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Pesticide Desk Reference Guide with over 700 pesticides contains technical information such as: chemical name, structure, CAS number, molecular formula, molecular weight, physical state and for most: solubility, specific gravity, melting or boiling point, flash point and common synonyms.

bp 25 c 25 37 ml 50 ml 72 x 72 x 24 11 78 x 11 78 40 x 75 x 40 35 x 20 x 20 heptachlor epoxide isomer b heptachlor epoxide isomer 04 04 fp wt 277 14 injection port liners solid phase extraction phenol certificate of analysis 35 x 35 certificate of analysis for acetic acid certificate of analysis certificate of analysis o 167 10 x 10 columns oil in water soil certificate of analysis v 16 food science and technology at at the analysis of international relations science and technology pesticides standards pesticide mix pesticides solution kit ss 2010 ss pesticide product price list standard astm method standard solution internal standard for method 619 reference standards test standard high standard r 100 high standard d 100 endosulfan sulfate diquat paraquat methyl demeton alloxydim sodium aroclor 1260 chlorpyrifos methyl heptachlor epoxide isomers trans heptachlor epoxide ethyl carbamate deionized water ethyl acetate dicarboxylic acid diethyl phosphate methyl ethyl ketone bp 173 mf 370 mf 223 surrogate mixture hplc and gc

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purchasing pesticide standards buying an analytical reference standard in solution rather than making it from neats good scientific operations and also many auditors urge analytical chemists to purchase analytical reference standards from a manufacturer of standards that is accredited to iso 17025 there are three reasons for this 1 safety using solutions rather than neats reduces the laboratory personnel’s intensity and frequency of exposure to chemicals the less time a person is exposed to chemicals the less risk for accidents further neats are usually not fully consumed in a single use rather they are partially used then stored and then used again this increases the potential for exposure from the chemical as well as the risk of contamination cost of expired dates and disposal and other risks 2 certification accustandard is accredited to quality certifications including iso 9001:2008 iso/iec 17025 and iso guide 34 for producing and certifying chemical reference standards

pesticide standards carbaryl carbofuran p-083 carbaryl methylcarbamic acid 1-naphthyl ester carbosulfan p-106 carbofuran 2,3-dihydro-2,2-dimethyl-7-benzofuranyl methylcarbamate p-446 carbosulfan 2,3-dihydro-2,2 dimethylbenzofuran7-yl dibutylaminothiomethylcarbamate snooonoohnoo nh c h no 12 11 2 cas 63-25-2 mf c12hmol mw 201.22 ps s wt 11no 2 201.22 sol dmso a ipa sg 1.23 g/cm3 mp 142 °c bp n/a fp n/a matrix cat no unit neat p-083n 10 mg 100 µg/ml in meoh carbathiin p-083s 1 ml o h15 no33 mw 221.25 ps s cas 1563-66-2 mf c12ch no 1215 mol wt 3 sol d ipa t sg 1.18 g/cm221.25 mp 154 °c bp n/a fp n/a matrix cat no unit matrix cat no unit neat p-106n 10 mg neat p-446n 10 mg 100 µg/ml in meoh p-106s 1 ml 100 µg/ml in meoh p-446s 1 ml see carboxin p-278 carbendazim p-630 carbofuran phenol-3-ketone carbofuran phenol-3-ketone carbendazim c 32n2o cas 55285-14-8 mfmol c2020h h n32so3s mw 380.55 32 wt 380.55 ps l sol meoh h d sg 1.05 g/cm3 mp n/a bp 462 °c fp 233 °c

pesticide standards diazinon desmetryn p-566 desmethryn n2-isopropyl-n 4-methyl-6-methylthio1,3,5-triazine-2,4-diamine h n n dibutylchlorendate p-033 diazinon o,o-diethyl o-2-isopropyl-6-methylpyrimidin4-yl phosphorothioate s n n dibutyl- p-109 dibutylchlorendate hept-5-ene-2,3-dicarboxylate cl oono cl cl osno cl p o cl nh cl cas 1014-69-3 mf c8c h15 n5s mw 213.3 ps s 8h15n5s 3 sol meoh d t sg 1.18 mol wt g/cm 213.30 mp 84-86 °c bp 386 °c fp 187 °c cas 333-41-5 mf c12ch21hnn o ps mw 304.35 12 21 2 2o33ps wt 1.11 304.35g/cm3 mp n/a ps l sol meoh h mol d sg bp 85 90 °c fp 104.4 °c o c17h20cl6o4 cmol 501.05 17hwt 20cl 6o4 cas 1770-80-5 mf mw 501.05 ps l  sg 1.46 g/cm3 mp n/a bp 500 °c fp 164 °c matrix cat no unit matrix cat no unit matrix cat no unit neat p-566n 10 mg neat p-033n 10 mg neat p-109n 10 mg 100 µg/ml in meoh p-566s 1 ml 100 µg/ml in meoh p-033s 1 ml 100 µg/ml in meoh p-109s 1 ml devrinol™ dexon

