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glow in the dark frames ceramic tiles and frames acmelight paint pink exterior metal paint bright lime green paint light pink car paint pink wheel paint metallic yellow paint for wall metallic yellow paints for wall metallic green paint for cars pictures metallic red paint for walls pictures of metallic light blue paint protect from sun oil paintings painting pictures on a interior wall of home invisible ink paving stone glass mirror tile golf game car d s car golf game tiled garden furniture glass kitchen tile swimming pool tiles swimming pool tile orange floor tile outdoor floor tile floor tile orange floor tile orange 8 x 8 floor tile bright blue yellow floor tile green pink floor tiles exterior flooring tiles ceramic tile bathroom bathroom ceramic tiles bright red floor tiles silk screen printing equipment vinyl floor tiles kitchen ceramic tiles light green floor tiles light blue floor tiles plastic garden edge stone red white floor tile light blue vinyl floor tiles outside floor tile ceramic tile v cap pvc window frame ceramic tile molding ceramic tile edges ceramic tile edging edging ceramic tile wall edge ceramic tile wall to ceiling wardrobe garden gates and fence 4 x 4 ceramic tile for bathroom walls 12 x 12 red floor tiles blue and white floor tile

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dear sirs you are welcome thanks a lot for keeping this atalog in your hands let s create a business on the beauty together

about company acmelight company is a perspective and rapidly growing company dealing with a production of glow in the dark paints and glowing products the demand on products is growing day by day and volumes of production are constantly increasing starting production in 2006 acmelight company has gained the confidence of many customers and producers of souvenir products that has helped to reach the high level of sales all around the world nowadays a lot of successful representative offices and companies were opened in europe asia usa canada and all around the world glow in the dark paints acmelight glow in the dark paints how does it work to get the glowing image or object it is enough to put the glowing paint on the previously prepared surface by roller brush or airbrusher depending on the type of surface it is possible to choose the most appropriate paint acmelight the surface coated by the layer of paint is accumulating the energy from natural or artificial sources during the

acmelight tree 0.5 l 1l wooden surfaces are exposed to special risk ­ uv light rays impact different solutions can provide a definite level of protection to such surfaces but none of it can also fulfill simultaneously the function of decoration none of it except glow in the dark paint acmelight tree which will not only protect the wood from uv light rays but also transform even very simple wooden item beyond recognition acmelight tree paint is the ideal protection of wooden surfaces which passes tests like precipitations and mechanical damages well the product is resistant to oils solvents detergents application design and decoration as well as decorative finishing and protection of gates gateways fences columns boats yachts landing places wooden houses sheds garden constructions summer houses verandas terraces window frames as well as balconies kitchens bathrooms consumption 1 liter per 1 layer of 8-10 sq.m glowing period 6-8 hours acmeligt oracal acmelight oracal is the paint

fluorescent paints fluorlight fluorescent paints fluorlight ­ paints which glow under uv light uv light paints are produced from highquality raw materials fluorescent paint has bright colors at the daytime and it glow by brightly burning colors under uv light it is applied for creation of images on the walls and ceilings tissues and metal self-adhesive films uv light paint can become a special appeal in body-art ­ you can create fantastic glowing compositions using it paints fluorlight obtain a bright glowing under uv light the glowing effect allows the creation of bright compositions for night clubs design visible ornaments and murals for discos will be turned into the beautiful night show under the light of uv lamps playing by all tints and colors of luminescence acmelight fluor metal acmeligth fluor metal paint designed for metal surfaces makes real miracles the product is manufactured on the basis of acrylic resin of high quality it has a high resistance to mechanical damages

invisible paints uvlight fluorescent paint uv light invisible fluorescent paint glowing by bright color in uv light invisible fluorescent paint uv light differs from visible fluorescent acrylic paint fluorlight by its invisibility during the daytime the glowing starts when the uv light is falling to the painted surface printing by uv paints which are invisible at the daytime allows creation of completely mysterious compositions in design of interior production of original youth clothes organization of holidays show-programs and body-art festivals imagine that the strict restaurant interior will be suddenly converted to the bright and stylish night club and the whole transformation happens on your eyes only due to invisible uv light paint and lighting equipment acmelight invisible metal acmeligth invisible metal paint designed for metal surfaces makes real miracles the product is manufactured on the basis of acrylic resin of high quality it has a high resistance to mechanical damages

ready products glowing stones glowing stones are artificial stones produced from plastic of different dimensions from 1 up to 2 cm during the day stones accumulate the light from the natural sources and then start to emit it when the darkness comes glowing stones give a possibility to change the world around us completely and make it unrecognizable by our own hands besides building finishing stones can be used for decoration of the adjoining to the home territories for the production of the original souvenirs photo-frames and etc moreover such stones will be the beautiful decoration for aquariums flower pots or even bookshelves as well as accessories for mobile phones trinkets souvenirs coasters package 1kg and 5 kg 350-380 pc per 1 kg colors of glowing light blue green blue glowing balls for football glowing balls for football complements the range of modern sport tools worthy and will be the original gift for fans of sport games and active pastime you can take a glowing football

safety systems company acmelight works out projects produces and supplies the entire nomenclature of glow in the dark evacuation system elements according to requirements of the state standard iso 6309:2007 gost r 12.2.143-2002 and iso safety guidance systems iso/tc145/sc2/wg3 iso/cd 16069 you can buy photoluminescence materials evacuation plans and other elements fes from us if you need the consultation or the help as for the working out production and application of fes please contact us glowing evacuation plans according to the safety regulations requirements there should be evacuation routes in each building the best option is the application of ready glowing evacuation plans which glow at the darkness due to the accumulated during the day energy emitted by different light sources glowing evacuation plans ­ products which do not need any additional revisions and is completely ready for application the glowing period is 4-6 hours paint acmelight fes photo-luminous paint