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messages from the presidents welcome to moorpark college welcome our college opened in 1967 we are proud of our beautiful campus our acclaimed faculty and staff and our excellent programs whether you are a current or prospective student or are simply visiting our campus to attend one of many cultural athletic or intellectual events i trust that you will be welcomed warmly by our community the faculty very much looks forward to working with you on your educational journey whether we meet you in our classrooms our library or our counseling areas we are proud of our “students’ first” philosophy and our excellent academic programs that lead both to transfer and to fulfilling careers thank you for coming to moorpark we are honored and grateful to help you achieve your individual dreams moorpark college is a member of the ventura county community college district and is recognized as one of our nation’s finest community colleges in fact in 2015 we were ranked in

students will • work in coordination with a counselor at appropriate times throughout their educational cycle at moorpark college to ­set initial educational/career/exploration goal and develop a comprehensive ed plan prior to the completion of 15 credit units use their ed plan to select appropriate classes for each semester ­prior to the completion of 30 credit units meet with a counselor to explore options and/or review and/or revise ed plan as needed to adapt to developing educational and career goals ­access student services appropriate to their specific needs at each stage of educational development academic counseling accurate information about program requirements and course prerequisites is essential for planning any course of study since they stay aware of changes that may affect completion of majors general education and/or transfer requirements counselors serve as valuable resource in helping students select appropriate classes counselors can help

social and behavioral sciences courses in the social and behavioral sciences are those which focus on people as members of society to satisfy the general education requirement in social and behavioral sciences a course shall be designed to develop an awareness of the method of inquiry used by the social and behavioral sciences it shall be designed to stimulate critical thinking about the ways people act and have acted in response to their societies and an appreciation of how societies and social subgroups operate this category would include introductory or integrative survey courses in cultural anthropology cultural geography economics history political science psychology sociology or related disciplines upon successful completion of the social and behavioral sciences general education requirement students will demonstrate an understanding of • perspectives theories methods and core concepts within the social sciences or behavioral sciences • major problems and issues in

advanced placement ap credit for moorpark college ge csu ge-breadth and igetc continued advanced placement ap exam statistics mc course equivalent mc ge area mc ge units earned total mc units earned includes ge units american institutions and/or csu gebreadth area csu ge units earned toward csu gecertification sem csu min sem credit earned toward transfer igetc area igetc units earned toward cert qtr/sem uc units earned toward transfer qtr/sem math m15 d2 4 4 b4 3 3 2a 4/3 4/2.7 u.s government politics pols m03 b1 or b2 3 3 d8 us-2 3 3 4 us-2 4/3 4/2.7 us history hist m130 hist m140 b1 or c2 3 6 c2 or d6 us-1 3 6 3b or 4 us-1 4/3 8/5.3 world history hist m150 hist m160 b2 or c2 3 6 c2 or d6 3 6 3b or 4 4/3 8/5.3 notes ap exam may be used in either area but not both regardless of where the certifying ccc’s discipline is located rules for use of ap scores on igetc 1 a score of 3 4 or 5 is required to grant credit for ge certification an acceptable ap score for igetc equates

bus m37 – marketing 3 units prerequisites none recommended prep bus m30 or engl m02 class hours 3 lecture introduces basic concepts and practices of modern marketing includes an overview of marketing strategic planning the marketing environment market research consumer behavior target marketing product price distribution and promotion and global marketing applies to associate degree transfer credit csu bus m39 – business communication 3 units prerequisites engl m01a or engl m01ah class hours 3 lecture c-id bus 115 applies the principles of ethical and effective communication to the creation of letters memos emails and written and oral reports for a variety of business situations emphasizes planning organizing composing and revising business documents using word processing software for written documents and presentation-graphics software to create and deliver professional-level oral reports applies to associate degree transfer credit csu bus m40 – international

