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high purity filters nacl kcl ultrapure water bicarbonate powder sodium bicarbonate reagent water bsa m 20 bsa c 15

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cellpure™ biological buffers justpure™ “good” buffers core essential buffers buffers for life science

cellpure biological buffers • ultrapure zwitterionic biological buffers • optimized for cell/tissue culture work • wide applicability to molecular biology and biochemical studies • manufactured under strict quality control guidelines to ensure performance and reliabilty fisher bioreagents buffers meet the needs of every budget and scale • economical powders come in various package sizes • concentrated stock solutions provide convenience in one step of easy dilution • ready-to-use solutions offer the biggest time savings of all obtaining optimal results in your research requires careful selection of reagents when your experiments require exact buffering conditions you can depend on the reliability of fisher bioreagents buffers all fisher bioreagents buffers are manufactured from high-quality raw materials under iso 9001 2000-certified manufacturing and testing processes in addition buffer sterilization is done by submicron filtration and/or

justpure “good” buffers • ultrapure zwitterionic buffers • optimized for research in cellular and molecular biology • low interference with biological reactions zwitterionic buffers possessing both positive and negative charges were described in 1966 by good and co-workers as being suitable for work with biological molecules popularly known today as “good” buffers these organic buffers have several advantages compared to traditional inorganic buffering systems such as phosphate borate and bicarbonate “good” buffers approach the “ideal” buffer state by having pka values at or near physiological ph and minimal interference with biological processes justpure “good” buffers from fisher bioreagents have very high purity assay 99 and only trace amounts of metal ions which makes them useful for applications requiring tight control of elemental content advantages reference good n.e et al 1966 hydrogen ion buffers

additional buffers from fisher bioreagents new phosphate buffered saline pbs products • maximum convenience tablets pre-weighed powder and ready-to-use solutions • high purity for reliability and consistency • broad usage in cell culture molecular biology and biochemical studies bp2944-100 phosphate buffered saline tablets bp2940-4 cellpure phosphate buffered saline 10x solution application specifically developed for use in immunoassay procedures the need to weigh and mix individual components is eliminated application cellpure phosphate buffered saline provides an optimal formulation for cell biology experiments in which the osmolarity of cells must be maintained pbs can also be used in biochemistry studies for maintaining proteins in a certain ph range usage one tablet dissolved in 200ml of molecular biology grade water yields 0.01m phosphate buffer 0.0027m kcl and 0.137m nacl ph 7.4 at 25ºc specifications usage when diluted to a 1x concentration using

choose fisher bioreagents® buffers for quality tight specifications consistency lot-to-lot uniformity selection powders concentrated stock solutions or ready-to-use liquids new new new new description buffers for life science applications edta ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid 0.5m ph 8.0 0.5m ph 8.0 0.5m ph 8.0 0.5m ph 8.0 0.5m ph 8.0 depc 0.5m ph 8.0 depc 0.5m ph 8.0 depc powder hepes 1.0m ph 7.3 1.0m ph 7.3 1.0m ph 7.3 crystals crystals crystals crystals pbs phosphate buffered saline tablets 1x 1x 10x 10x cellpure™ pbs 10x 10x 10x 1x powder concentrate 1x powder concentrate powder with tween® 20 powder with bsa 10x powder concentrate ste sodium chloride-tris-edta 1x ph 8.0 10x ph 8.0 10x ph 8.0 tbs tris-buffered saline 1x ph 7.4 10x ph 7.4 10x ph 7.4 10x ph 7.4 size cat no 100ml 500ml 1l 20l 100ml 500ml 1l 500g bp2482-100 bp2482-500 bp2482-1 bp2482-20 bp2483-100 bp2483-500 bp2483-1 bp118-500 100ml 500ml 1l 100g 500g 1kg 5kg bp299-100 bp299-500 bp299-1 bp310-100

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