pesticide standards p-259 fenitrothion fenamiphos fenazaquin p-114 fenamiphos fenitrothion p-787 fenazaquin ethyl 4-methlythio-m-tolyl isopropylphosphoramidate 4-tert-butylphenethyl quinazolin-4-yl ether o,o-dimethyl o-4-nitro-m-tolyl phosphorothioate nssooooooc20h22n2o mol wt 306.40 cas 22224-92-6 mf cc1313 ps mw 303.36 hh 22no 22no 3ps3 303.36 ps s sol d t ipamol sgwt 1.19 g/cm3 mp 49 °c bp n/a fp 200 °c cas 120928-09-8 mf c20h22n2o mw 306.4        matrix cat no unit cas 122-14-5 mf c9h12no5ps mw 277.24 ps l sol h d t sg 1.33 g/cm3 mp 3.4 °c bp 145 °c fp >100 °c matrix cat no unit 100 µg/ml in hexane p-787s-h ‡ 1 ml matrix neat p-114n 10 mg 100 µg/ml in meoh p-114s 1 ml p-623 fenamiphos sulfone fenbuconazole 4 4-chlorophenyl 2-phenyl-2 1h-1,2,4-triazol-1p-662 fenbuconazole ylmethylbutyronitrile fenamiphos sulfone n o-ethyl-o 3-methyl-4-methylsulfonylphenyl isopropylamidophosphate n cl nonposoo cas

pesticide standards linuron malathion p-022 linuron 3 3,4-dichlorophenyl 1-methoxy-1-methylurea mcpa acid ∆ p-060 malathion diethyl dimethoxyphosphinothioylthio]butanedioate shnn cl opoosoooo cl o c h10cl n2o2 mw 249.11 ps s cas 330-55-2 mf c9hmol 109cl 2n2249.09 2o 2 wt sol a sg 1.49 g/cm3 mp 93 94 °c bp n/a fp n/a matrix cat no unit h19ps o6ps2 mw 330.36 cas 121-75-5 mf c10hc1910o 6 330.36 2 mol wt ps l sol meoh ipa sg 1.23 g/cm3 mp 2.8 °c bp ~140 °c fp 163 °c neat p-022n 10 mg matrix cat no unit 100 µg/ml in meoh p-022s 1 ml neat p-060n 10 mg p-060s ‡ 100 µg/ml in meoh lirinox lironion lonacol londax see 2,4-d butyl ester see difenoxuron see zineb see bensulfuron-methyl 1 ml c9h9clo3 c9hmol mw wt 9clo 3 200.62 cas 94-74-6 mf 200.62 ps s sol meoh a d sg 1.41 g/cm3 mp 114 °c bp n/a fp n/a matrix cat no neat p-153n 10 mg p-153s 1 ml 100 µg/ml in accn p-153s-cn 1 ml p-038 mcpa methyl ester maleic hydrazide mcpa methyl ester

pesticide standards p-234 phosfolan p-393 phenyl mercury acetate phenyl mercury acetate phorate sulfone phosfolan p-655 phorate sulfone acetato-ophenylmercury 9ci o,o-diethyl-s-ethylsulfonylmethyl phosphorodithioate hg -o diethoxyphosphinyldithioimidocarbonic acid cyclic ethylene ester osoo 8h8hgo 2 cas 62-38-4 mf c8hc8hgo 2 mw 336.74 ps s sol a meoh sg mol n/a wt mp 336.74 148 -151 °c bp n/a fp n/a matrix cat no unit neat p-393n 10 mg 100 µg/ml in meoh p-393s 1 ml s s o cas 2588-04-7 mf c7h17o4ps3 mw 292.38 ps l   sg 1.31 g/cm3 mp n/a bp 397 °c fp 194 °c matrix cat no unit 100 µg/ml in hexane p-655s-h 1 ml matrix cat no unit neat p-234n 10 mg 100 µg/ml in meoh p-234s 1 ml phosmet o o c11h 14o cas 20115-23-5 mf o22 mw 178.23 ps l   11h14 mol.cwt 178.23 sg 1.01 g/cm3 mp n/a bp 250 °c fp 95 °c cat no p-734n p-460 o-phenylphenol p-734s unit 10 mg 1 ml s s n dimethoxyphosphinoylthiomethyl phthalimide;oxoimidan o o cas 2588-03-6 mf c7h17o3ps3 mw

