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the pattern you choose will have a big impact on the overall appearance of your design – just as much as the colour and texture of your chosen stone top tip when laying 3 s mixed sizes please ensure you alternate between bales for each layer to ensure an evenly distrubuted colour blend. ie. they should not be laid layer-by-layer from the same bale pattern manor stone® flags 3’s mixed patio pack terrapave® canterra® pedra granaza flags this stretcher bond pattern is simple to lay and uses all four patio pack sizes. create a continuous pattern of staggered joints just by swapping 2 flags from every patio pack layer swap two units around in each layer q stretcher bond uses all 3 sizes mixed size motif uses all 3 sizes stretcher bond uses all 4 sizes uses 300x200, 200x200  100x200mm uses 300x200, 200x200  100x200mm uses 525x315, 420x315, 315x315  210x315mm stretcher bond 1 size stretcher bond 2 sizes stack bond 1 size flag uses 600x400 or 600x300mm uses 400x400 + 600x400mm uses 400x400mm 2 ratio per m : 100% 600x400 nb: not suitable for caliza, pedra  or granaza flags this pattern works with a 7 piece module, creating and interlocking l shaped herringbone structure. within each patio pack layer, four of these modules can be created, leaving over three pieces which can be used for cuts or additional units. an ideal pattern for smaller or curved areas where cuts are more frequent 2 ratio per m : 60% 600x400,  40% 400x400 ratio per m2: 100% 400x400 uses 400x400mm + setts approx nb: not suitable for caliza, pedra  or granaza flags this pattern works with a 10 piece module, creating a more ‘random’ laying effect. just lay the units into the pattern highlighted on the left this layout will use all the units evenly in every patio pack broken stack bond 1 size flag setts 6no. flags per m2 0.3no. setts per m2 for more indepth information and videos on laying patterns visit our website:    pattern switch units around courtyard uses all 3 sizes courtyard uses all 4 sizes 900 herringbone 450 herringbone uses 300x200, 200x200  100x200mm uses 525x315, 420x315, 315x315  210x315mm uses 600x300 or 600x400mm uses 600x300 or 600x400mm switch around the appropriate units from each layer in the patio pack as shown using the colours and letters 6 each patio pack is stacked in layers as above 7