economics program purpose students who complete economics courses will apply essential domestic and global economic principles by analyzing the individual economic behavior of consumers producers and at the highest level individual industries students will analyze the major debates on taxes and government spending and recognize the implications of economic behavior in business cycles explaining the interaction of money banking and the federal reserve on the economy the major in economics leads to careers in business or government and offers repeated valuable preparation for various professions including economics finance business law and government the study of economics provides the opportunity to build a solid foundation for graduate study in many subjects in this deep and broad discipline our moorpark college economics faculty members focus on two essential objectives in teaching first to educate students in basic economic principles so that they can effectively understand public

elective courses units select and complete two courses 6 units from the following art m30 drawing and composition i 3.0 3.0 art m32 beginning life drawing i art m40 beginning illustration 3.0 film m10 introduction to cinema 3.0 gr m24 publishing and prepress 3.0 gr m25 publications design 3.0 3.0 gr m32 design iii gr m33 adver tising design 3.0 mm m20 web design 3.0 mm m30 motion graphics 3.0 mm m40 3d fundamentals 3.0 3.0 mm m50 interactive design game m101 introduction to game design 3.0 phot m10 beginning photography 3.0 program student learning outcomes students completing the certificate of achievement in graphic design will be able to • apply creative technical critical historically informed and designbased solutions through various media design fundamentals proficiency award the proficiency award in design fundamentals provides the student with a foundation in design and media arts and an understanding of the digital process when designing for print and screen they will

mus m25b – class piano beginning ii 2 units prerequisites mus m25a class hours 1 lecture 3 lab c-id mus 171 reinforces the fundamentals of piano playing including music reading techniques articulation improvisation scales chords and simple piano literature emphasizes the further development of independence of hands introduces sharp key signature and harmony requires students to enter with some basic music reading ability and hand coordination at the piano keyboard applies to associate degree transfer credit csu uc mus m25c – class piano intermediate i 2 units prerequisites mus m25b class hours 1 lecture 3 lab c-id mus 172 provides fur ther development of greater independence of hands and reinforces the fundamentals of expressive piano playing at the earlyintermediate level includes an overview and study of the didactic works of the major important composers at the early-intermediate level with emphasis on historically accurate interpretation applies to associate degree

in addition to general education degree requirements complete the following soc m01h – honors introduction to sociology required core units complete the following 3 units soc m01/m01h introduction to sociology/honors 3.0 and prerequisites none class hours 3 lecture c-id soci 110 select and complete two courses 6-7 units from the following soc m02 social problems 3.0 soc m03 sociological analysis 3.0 math m15/m15h introductory statistics/honors 4.0 6.0 units from list a units from list b 3.0 total units 18.0-19.0 list a select and complete two courses 6 units from following any course from required core not already used psy m05 social psychology soc m04 intimacy relationships and commitment introduction to race and ethnicity soc m08 soc m10 sociology of gender soc m15 introduction to criminology the 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 list b select and complete one additional course 3 units from the following any course from required core or list a not already used anth m02 cultural

g notices and posters student and other college developed posters and flyers may be distributed or displayed as follows • any posters flyers or other materials which advertise instruction programs student activities or any other events that can be clearly identified as having sponsorship from the hosting college may be circulated and posted without bearing the approved for posting stamp c tables shall be furnished by the maintenance operations department posters shall be attached to the tables d tables may be used to distribute and exhibit free of charge non-commercial announcements statements and materials and for fund raising distributing or soliciting by means of shouting or accosting individuals is prohibited appendix v grievance all other notices or posters must have an approved for posting stamp obtained from the student business office in the fountain hall building posters should be placed in a designated area blue painter s tape must be used for posting posters

academic calendar 2018 2019 moorpark college provides two primary semesters of instruction – fall and spring – as well as a summer intersession course times and delivery modes are noted in each semester’s online schedule of classes available at www.moorparkcollege.edu the online schedule has continuous updates and will have the most up-to-date and accurate course information the special deadlines for semester-length classes are listed below for each primary semester however the specific length of each course dictates its deadlines enrollment drop refund etc check online by clicking on the specific course record number crn for such particulars contact admissions records for further assistance detailed registration information is readily available at www.moorparkcollege.edu fall semester 2018 august 20 december 19 2018 august 20 first day of semester-length traditional classes first day of late registration august 31 last day to add semester-length classes