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how to controlled oil lichen vibrator basket stretcher broom grass ag spray tips garden flags straight 6 header chisel safety chisel shaping hard crystals materials bed base uk

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a useful guide to installing paving blocks flagstones and garden walling

contents laying patterns  4 how-to-lay  8 how-to-build walling  12 aftercare  14 paving contractors  15 we ve compiled some helpful advice and guidance to cover a range of topics get in touch with us if you have any hard landscaping questions 2 be inspired by our laying patterns selection make it yours help advice

laying patterns there are many ways to lay flagstones and paving and your choice of laying pattern depends on the size and shape of the stones you are planning to use as well as your personal taste country cobble® plaza river stone boulevard® paving rectangular paving random coursed 2 sizes random coursed 3 sizes stretcher bond 1 size stretcher bond 2 sizes stack bond 1 size 900 herringbone uses 200x150mm + 150x150mm uses 200x150 + 150x150  + 100x150mm.  uses 200x150 or 300x150mm uses 200x150mm + 150x150mm uses 150x150mm this pattern can be used to lay machine lay rectangular paving blocks ratio per m2: 100% 200x150 ratio per m2 ratio per m2: 100% 150x150 ratio per m2 57% 200x150, 43% 150x150

the pattern you choose will have a big impact on the overall appearance of your design – just as much as the colour and texture of your chosen stone top tip when laying 3 s mixed sizes please ensure you alternate between bales for each layer to ensure an evenly distrubuted colour blend. ie. they should not be laid layer-by-layer from the same bale pattern manor stone® flags 3’s mixed patio pack terrapave® canterra® pedra granaza flags this stretcher bond pattern is simple to lay and uses all four patio pack sizes. create a continuous pattern of staggered joints just by swapping 2 flags from every patio pack layer

how-to-lay whether you are planning to do the work yourself or employ a professional to do it for you this guide covers all the essential points you need to know about check out our website for your local ag approved layer | 50mm 100mm 155mm 25mm 1:3 cement + sand mortar bed  haunching 100mm remove all topsoil then dig down until you reach a layer of hard ground subgrade that is firm enough to provide a good foundation dig out any soft spots and fill with compacted crushed stone - see below getting the depth right allow for the depth of your chosen paving block.  200mm plus a minimum of 40mm for bed of

9 lay header string course top tip all the flagstones in the ag range are suitable for internal use. by using these products both indoors and outdoors you can create a seamless transition between your rooms - from inside to outside. you’ll need to seal the surface of any products used internally but this is a straightforward process using a suitable sealant think about laying a header course of pavers or setts see page 10 of a different colour and/or shape along the edge to create an attractive feature. 

how-to-build walling guidance on how-to-install your new garden walling products aspen stone bayfield regal stone diamond only 4 laying the second and subsequent courses make sure the top of the course that’s just been laid is free of debris then start to lay the second course. as you position each block, move it until the rear lip bayfield  aspen stone / diamond 25 or locating nib regal stone is securely in contact with the block below stagger each course in relation to the course underneath it so that each block

aftercare paving flagstones oil stains ag recommend regular seasonal maintenance at least three times a year. a good rule of thumb is to commence at the start of the growing season april  the middle of the growing season july and at the end of the growing season september this may vary depending on weather conditions oil will readily penetrate into most surfaces and once staining occurs it can be difficult to remove. if the staining is substantial it may be necessary to replace the products in the damaged area. do not

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