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messages from the presidents welcome to moorpark college welcome our college opened in 1967 we are proud of our beautiful campus our acclaimed faculty and staff and our excellent programs whether you are a current or prospective student or are simply visiting our campus to attend one of many cultural athletic or intellectual events i trust that you will be welcomed warmly by our community the faculty very much looks forward to working with you on your educational journey whether we meet you in our classrooms our library or our counseling areas we are proud of our “students’ first” philosophy and our excellent academic programs that lead both to transfer and to fulfilling careers thank you for coming to moorpark we are honored and grateful to help you achieve your individual dreams moorpark college is a member of the ventura county community college district and is recognized as one of our nation’s finest community colleges in fact in 2015 we were ranked in the huffington post as the fourth best community college in the nation and in 2018 we were ranked by bestcolleges.com as the best community college in california many of our students attend moorpark college before transferring to excellent universities others come to cultivate skills for highly-paid careers that do not require a university diploma in addition to the subject-matter expertise our students acquire we also teach by example the values we embrace those values include integrity collegiality and the pursuit of excellence we believe those attributes are hallmarks of responsible citizenship as the son of hard-working immigrants i love this nation of “liberty and justice for all,” and it is my privilege to help our students find their footing in life as they pursue their educational and career goals it is our joy to hear the many success stories of former students who have gone on to spectacular success and achievement we are also moved by those who toil unheralded in the quiet service of their communities the work of all our students ensures that our children and grandchildren may continue to experience the “blessings of liberty” which we so gratefully enjoy here at moorpark college and please have fun whilst you are doing so nenagh brown academic senate president moorpark college foundation the moorpark college foundation was formed in 1980 and is a nonprofit tax-exempt auxiliary organization which accepts and solicits gifts donations trusts and bequests for college related use it provides tax deductible advantages to the donor it also provides a method for the college to interact with businesses government and other nonprofit agencies in the broader southern california community though public funds provide support for most of the instructional and related activities and facilities at the college donations gifts and bequests provide a significant addition to institutional accomplishments private contributions are essential for the support of creative faculty efforts which extend beyond normal institutionally supported areas including scholarships for incoming honor students and exiting transfer students necessary physical facilities such as america’s teaching zoo the charles temple observatory griffin stadium and special instructor-created projects which enhance a student’s learning experience for more information call 805 553-4761 write moorpark college foundation 7075 campus road moorpark ca 93021 the foundation is a 501c 3 nonprofit corporation recognized by the internal revenue service website www.moorparkcollege.edu/foundation luis p sanchez jd llm president 2 moorpark college college information 2018-2019