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g notices and posters student and other college developed posters and flyers may be distributed or displayed as follows • any posters flyers or other materials which advertise instruction programs student activities or any other events that can be clearly identified as having sponsorship from the hosting college may be circulated and posted without bearing the approved for posting stamp c tables shall be furnished by the maintenance operations department posters shall be attached to the tables d tables may be used to distribute and exhibit free of charge non-commercial announcements statements and materials and for fund raising distributing or soliciting by means of shouting or accosting individuals is prohibited appendix v grievance all other notices or posters must have an approved for posting stamp obtained from the student business office in the fountain hall building posters should be placed in a designated area blue painter s tape must be used for posting posters should be removed when no longer applicable any postings not in compliance with these guidelines will be removed the purpose of this procedure is to provide a prompt and equitable means of resolving student grievances these procedures shall be available to any student who reasonably believes the college decision or action has adversely affected his or her status rights or privileges as a student h use of college facilities a grievance is an allegation of a violation of any of the following 1 2 the purpose of these policies is to assure the full effective use and enjoyment of the facilities of the college campus as an educational institution orderly procedures are necessary to promote the use of facilities by students and college personnel to conserve and protect facilities for educational use and to prevent interference with college functions available college facilities may be used and shall be reserved in advance for meetings and other events related to their purpose by a chartered student organizations b certificated personnel c organizations of college employees d the associated students e groups of ten or more students f community organizations and groups under the civic center act education code 82537-82548 3 reservation of college facilities shall be made through the student activities office in advance of the event reservations will be granted in the order of application unless considerations of format room size or equitable distribution of special facilities will require adjustments student groups should also seek approval from the student activities specialist 4 the college may make reasonable charges for the use of college facilities by community groups in accordance with the civic center charges as published by the ventura county community college district 5 outdoor meetings and events 6 • sex discrimination as prohibited by title ix of the higher education amendments of 1972 • financial aid determinations made at the college or district level • course grades to the extent permitted by education code section 76224a which provides “when grades are given for any course of instruction taught in a community college district the grade given to each student shall be the grade determined by the instructor of the course and the determination of the student’s grade by the instructor in the absence of mistake fraud bad faith or incompetency shall be final.” “mistake” may include but is not limited to errors made by an instructor in calculating a student’s grade and clerical errors • the exercise of rights of free expression protected by the state and federal constitutions education code sections 66301 and 76120 and district board policy and administrative procedures concerning the right of free expression • violation of published district rules board policies and administrative procedures except as set forth below this procedure does not apply to • challenges to the process for determining satisfaction of prerequisites corequisites advisories and limitations on enrollment information on challenges to prerequisites is available from the office of the vice president of academic affairs • allegations of harassment or discrimination on the basis of any protected characteristic as set forth in board policies 3410 and 3430 and 5 california code of regulations section 53900 et seq such complaints may be initiated under the procedures described in the college catalogs • appeals for residency determination residency appeals should be filed with the admissions and records office a students and college personnel may gather at reasonable places and times on the campus consistent with the orderly conduct of college affairs and the free flow of traffic interference with entrances to buildings and college functions or activities disturbance of offices classes and study facilities and harm to property are prohibited • student disciplinary actions which are covered under separate board policies and administrative procedures b the vice president of academic affairs or designee may approve other areas if unusual circumstances require • evaluation of the professional competence qualifications or job performance of a district employee tables • police citations i.e tickets complaints about citations must be directed to campus police • claims for money or damages against the district a student organization and groups cited may maintain a table in the quad areas information about other procedures is listed in the college catalogs or may be obtained from the office of student learning b tables shall be staffed at all times the name of the sponsoring organization shall be displayed at each table the alleged wrong must involve an unjust action or denial of a student’s rights as defined above a grievance exists only when such an error moorpark college appendices 2018-2019 293