pesticide standards p-552 tetrasul p-621 1,2,3,6-tetrahydrophthalimide tetrachlorvinphos p-125 tetrachlorvinphos 1,2,3,6-tetrahydrophthalimide tetrasul 1,2,3,6-tetrahydrophthalimide 1,2,4-trichloro-5 2-chloro1-dimethoxyphosphoryloxy-ethenyl]benzene 4-chlorophenyl 2,4,5-trichlorophenyl sulfide cl o s cl o o cl nh p o cl cl o cl cl cas 961-11-5 mf c10h9cl4o4p mw 365.96 ps s sol d a sg 1.52 g/cm3c10 mp 944o 497 h9cl p °c bp 400 °c mol wt 365.96 fp 303 °c matrix cat no unit p-125n 10 mg p-125s 1 ml p-721 tetraconazole neat 100 µg/ml in meoh cas 85-40-5 mf c8h9no2 mw 151.18 ps s   sg 1.23 g/cm3 mp 140 °c bp 337 °c c8132 h9no 2 mol wt 151.16 fp 165 °c tetraconazole matrix cat no unit cat no unit neat p-552n 10 mg neat p-621n 10 mg 100 µg/ml in meoh p-552s 1 ml 100 µg/ml in meoh p-621s 1 ml p-116 cis-1,2,3,6-tetrahydrophthalimide tetron cis-d4-tetrahydrophthalimide rs 2 2,4-dichlorophenyl 3 1h-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl propyl-1,1,2,2-tetrafluoroethyl ether

contract laboratory program clp 500 series pesticide standards clp pesticide mixtures clp-018-10x clp-018-10x-pak at stated conc in isooctane aldrin γ-bhc p,p’-ddt dibutylchlorendate dieldrin endosulfan l 1.0 0.5 2.0 5.0 1.0 1.0 55 1 x 1 ml save 20 220 5 x 1 ml 11 comps µg/ml µg/ml µg/ml µg/ml µg/ml µg/ml clp-019-10x clp-019-10x-pak at stated conc in isooctane aldrin α-bhc β-bhc δ-bhc α-chlordane γ-chlordane 1.0 0.5 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 endosulfan ii 2.0 endrin aldehyde 2.5 heptachlor 1.0 heptachlor epoxide 1.0 methoxychlor 10 m-505r-2 m-505r-2-pak at stated conc in meoh µg/ml µg/ml µg/ml µg/ml µg/ml alachlor 10 µg/ml aldrin 1 µg/ml atrazine 250 µg/ml α-chlordane 1 µg/ml γ-chlordane 1 µg/ml dieldrin 1 µg/ml endrin 1 µg/ml heptachlor 1 µg/ml 60 1 x 1 ml save 20 240 5 x 1 ml 12 comps µg/ml µg/ml µg/ml µg/ml µg/ml µg/ml clp-018/019-10x-set method 505 organohalide pesticides by

epa method 600 series pesticide standards for waste water method 615 chlorinated herbicides method 618 volatile pesticides by gc/ecd chlorinated herbicides herbicide acids methyl derivatives each at 0.2 mg/ml in meoh in hexane 1 ml compound cat no cat no price 2,4-d m-8150s-a-01 m-8150-01 15 2,4-db m-8150s-a-02 m-8150-02 15 2,4,5-t m-8150s-a-03 m-8150-03 15 2,4,5-tp m-8150s-a-04 m-8150-04 15 dalapon m-8150s-a-05 m-8150-05 15 dicamba m-8150s-a-06 m-8150-06 15 dichlorprop m-8150s-a-07 m-8150-07 15 m-8150-08 15 dinoseb m-8150s-a-08 mcpa 2.0 mg/ml m-8150s-a-09 m-8150-09 15 mcpp 2.0 mg/ml m-8150s-a-10 m-8150-10 15 set of 10 x 1 ml m-8150a-set m-8150-set 125 each solution at 0.2 mg/ml except mcpa mcpp above analytes underivatized m-8150a 0.1 mg/ml in meoh except mcpa and mcpp 2,4-d dalapon 2,4-db dicamba dichlorprop 40 1 x 1 ml 10 comps dinoseb mcpa 10 mg/ml mcpp 10 mg/ml 2,4,5-tp 2,4,5-t methyl derivatives m-8150 0.1 mg/ml in meoh except mcpa and mcpp 2,4-d dalapon 2,4-db dicamba

epa method 8000 series pesticide standards for solid waste method 8140 organophosphorous pesticides by gc/npd/elcd/fpd organophosphorous pesticides m-8140m m-8140m-pak 0.04 mg/ml each in hexane m-8140m-5x m-8140m-5x-pak 0.2 mg/ml each in hexane:acetone 19:1 80 1 x 1 ml save 20 320 5 x 1 ml 125 1 x 1 ml save 20 500 5 x 1 ml 20 comps diazinon 06 dichlorovos 07 disulfoton di-syston 08 ethoprop 09 fensulfothion 10 azinphosmethyl guthion 01 bolstar 02 chloropyrifos 03 coumaphos 04 demeton 05 organophosphorous pesticide set m-8140-set 300 20 x 1 ml individual solutions listed below each at 1.0 mg/ml in hexane fenthion 11 merphos 12 methyl parathion 13 mevinphos phosdrin 14 naled dibrom 15 phorate thimet 16 ronnel 17 stirophos 18 tokuthion 19 trichloronate agritox 20 method 8141a additions to method 8140 organophosphorus pesticides by gc/npd mix #1 m-8141m 60 1 x 1 ml m-8141m-pak save 20 240 5 x 1 ml 7 comps mixture 0.2 mg/ml each in hexane m-8141-set 90 7 x 1 ml individual