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focus on organics 2 organosilanes organosilanes are widely used in organic chemistry particularly as protecting groups 1, 2 derivatisation reagents 3 reducing agents 4 and synthetic intermediates the acros organics portfolio of organosilanes is continuously expanding to meet your chemistry needs on the reverse side you will find information on some of the products introduced recently this newsletter is derived from a more thorough review of organosilane chemistry to be published later in 2011 silicon protecting groups silylating agents are mostly used to protect alcohols and phenols but have also found application in the protection of amines carboxylic acids amides thiols and alkynes the actual stability of a silyl protecting group depends on the ph of the medium the exact reaction conditions steric and electronic effects but in general terms the stability to hydrolysis increases acidic hydrolysis tms

product name n-propyltrichlorosilane dimethylphenylsilane 3-cyanopropyltrichlorosilane bromomethyldimethylchlorosilane dichlorochloromethylmethylsilane 3-cyanopropyldimethylchlorosilane diisopropylchlorosilane chlorodimethylethylsilane isopropyldimethylchlorosilane chlorotripropylsilane dimethoxydimethylsilane n,o-bistrimethylsilyltrifluoroacetamide bstfa tetraethyl orthosilicate bromotrimethylsilane hexamethyldisilazane dichlorodimethylsilane dichlorodiphenylsilane tert-butylchlorodiphenylsilane 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane decyldimethylchlorosilane 3,3,3-trifluoropropylchlorodimethylsilane cyclohexylmethyldichlorosilane dodecyldimethylchlorosilane phenethyltrichlorosilane cyanopropylmethyldichlorosilane n-butyldimethylchlorosilane phenyldichlorosilane diisopropyldichlorosilane methyltrimethoxysilane ethylmethyldichlorosilane vinyltrimethoxysilane 1,1,3,3,5,5-hexamethyltrisiloxane ethyltrimethoxysilane tert -butyldimethylsilyl chloride 50 solution in toluene chlorotriethylsilane