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25ml septum septums fisher pierce

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new 25ml acroseal packaging the recent introduction of a 25ml pack size to our industry-leading acroseal™ packaging range meets your needs for applications where small research-scale quantities of extra dry solvents are required designed for your convenience each bottle is packed using our new septum to ensure optimum performance in your moisture-sensitive work the new 25ml package size expands our acroseal portfolio to better meet your chemistry needs highlights • convenience ideal for use when requiring small quantities • easy to use solvent is easily extracted with a standard needle • quality water content guaranteed at less than 50 parts per million discover the products available in our new 25ml acroseal packaging product code product name pack size cas no 448391000 acetonitrile 99.9 extra dry 4 x 25ml 75-05-8 448371000 dichloromethane 99.9 extra dry stabilized 4 x 25ml 75-09-2 448421000 diethyl ether 99.5 extra dry stabilized 4 x 25ml 60-29-7

how to open the 25ml acroseal septum peel back the metal cap pierce the seal with the needle to withdraw the required amount of solvent to get the best results from the septum we recommend the use of 18 to 21 gauge needles related resources acroseal product range overview this brochure lists 600 acroseal products including solvents reagents in solution organics organometallics and deuterated solvents download a pdf via or request a printed copy via acroseal video this video highlights how you can use our unique acroseal packaging to keep your air and moisturesensitive solvents and reagents drier for longer view the video at ©2013 thermo fisher scientific inc all rights reserved these brands and trademarks are part of thermo fisher scientific inc and its subsidiaries thermo fisher scientific ena 23 zone 1 nr 1350 janssen pharmaceuticalaan 3a 2440 geel belgium