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isopropanol molecular biology grade isopropanol molecular biology grade catalog no size packaging bp2618-500 500ml amber glass bp2618-1 1l amber glass bp2618-212 2.5l amber glass bp2618-4 4l amber glass high purity isopropanol ipa is a staple reagent chemical used in many life science laboratories fisher bioreagents® has developed a new ultrapure isopropanol molecular biology grade that can be used in fundamental applications such as purification and precipitation of nucleic acids and proteins and preservation of biological specimens key features 1 ultrapure isopropanol assay 99.9 for molecular biology work 2 tested for dnase rnase and protease to ensure absence of these hydrolyzing enzymes 3 water 0.05 4 low uv optical absorbance 5 variety of product pack sizes to meet various laboratory needs 6 meets the optimatm specifications for ultrapure isopropanol applications 1 extraction and purification of nucleic acids proteins fats and lipids 2 preservation of biological specimens

gc_fb_eem_0111_063 related products fisher bioreagents functionally tested for molecular biology research additional products catalog no part number pack size product description bp2819-100 100ml bp1356-100 agarose broad separation range for dna/rna 100g bp2819-1 1l bp160-100 agarose low eeo multipurpose 100g bp2819-4 4l bp1360-100 agarose low melting 1kb dna/rna 100g bp2819-10 10l bp118-500 edta 500g 20l bp1302-10 ethidium bromide 1 solution 10ml bp2819-20 bp2578-100 exactgene 1kb dna ladder load 100 lanes absolute ethanol 200 proof molecular biology grade bp2900-500 mops 10x solution 500ml catalog no bp2900-1 mops 10x solution 1l pack size bp2818-100 100ml bp1752i-100 phenol/chloroform/isoamyl alcohol 25:24:1 mixture 100ml bp2818-500 500ml bp1752i-400 phenol/chloroform/isoamyl alcohol 25:24:1 mixture 400ml bp2818-4 4l bp399-1 phosphate buffered saline 10x solution 1l bp1700-100 proteinase k 100mg bp1335-1 tris-acetate-edta tae 10x solution 1l bp1333-1 tris-borate-edta tbe 10x