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reagents agarose thermo scientific and fisher scientific products deliver an end-to-end solution that can meet your most demanding electrophoresis requirements you can depend on our expertise in electrophoresis instruments along with ultra-pure reagents that are pre-qualified for your applications this guide is designed to help you select the right products from our best-in-class array of laboratory equipment and bioreagents fisher bioreagents® offers three different grades of agarose that are functionally tested and pre-qualified for specific applications agarose is a linear polysaccharide composed of alternating residues of d and l-galactose joined by glycosidic linkages agarose forms gels that are both porous and resilient agarose grades used in electrophoresis of nucleic acids these gel properties provide a sieving matrix which allows the electrophoretic separation of charged macromolecules such as dna or rna according to size compared to polyacrylamide gel agarose has a lower

reagents buffers our fisher bioreagents line of electrophoresis buffers is available in various package configurations to suit all budgets choose from the most economical powder components through concentrated stock solutions to ready-to-use concentrations in specially designed containers featuring faucets for easy dispensing two buffers commonly used for dna agarose electrophoresis are tris-acetate with edta tae 40mm tris-acetate 1mm edta and tris-borate with edta tbe 89mm tris-borate 2mm edta because the ph of these buffers is neutral the phosphate backbone of dna has a net negative charge and migrates toward the anode tae and tbe have different properties which makes one more suitable than the other for a specific purpose the denaturing system chosen depends on the purpose of the rna experiment and the size of the rna fragment being separated formaldehyde denaturation is suitable if rna samples are to be recovered formamide denaturation is suitable if the rna needs to retain its

reagents ladders to achieve the most accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis via agarose gel electrophoresis the appropriate dna or rna standard is required fisher bioreagents riboladders rna standards fisher bioreagents provides a wide range of standards including routine dna ladders for quick size and quality assessment as well as fisher bioreagents exactgene dna ladders that allow for quantitative analysis cat no application these standards can be used to assess single-stranded rna molecules on both native and denaturing agarose gels these unique rna standards are lyophilized to reduce thawing-related degradation to prolong shelf life and to ensure consistent performance size range number of bands number of loadings 8 9 50 50 sizing unknown rna fragments bp2810-50 small rna fragments 0.1 – 1kb bp2811-50 large rna fragments ­0.2 – 4kb riboladders™ rna standards routine dna ladders bp2581 bases 2,000 1,550 1,400 1,000 750 500 400 300 200 100 50 bp2582

reagents ladders exactgene® and routine dna ladders ready-to-use pre-mixed with the loading dye room temperature stable dna ladders are available for all common electrophoresis applications cat no application size range exactgene dna ladders are ideal for qualitative analysis quantitative estimation and size assessment bp2570-100 pcr fragment analysis 25-650bp bp2571-100 pcr fragment analysis small dna digests 25-1000bp bp2572-100 quick check of pcr or enzyme digestion results 50-2000bp bp2573-100 general purpose small dna fragments 100-1000bp bp2574-100 fast run times small dna fragments 100-2000bp bp2575-100 clone identification 100-2686bp bp2576-100 large size pcr or cloning 300-5000bp bp2577-100 small and large cloning application 100-5000bp bp2578-100 general purpose large digested dna 300-10,000bp bp2579-100 general purpose wide size range 100-10,000bp bp2580-100 general purpose extra-large fragments 300-24,000bp routine dna ladders are designed for qualitative analysis and

equipment the table below provides recommended voltages and buffers according to dna size and application the distance used to determine the voltage gradients is the distance between ­electrodes not the gel length if the voltage is too high band streaking may occur for large dna sizes 12kb when the voltage is too low the mobility of small 1kb dna is reduced and band broadening will occur due to dispersion and diffusion gel size voltage recovery buffer analytical buffer <1kb <1kb to >12 kb >12 kb 5 v/cm 4-10v/cm 1-2v/cm tae tae tae tbe tbe tae thermo fisher scientific acros organics geel west zone 2 janssen pharmaceuticalaan 3a 2240 geel – belgium tel +32 14 57 52 11 fax +32 14 59 26 10 for more information please contact your local distributor © thermo fisher scientific inc all rights reserved all trademarks are the property of thermo fisher scientific inc and its subsidiaries voltage