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preparation for transfer to university of california into high-unit majors such as engineering and many of the physical and natural sciences should concentrate on completing the many prerequisites for the major that the college screens for to determine eligibility for admission see igetc considerations see page 91 b igetc for stem is a separate igetc track available for students planning to major in science technology engineering or mathematics stem as of march 2017 uc will accept igetc for stem for the associate degrees for transfer adt in biology or chemistry although igetc for stem is an option students should prioritize completing major-preparation courses for the specific campuses and programs considering c campus-specific general education requirements of the college or campus they plan to attend see www.assist.org transfer pathways a roadmap to 21 top majors ii transfer from four-year or out-of-state two-year institutions every year california community college transfer students make up over 90 of the transfer class leaving about 10 percent of other transfers from a four-year or out-of-state two-year institutions for admission requirements of these please visit http admission universityofcalifornia.edu/transfer/preparing-admission/other/index html iii other types of transfer some campuses admit a limited number of lower-division transfer completed less than 60 uc transferable semester units second baccalaureate degree or limited status applicants if the applicant have met the specific requirements refer to the open/closed majors status report on the uc website to learn if a uc will accept applications from lower-division transfer second bachelor’s degree or limit status applicants in an effort to simplify the transfer process and help students better prepare for admission the university of california has developed the uc transfer pathways the intent of transfer pathways is to provide an academic roadmap to 21 of the most popular majors for california community college students by unifying major preparation requirements in selected majors for those students who apply to multiple uc campuses or who do not yet know which campus they plan to attend these pathways created by uc faculty and academic leaders outline a single set of courses that will prepare transfer students for a particular major at any of the university s nine undergraduate campuses and position a greater number of students to graduate from uc within two years after they transfer transfer selection by campus the transfer pathways cover 21 of uc s most popular majors and include anthropology biochemistry biology business administration cell biology chemistry communication computer science economics electrical engineering english film and media studies history mathematics mechanical engineering molecular biology philosophy physics political science psychology and sociology transfer admission guarantee although following a pathway doesn t guarantee admission to a uc a student who completes these pre-major courses and general education courses with a satisfactory gpa would be well-prepared for junior-level transfer to the uc in that major and be well-positioned to graduate on time note the transfer pathways guide students who want to make themselves competitive across the uc system some campuses and majors listed may want fewer courses for admission but none will expect more students are strongly encouraged to apply to multiple campuses to improve their chances of admission for more information on the transfer pathways curriculum visit http admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/transfer/preparationpaths/index.html transferring with an associate degree for transfer for students working toward an associate degree for transfer adt courses should be chosen that align with the requirements of the intended uc campus students should refer to the assist website to guide them in selecting the right courses although earning an adt does not guarantee admission to a uc some campuses consider it in the comprehensive application review process moorpark college transfer information 2017-2018 many colleges schools or majors within the uc are highly selective and may have additional program requirements these could include but are not limited to an audition submission of a portfolio supplemental applications specific prerequisite coursework test scores and/or higher gpa than the minimum criteria for admission students are advised to make themselves as competitive as possible when applying for admission both in gpa and course preparation for more details about each campus’s additional program requirements visit http admission.universityofcalifornia.edu counselors/requirements/index.html six uc campuses offer guaranteed admission to california community college ccc students who meet specific requirements by participating in a transfer admission guarantee tag program students may at some campuses receive early review of their academic records early admission notification and specific guidance on major preparation and general education coursework for more information on tag visit a counselor and/or the following website http admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/counselors/transfer admission-guarantee/index.html tag is available for the following uc davis irvine merced riverside santa barbara and santa cruz who can file a tag only students transferring directly from a california community college ccc are considered for a tag including international students those with a visa again a ccc transfer is one who has completed at least 30 semester 45 quarter uc-transferable units at one or more ccc and the last college the student attended in a regular session fall/spring or fall/winter/spring before admission to a uc campus is a ccc all uc campuses that offer tag s require students to meet this definition students who have already earned a bachelor s degree graduate degree and/or professional degree cannot receive a tag students who have previously enrolled at a uc campus during a regular term not including summer session cannot submit a tag application to return to that campus students concurrently enrolled in high school are not eligible for tag for most up-to-date information on tag visit our career transfer center and/or schedule an appointment with a counselor 83