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ammonium persulfate sodium persulfate ch 5610 wohlen switzerland deionized water 1 kda kda glycine tgs dodecyl reagent water bsa m 20 cl 50 bp 2 binding buffer sds 14 x 3 12 bsa c 15 vacuum reserve

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ez-run protein gel solution ez-run protein standards ez-run gel staining solution traditional sds-page reagents protein

protein electrophoresis introduction sodium dodecyl sulfate – polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis sds-page is the most direct method for assessing in a fast and reproducible manner the relative molecular weight mr of denatured polypeptide chains and the purity of a protein preparation in sds-page the sample to be applied to the gel is first treated with the anionic detergent sds which denatures the proteins in the sample and binds tightly to the protein molecules the sds molecules confer a relatively uniform negative charge to the polypeptide in proportion to its length when an electric current is applied across the gel all proteins will migrate through the gel matrix toward the anode in this way sds-page separates proteins according to size because the sds-coated proteins have a uniform charge:mass ratio proteins with less mass travel more quickly through the gel than those with larger mass because of the sieving effect of the gel matrix the sds-page technique has been refined

a quality gel matrix for sds-page the proprietary gel chemistry imparts gradient-like properties to the polymerized gel matrix enabling the separation of small peptides and high molecular weight proteins on the same mini-gel ez-run™ protein gel solution • ready to use • superior resolution • wide separation range on same mini-gel • no stacking gel required • proprietary gel chemistry • stable for two years at room temperature • compatible with all conventional staining methods • suitable for post-electrophoresis applications such as western blot transfer and maldi analysis ez-run gel matrix is used as a simple continuous gel system and does not require a stacking gel which saves labor and time in casting the gel ez-run gel separates small proteins like tricinesds-page and has a wide separation range similar to gradient gels 3 to 200kda on the same mini-gel ez-run protein gel solution is a unique ready-to-pour premixed solution of

protein electrophoresis ez-run protein standards designed to assist in characterizing unknown proteins in polyacrylamide gels and immunoblots • highly purified markers and ladders provide compact and clear bands • unstained standards are most suitable for precise sizing of proteins • prestained standards are indispensable in monitoring protein separation and transfer efficiency • all standards are supplied in loading buffer and are ready to use • reference bands allow quick gel progress assessment kda kda kda – 170.0 – 130.0 – 95.0 kda – 200.0 – 150.0 – 120.0 – 100.0 – 85.0 – 70.0 – 60.0 – 50.0 – 72.0 – 55.0 – 43.0 – 40.0 – 34.0 – 30.0 – 25.0 – 20.0 – 26.0 – 17.0 – 15.0 – 10.0 12 sds-page ez-run protein marker bp3600-500 and bp3600-1 – 10.0 12 sds-page 4-20 sds-page 4-20 sds-page ez-run

protein electrophoresis linear range of protein detection using bp3620 ez-run protein gel staining solution band intensity was measured and plotted against the amount of protein bsa loaded per gel lane the result shows a linear dynamic range from 5ng to 2000ng using ez-run protein gel staining solution ez-run protein gel staining solution highly sensitive nontoxic • detects as little as 5ng protein • produces minimal or no background • permits rapid staining/destaining 30 minute staining and one hour destaining in water is sufficient for most applications • contains coomassie brilliant blue g-250 • does not contain methanol or acetic acid • ready to use ordering information quantity 1l 4l catalog no bp3620-1 bp3620-4 one liter of ez-run protein gel staining solution is sufficient for 50 minigels ez-run protein gel staining solution conventional coomassie blue staining destaining of ez-run protein gel staining solution compared to conventional

additional protein electrophoresis reagents from fisher bioreagents acrylamide bis-acrylamide and catalysts description quantity acrylamide 100g 500g 5kg acrylamide solution 40 1l bis-acrylamide 25g 100g bis-acrylamide solution 2 250ml acrylamide:bis-acrylamide dry 100g powder mix 19:1 5 cross-linker acrylamide:bis-acrylamide dry 100g powder mix 29:1 3.3 cross-linker acrylamide:bis-acrylamide dry 100g powder mix 37.5:1 2.6 cross-linker acrylamide:bis-acrylamide 40 1l solution 19:1 5 cross-linker acrylamide:bis-acrylamide 40 1l solution 29:1 3.3 cross-linker acrylamide:bis-acrylamide 40 1l solution 37.5:1 2.6 cross-linker ammonium persulfate 25g 100g sodium persulfate 1kg 130ml 100g temed 26ml 20g protease inhibitors description 4 2-aminoethyl benzenesulfonyl fluoride hcl catalog no bp170-100 bp170-500 bp170-5 bp1402-1 bp171-25 bp171-100 bp1404-250 bp1364-100 aprotinin benzamidine.hcl leupeptin hemisulfate bp1366-100 bp1368-100 pepstatin a bp1406-1 bp1408-1 bp1410-1 quantity 10mg 50mg