully in combining awareness critical thinking and communication skills with personal responsibility in order to originate innovate or build upon ideas moorpark college core competencies language and information literacy students will • engage in academic inquiry e.g research thesis learning needs and apply successful learning strategies • utilize critical thinking skills through reading writing and oral/productive communication • access evaluate and incorporate information effectively • analyze cultural and artistic productions and respond to them with informed appreciation • communicate effectively using all modalities of language quantitative literacy students will • utilize analytical skills and logical deductive reasoning • critically think and communicate in both a natural and formal language literacy in the sciences students will • describe or apply the process of scientific inquiry • apply scientific reasoning and analysis to solve discipline specific problems multicultural literacy and civic engagement students will • develop awareness and understanding of the historical and present context of how various identities impact the individual and social system at large • develop knowledge of the interaction between beliefs experiences and perceptions • analyze cross-cultural patterns and styles of communication that help us support and understand our global society • identify and discuss differences and conflicts to promote multi-cultural literacy and civic engagement • develop strategies to influence attitudes and public policy • critically analyze the political psychological social economic and intellectual patterns of behavior literacy in the arts students will • explore a variety of mediums and develop an appreciation of artistic human expression through critical analysis creativity and/or the application of learned skills • apply scientific thinking by critically evaluating real world problems scenarios • utilize scientific terminology in communicating results and evidence gathered through scientific literature observations and experimentation 10 moorpark college college information 2017-2018