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a student may apply a maximum of 20 units of credit earned under the pass/no pass option to an a.a or a.s degree or certificate of achievement units earned on a pass/no pass basis shall not be used to calculate grade point averages however units attempted for which “np” is recorded shall be considered in probation and dismissal procedures notice students should be aware that other colleges and universities may restrict the acceptance of courses taken on a pass/no pass basis especially for general education major requirements therefore units of “pass” should not be used to satisfy major requirements for aa as degrees or transfer remedial coursework limitations the colleges of the ventura county community college district vcccd offer courses which are defined as remedial “remedial coursework” refers to nondegree-applicable basic skills courses in reading writing computation learning skills study skills and english as a second language which are designated by the college district as not applicable to the associate degree students enrolled in remedial courses will receive unit credit and will be awarded an academic record symbol on transcripts as defined under other academic policies however the units earned in these remedial courses do not apply toward proficiency awards certificates of achievement or associate degrees no students shall receive more than 30 semester units of credit for remedial coursework this limitation of 30 units applies to all remedial coursework completed at any of the campuses of the college district moorpark oxnard and ventura colleges it does not apply to remedial coursework completed at colleges outside the district students transferring from other educational institutions outside vcccd shall be permitted to begin with a “clean slate” with regard to the remedial limitation the 30-unit limit applies to all remedial coursework attempted however in the event that some of these 30 units are substandard and a student successfully repeats one or more courses in which substandard grades were earned then the 30-unit limit would be modified by the application of the course repetition policy students who exhaust the unit limitation shall be referred to appropriate adult non-credit educational services provided by adult schools or other appropriate local providers with which the colleges have an established referral agreement such a student may upon successful completion of appropriate “remedial coursework,” or upon demonstration of skills levels which will reasonably assure success in college-level courses request reinstatement to proceed with college-level coursework procedures relating to dismissal and reinstatement are specified in the college catalog under policies governing probation dismissal and readmission the petition for this purpose petition for continued enrollment or readmission is available in the counseling office the following students are exempted from the limitation on remedial coursework students enrolled in one or more courses of english as a second language and/or students identified by one of the colleges as having a learning disability any student who shows significant measurable progress toward the development of skills appropriate to his or her enrollment in collegelevel courses may qualify for a waiver of the unit limitation petitions for waiver can only be given for specified periods of time or for a specified number of units the petition for this purpose the student educational plan is available in the counseling office moorpark college academic policies 2017-2018 the office of student learning shall maintain a list for each academic year of remedial courses limited by this policy students should be aware that this policy applies to all students enrolled in remedial coursework students receiving financial aid may have more restrictive limitations due to federal regulations the federal rules specify a limitation of one year regardless of units do not exempt learning skills and do not provide for a waiver final examinations final examinations are given at the end of each semester students are required to take examinations for the classes in which they are enrolled no examinations are administered prior to the regular schedule for examinations grade changes grades are determined and assigned as a result of academic assessment made by the instructor of record of a course determination of the student’s grade by the instructor is final in the absence of mistake fraud bad faith or incompetence “mistake” may include but is not limited to errors made by an instructor in calculating a student’s grade and clerical errors “fraud” may include but is not limited to inaccurate recording or change of a grade by any person who gains access to grade records without authorization the removal or change of an incorrect grade from a student’s record shall only be done pursuant to california education code §76232 or by a compliant alternative method that ensures that each student shall be afforded an objective and reasonable review of the requested grade change grade change petitions must be submitted by the instructor of record or appropriate substitute or by the vice president of instruction procedure requires that a student first request a grade change from the instructor in cases where the student has filed a discrimination complaint or if the instructor of record is not available or where the district determines that there is a possibility of gross misconduct by the original instructor provisions shall be made to allow another faculty member to substitute for the instructor of record grade changes shall be requested by the student no more than three 3 years after the term in which the grade was awarded exceptions to the time limit may be made if it is determined that the grade was awarded as a result of mistake fraud bad faith or incompetence by the instructor students may be required to provide documentation to support the requested grade change that may include but is not limited to graded assignments and tests from the class in question or substantiation of verifiable extenuating circumstances in the case of fraud bad faith or incompetence the final determination concerning the removal or change of grade will be made by the vice president in all cases where means exist and when at all possible the instructor who first awarded the grade will be given notice of the change pass/no pass p/np credit/no credit c/nc and credit-by-exam cre grade designations once applied to the transcript cannot be changed to a letter grade when grade changes are made the student’s permanent academic record shall be annotated in such a manner that all work remains legible ensuring a true and complete academic history 27