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pre-allied health certificate of achievement anat m122 – independent study anatomy to earn a pre-allied health cer tificate of achievement students must complete 21 specified units this program prepares the student for entry into many health professional programs these courses provide some of the prerequisites for advanced training in the medical field for occupations such as nursing dental hygiene physical therapy occupational therapy medical laboratory technicians and radiological sciences to earn this certificate of achievement students must complete the required courses with a c grade or higher required core units complete the following courses 13 units anat m01 human anatomy 4.0 general microbiology 5.0 micr m01 human physiology 4.0 phso m01 5.0 units from list a 3.0 units from list b total units 21.0 list a – select and complete one chemistry course from the courses listed below 5 units chem m01a/m01ahgeneral chemistry i/honors 5.0 chem m11 foundations of general organic and biochemistry 5.0 list b – select and complete one social science course from the courses listed below 3 units anth m02 cultural anthropology 3.0 comm m01 public speaking 3.0 psy m01/m01h introduction to psychology/honors 3.0 3.0 soc m01/m01h introduction to sociology/honors program student learning outcomes students completing the pre-allied health certificate of achievement will be able to • have the scientific background to apply to most allied health programs • analyze either a case study or experimental data utilizing scientific principles anatomy courses anat m01 – human anatomy 4 units prerequisites none recommended prep biol m01 or biol m02a or biol m02ah and engl m02 and math m03 class hours 2 lecture 6 lab c-id biol 110b 0.5 to 3 units prerequisites a previous course in anatomy and instructor approval class hours 1.5 to 9 lab hours as arranged allows independent study for students who wish to extend their knowledge of a particular area of anatomy through research and study utilizes an approved independent project includes one-on-one work with instructor interested students should contact an anatomy instructor for assistance in developing a contract for learning about a specific topic formerly anat m22a/b applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc determined after admission anatomy/physiology courses anph m01 – human anatomy and physiology 6 units recommended prep biol m02a and chem m11 class hours 4 lecture 6 lab introduces the structures and the relationships of human body parts explores how the functioning of human body parts are related to their structures combines the study of anatomy and physiology which allows students to effectively integrate the study of structure with functioning of the system utilizes themes of hierarchical structural organization and the maintenance of homeostasis to form the framework for the study of the human system at both macroscopic and microscopic levels examines the structure/function relationship through the required dissection of a cat in the laboratory portion utilizes a human cadaver to demonstrate the principles of the anatomy of the human body applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc anph m01 and phso m01/m01h maximum credit one course biology courses biol m01 – introduction to biology 4 units prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture 3 lab introduces non-majors to science and scientific methodology through a study of the basic principles of biology focuses on student understanding of the unity and diversity of life through discussions of topics that include biological chemistry metabolism cell biology molecular biology genetics evolution of living systems and ecology examines the implications of the science of biology on human affairs applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc no credit if taken after biol m02a or biol m02h biol m02a – general biology i 5 units prerequisites math m03 or 2 years of high school algebra or equivalent and chem m12 or high school chemistry all with a grade of c or better class hours 4 lecture 3 lab c-id biol 190 and biol 135s with biol m02b examines the anatomy of human organs and organ systems from a functional perspective that focuses on an understanding of the design of the human body teaches in the laboratory setting how to distinguish tissue types through histological specimens studies the three-dimensional relationship of body structures through required non-human mammalian dissection demonstrates using human cadavers the gross anatomy of the human body applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc introduces students to major biological themes and principles that are fundamental to an understanding of life processes in any field of biology today includes the scientific process experimental design biological chemistry prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell structure and function cellular metabolism cell reproduction and its controls cell communication genetics molecular biology dna technology and evolutionary processes students cannot complete both biol m02a and biol m02ah courses because credit will only be awarded to the first course completed applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc 122 moorpark college announcement of courses 2017-2018