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coursework from another california community college coursework completed at another ccc should be applied to the subject area in which it is listed by the institution where the work was completed in addition the course must have been igetc approved in the area it was taken at the time it was taken approval dates can be verified by consulting the website assist.org courses with an approval date of fall 1991 may be applied to the igetc if completed prior to fall 1991 courses approved after fall 1991 may only be applied if completed on or after the approval date online/distance education/telecourses • ccc courses ccc may use online/distance education/telecourses for igetc provided that the courses have been approved by the csu and uc during the igetc review process • non-ccc courses non-ccc institutions online/distance education/telecourses may be used on igetc the same scrutiny should be applied when reviewing these courses as when reviewing other non-ccc courses see section 5.2 of igetc standards for guidelines non-california community college courses appropriate non-ccc general education courses in the humanities mathematics social sciences and natural sciences that are completed at united states regionally accredited institutions should be routinely included in igetc however care should be taken to carefully scrutinize course outlines for content prerequisites texts units and igetc area standards see section 10.0 for standards particular care should be taken when evaluating non-ccc courses to fulfill igetc area 1b critical thinking and composition few nonccc second semester english composition courses offer a course in critical thinking/english composition guidelines to determine if a course is appropriate can be found in section 10.1.2b coursework from all other united states regionally accredited institutions coursework from all other united states regionally accredited institutions should be deemed by the ccc faculty in the discipline or their designee to be comparable to coursework on that community college’s approved igetc course list before it is allowed to fulfill igetc requirements the course should then be used in the same subject areas as those for the community college completing the certification upper division work may also be used in limited circumstances see igetc standards 5.2.2 for criteria there is no limitation on the number of courses completed at other united states regionally accredited institutions that can be included in the igetc certification international coursework international coursework may be applied to igetc if the international institution has united states regional accreditation all other international coursework cannot be applied to igetc with the exception of area 6 language other than english lote these can be from non-united states institution students with a substantial amount of international coursework at a non-united states regionally accredited institution should be encouraged to follow the csu or uc campus specific general education pattern • area 1c oral communication csu only strictly online oral communication courses may not be used on igetc area 1c without express permission from the csu csu only however hybrid-delivery courses may meet the area criteria credit by external exams advanced placement ap and international baccalaureate ib exams can provide igetc credit as listed on the ap and ib ge charts included in this catalog college level examination program clep cannot be used on igetc there is no limit on the number of external exams that can be applied to igetc and may be used regardless of when the exam was taken however students who have earned credit from an external exam ap/ib should not take a comparable college course because transfer credit will not be granted for both • advanced placement • international baccalaureate ib • college level examination program the uc grants unit credit for college board advanced placement ap examinations on which a student scores 3 4 or 5 elective units awarded may be applied to uc graduation requirement for specific subjects and/or for general education/breadth requirements as determined by each campus to see how ap credits are used for igetc certification see ap chart on pages 97-98 the uc awards unit credit for international baccalaureate ib examinations a score of 5 6 or 7 on higher level exam is required to grant credit for igetc certification an acceptable ib score for igetc equates to either 3 semester or 4 quarter units for certification purposes to see how ib credits are used for igetc certification see ib chart on page 100 the uc does not award unit credit for college level examination program clep reference igetc standards policies procedures for intersegmental general education transfer curriculum – version 1.7 june 2 2016 90 moorpark college transfer information 2017-2018