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trifluoroacetic acid acetic acid reagent water

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focus on organics 7 discover our organic peracids for oxidation chemistry organic peracids are reagents successfully used in a wide range of oxidizing reactions they are mostly known for the oxidation of alkenes to epoxides prilezhaev reaction and ketones into esters baeyer-villiger reaction amongst these peracids meta-chloroperbenzoic acid and peracetic acid are prominent and popular due to their ease of handling we offer these acids and the full range of ingredients to synthesize other organic peracids including trifluoroperacetic acid and perbenzoic acid in a variety of pack sizes and grades discover these products below meta-chloroperbenzoic and peracetic acid product code product name 255790250 255791000 255795000 cas no 25g 3-chloroperoxybenzoic acid 70-75 balance 3-chlorobenzoic acid and water 255790010 100g 500g 937-14-4 1kg 257750250 257751000 pack size 25ml peroxyacetic acid ca.35wt sol in diluted acetic acid stabilized 257755000 100ml 79-21-0 500ml reagents suitable for

reagents suitable for synthesis of organic peracids product code product name 423470250 423475000 423470020 432970010 benzoic acid 99.6 acs reagent 411880010 methanesulfonic acid 98 2kg 1l 5l hydrogen peroxide acs reagent 30 wt solution in water nonstabilized 500g 1kg hydrogen peroxide technical 35 wt solution in water stabilized 5l 25g 139721000 100g 139720010 trifluoroacetic acid 99 extra pure 500g 1kg 139720025 2.5kg 139720100 10kg 147810250 25g 147811000 100g 147812501 trifluoroacetic anhydride 99 250g 147815000 500g 147810025 2.5kg 241022500 250g 241020010 75-75-2 7722-84-1 2.5kg 139720250 139725000 65-85-0 100g 411880025 444380050 500g 10kg 411881000 411885000 cas no 25g 423470100 432970050 pack size urea hydrogen peroxide 1 g tablets stabilized contains 35 wt h2o2 241020051 1kg 7722-84-1 76-05-1 76-05-1 124-43-6 5kg related resource meta-chloroperbenzoic acid technical data sheet use this data sheet to learn more about the important synthetic applications of